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How to Use the Power of Inbound Marketing to Generate Leads Online


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How to Use the Power of Inbound Marketing to Generate Leads Online

  1. How to Use the Power of Inbound Marketing to GenerateEllie Mirman@ellieeille Leads Online
  2. Top 10 Blog 189k followers 143k likes 13k followers 45k new leads/monthJIM 4m free usersRICK 6k customers
  3. Success with Inbound Marketing 5961 HubSpot Customers 3855 1150 317 48 32006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  4. AgendaInbound Marketing Basics Group Exercise Inbound Strategy and Tactics
  5. Marketing is changing has changed
  6. The traditional marketing playbook Print TV Radio PR Events Direct Mail Analytics
  7. 86% skip TV ads 44% of direct mail is never opened 91% unsubscribe200mSay DO NOT CALL 8
  8. The new marketing playbook SEO Social Media Blogging Email Marketing Lead Nurturing Social CRM Landing Pages Video Marketing Automation Marketing Analytics
  9. 1 Where do B2B buyers1 get theirinformation? 37% Catalogs 71% 35% Seminars Internet 39% 41% Trade Trade Shows Groups Source: Rewiring Your B2B Rulebook (Research from Google & Compete, conducted in October 2011)
  10. Inbound favors brains over budget VS.
  11. Inbound consistently yields lower cost leads
  12. Trade shows ranked most expensive;blogs ranked least expensive
  13. The worst thing we did in marketing last year was attend several trade shows and events with low yield and ROI.Marketing ProfessionalProfessional Services/Consulting26 to 50 Employees
  14. This past year we spent a few hundred dollars on a door- hanger marketing piece and got no response—at all.Business OwnerProfessional Services/Consulting1 to 5 Employees
  15. 89% are maintaining or increasing theirinbound budgets
  16. Increases Driven by Past Success;Decreases Driven by the Economy
  17. Small businessvs.big business
  18. Small Businesses Level the Playing Field
  19. Inbound converts leads into customers
  20. HowInboundMarketingWORKS.
  21. 1 Get Found ( INBOUND ) MARKETING 2 Convert 3 Analyze
  22. 1 Get Found73%of B2B executives usesearch engines to findgoods & services fortheir business.
  23. BLOG
  24. Why Blog?1 Build a marketing asset2 Fuel the inbound marketing machine3 Build thought leadership and trust
  25. Buildmarketingassets
  26. Publish everything
  27. Think about your personasPhoto: Kadient with their personas, courtesy of David Meerman Scott
  28. Get Into the Content Mindset • Make emails into blog posts • Turn forum posts into blog posts • Shoot videos at events • Interview customers for your blog • Repurpose company data for public reports • Share lessons you learnFlick Photo: Cindiann
  29. Content fuels inbound marketing ContentSearch Engine Email Marketing &Optimization Lead Nurturing Social Media Landing Page Offers
  30. #1 for “employee uniform cleaning”
  31. #8 for “restaurant linen cleaning”
  32. Biggest Blogging MistakeDon’t use a “free” URL from a blog service • NO • • • YES • •
  33. 70% of Businesses Blog At Least Weekly
  34. Blog Frequency and Customer Acquisition
  35. Company Blogs are Increasingly Valued
  36. SEO
  37. Paid vs. Organic Search Results
  38. Paid vs. Organic Search Results Paid
  39. Paid vs. Organic Search ResultsOrganic
  40. A look at organic results Wikipedia HubSpot blog Free resources Free training
  41. Organic Search is Better 1 Free 3 More educated 2 More traffic 4 Longer lasting (80% clicks)
  42. Pick Your Keyword Battles 1. Search volume 2. Relevance to your business 3. Competition • “uniforms” • “medical uniform rentals” • “medical uniform rentals Jasper, IN”Flickr: saeba
  43. How Does Google Decide? On-Page Off-Page 25% 75%
  44. On-Page SEO Basics Page title URL Headings & text Meta description
  45. Off-Page SEO Basics Sitex Sitex www.sitex- Medical Medical Apparel Apparel
  46. How do you get more links? Have something worth linking to. 1700+ inbound links
  48. What is Social Media For?
  49. Social Media & Blogs Generate Real Customers
  50. Facebook Is More Effective for B2C; LinkedIn Is for B2B
  51. The best things we’ve done to drive leads and sales this past year is embrace social media, establish a blog, and convince ownership to accept inbound marketing strategy.Marketing ProfessionalManufacturing Industry201 to 500 Employees
  52. Social Media How-To 1 Listen 2 Share 3 Be Human
  53. 1 Listen• What are people saying about… – You? – Your competitors? – Their problems?• Who’s talking? – Customers – Prospects – Competitors – Thought leaders
  54. 2 Share• Your content  spread your reach• Questions  start conversations• Other resources  show thought leadership
  55. 3 Be Human
  56. Who’s ready for their grade?
  57. 2 Convert
  59. What am I supposed to do here?
  60. What am I supposed to do here? 61
  61. Great calls to action are… Obvious
  62. Great calls to action are… Action- oriented
  63. Great calls to action are… Simple & clear
  64. Great calls to action are… Targeted
  65. It should always be clear… What am I supposed to do here?
  67. What is a Landing Page?
  68. What is a Landing Page?
  69. Great landing pages are… Clear & simple
  70. Great landing pages are… Focused
  71. Great landing pages… Show value
  72. Can you answer… What’s in it for me?
  73. LiveLanding PageOptimization
  74. EMAIL
  75. If email was a country, its 1.4 billion users would make it the largest in the world.Source: Email Marketing Reports
  76. 5 Types of Email 1 Newsletter or Digest 2 Dedicated Email 3 Lead Nurturing 4 Sponsorship/Partner Emails 5 Transactional Emails
  77. No matter the type of email… Know your goal.
  78. Good email is timely.Source: HubSpot Science of Email Marketing
  79. Good email is relevant. Segmented emails get clicks Source: MarketingSherpa
  80. Good email is valuable.
  81. Good emailis somethingsomeonewould wantto receive.
  82. Good email has a call to action.
  83. Good email leverages relationships. From a recognizable name and email address with real reply-to Add a Connect inpersonal multiple touch ways
  84. Good email is readable. Don’t rely on images
  85. Good email is readable. Optimize for mobileSource: HubSpot Science of Email Marketing
  86. Good emailresults inthe desiredaction.
  87. Best practices may not be best. Most popular days to send email.Source: HubSpot Science of Email Marketing
  88. Best practices may not be best.Source: HubSpot Science of Email Marketing
  89. 3 Analyze
  90. Avoid paralysis by analysis.Focus on a fewsimple metrics.
  91. Visits, Leads, and Customers
  92. Results by Channel and Offer
  93. Set targets andmeasure regularly
  95. You have the tools. Buildyour inbound marketing machine.
  96. THANK YOUEllie