How To Transform Ecommerce Marketing with Social Media


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How to Transform your eCommerce Marketing with Social Media will give you the tips and tools to help grow your social following while increasing sales using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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  • We are here to talk about transforming your business from a stale website presence into a colorful, intelligent and engaging social presence.Lets take a look at the agenda to start our transformation.Transformation agenda:eCommerce & Social Media GrowthGrowing a Social Media FollowingDeveloping a Facebook Branded PageDevelop a Good Twitter PresenceHow to Use YouTube for CommerceWrap Up and Questions.
  • Photos: Points:The means by which consumers are made aware of, shop for, and purchase goods and services has shifted, from bricks-and-mortar to the Internet.Commerce has becameeCommerce as consumers are increasingly going online to make purchases.Global eCommerce has grown from 159 billion in 2004 to over 680 billion in 2011. This is according to a recent JP Morgan eCommerce forecast. That is a growth of over 400%.In fact, roughly 83 percent of U.S. consumers shop online at least once a week.The web will be involved in 53 percent of total retail sales by 2014 as consumers increasingly shift online to research products before buying. [Forrester Report 2010]Text:
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web 50% of YouTube’s 300 millions users visit at least once a weekFacebook usage is up 40% since last year 2.5 billions photos are uploaded to facebook each month96% of 18-35 year olds are on a social network 15% of bloggers spend 10 hours or more each week blogging 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are links to user-generated content 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations 1 in 5 americans age 18-35 use @twitter Twitter is adding 300,000 users a day
  • Photos: Points:More than 750 million users worldwide, half of whom login everyday, spend more than 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.That is 1 in 11 humans.Merchants have taken note of this massive opportunity and have begun marketing and selling on Facebook through fCommerce.87 out of 100 of the Top Retailers have a Facebook PageThe top 3 brands on Facebook (by fans) all sell directly on Facebook - Coca-Cola (24m), Starbucks (20m) and Disney (19m)It is no longer an option for your store and brand to be on Facebook, it is a necessity.Text:
  • Payvment: this Facebook e-commerce solution lets users add a professional-grade storefront to a Facebook page. The app provides an admin area built directly into Facebook to manage your storefront, products and sales. Payvment currently has 327,639 users Facebook users. Ecwid: a free shopping cart designed for use on any Facebook page or website. Ecwid supports drag-and-drop customization, allows you to mirror your Facebook cart onto any website, and also provided a single Web-based management interface for all carts you display. Ecwid currently has 56,733 monthly active users. BigCommerce: using the BigCommerceSocialShopapp lets online sellers and merchants add a Shop tab to a Facebook Business or Fan page. Through the tab, Facebook users can browse products and buy through Facebook. The service is free for 15-days with basic pricing starting at $24.95 per month. BigCommerce currently has 33,335 monthly active users. VendorShop: a free ecommerce shopping cart that lets users setup an online shop tab on any Facebook page. Once the VendorShop application is installed you can add products and prices. A PayPal checkout service is used for payments. VendorShop currently has 30,841 monthly active users. Muncom: this free PHP shopping cart lets you create a cart to display on your Facebook profile or Facebook Business Page. To create the cart you need to first design a free store on Muncom's shopping cart service is currently in beta and the Facebook application has 2,284 monthly active users.
  • Photo: has a huge network of users that can be tapped for eCommerce related activities. Twitter’s social network is over has 200 million users as of 201 andgenerates over 200 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries per day.Twitter users can be very active, vocal, and loyal. Lets look at how to develop a good branded presence on Twitter.
  • Create separate accounts that focus on different segments, such as  @MyStoreTelevisions and @MyStoreApparel, for example. Use each one of these accounts for a balance of engagement and product tweets.Many eCommerce companies focus on acquiring huge followings, which is a mistake. It’s far better to have a targeted network of engaged followers than a large network with a disparity of interests. It’s not the size that counts; it’s how you use it!
  • Twitter users love contests and discounts, and they are highly responsive to time-sensitive promotions. Other examples of contests other than trivia include something as simple as “ReTweet contests”. (Retweet this for a chance to win x product!)Time- or quantity- limited promotions keep your Twitter following highly engaged. You don’t have to constantly offer giveaways and promotions in your feed, but if you offer great value consistently, then followers will be paying closer attention when you share special products or items you want to feature.Read more:
  • Account managers should constantly be using tools like or HubSpot social search to scan conversations on Twitter for appropriate keywords and people asking questions or talking about problems related to their category.Customers who may not use your existing support system may use social media to voice their complaints, so being engaged and aware in social media will allow you to identify issues and provide support in the medium where the customer feels most comfortable.Respond to tweets in a timely, friendly and helpful manner. Also leverage customer evangelism on Twitter by sharing the experiences of happy customers with other followers who might be potential customers.
  • People feel more comfortable when a seller's personality shows. Have some character! Feel free to be funny. Engage with people about personal issues or topics of common interest. When people realize there is a real person they can actually relate to behind the Twitter account, they’ll be more likely to convert –- and reconvert.Nerdbots is a company that sells robots. Instead of being bland and boring, they show character and personality in their tweets and bio. Read more:
  • Whether you are new to Twitter or trying to build your presence, you need to start by giving potential followers something to which they can relate. Retweeting interesting tweets is a good start, and perusing trending hashtags can also allow you to jump in and appeal to potential followers by indirectly interacting with them. Be interesting and relatable.
  • People are looking for answers to their problems online. Provide the answers and the people will come, wallets in hand. This video by computer and electronic seller has over 290K views. I am willing to bet that it has led to many transactions on their site.Someone looking to build a computer is likely looking for parts. Hence a good “how to” video will attract the right kind of audience.
  • Connect with your Customer to growyour audienceMossejaw setup a Frenching Service to encourage, well, customer engagement.Celebrate the fun that you have while connecting with your customers. This shows that you are real and care about your customers.Don’t spin your wheels trying to make a video to attract new customers. Try to make a video to enhance your current customer experience and they will bring you new customers.Expand on the experience for your customer. Be creative.
  • This taxidermy commercial by Chuck Testa has over 5 million views!! That’s right… a taxidermy video advertising a taxidermy company. Make your videos fun and original for success.Chuck has also launched a “Testa’s Tuesday Tip” video series which has an average of 20K views each.Take advantage of your niche and get your videos out there.No niche is too small.
  • This video by John Lawson from ColderICE and 3rdPowerOutlet has generated nearly 200,000 views and has resulted in over 10,000 transactions. All from 1 video that took him 30 minutes to create!But John did do some things very right when he made this video.Use splash intro and exit pages to wrap the content and expand your branding. Use fully qualified URL (i.e. as the first words in the video description. This will show up as a clicakble link on YouTube. Use YouTube annotations to “gently” let user know that you sell the products in the video.
  • For many products, people want to see it being used so they can make an informed decision.Zappos does an incredible job of showing every product in use. Visit any product page and you will notice that they have a video of their product in action.This demo of a Kayak on the REI YouTube channel provides an opportunity for people to see that the product works, looks good, while also explaining the various features and key selling points of multiple kayaks.Notice the link going directly to the category page for viewers to purchase kayaks.
  • How To Transform Ecommerce Marketing with Social Media

    2. 2. I’m Mike Ewing.Nice to meet you. @inboundcommerce
    3. 3. I’m Laura Fitton.Nice to meet you. @pistachio
    4. 4. I’m Sam Mallikarjunan.Nice to meet you. @mallikarjunan
    5. 5. Tweet Questions & Comments!#socialecomm
    8. 8. Growth & Adoption
    9. 9. Tactics for GrowingSOCIAL MEDIAFOLLOWING.
    10. 10. TACTICS FOR GROWINGSOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWING 1 Finding Followers 2 Content 3 Engagement 4 Testing and Analytics 5 Connecting with Influencers 6 Being Interesting & Relatable
    12. 12. Finding Social Media Followers
    13. 13. BE Finding Social Media Connect FollowersENGAGING. Influencers with
    14. 14. Testing &Analytics
    15. 15. Finding Social Media CONNECT WITH Connect Followers INFLUENCERS with Influencers
    16. 16. BE Finding Social Media Connect Followers BEENGAGING. Influencers with INTERESTING. BE REMARKABLE.
    17. 17. HOW TO DEVELOP A GOODBRANDED PAGE ON FACEBOOK 1 Great Welcome/Splash Page 2 Incentives to “Like” Page 3 Engaging Content 4 Innovative Marketing 5 Open an Interactive Store
    18. 18. Build a Welcome/ Splash PageScreenshot taken 9/30/11
    19. 19. Give Incentives to “Like” Your PageScreenshot taken 9/30/11
    20. 20. CreateEngaging & Interactive Content Screenshot taken 9/30/11
    21. 21. Connect EngageInnovateHave Fun! Screenshot taken 9/30/11
    22. 22. Open an Interactive Facebook StoreScreenshot taken 9/30/11
    23. 23. HOW TO DEVELOP A GOODBRANDED PRESENCE ON 1 Create Category Accounts 2 Run Contests 3 Engage and Support Customers 4 Show Personality 5 Be Interesting & Relatable
    24. 24. Create Category AccountsScreenshot taken 10/5//11
    25. 25. RunContests! Screenshot taken 10/5//11
    26. 26. Engage & Support Customers Screenshot taken 10/5//11
    27. 27. Show Personality!Screenshot taken 10/5//11
    28. 28. BeInteresting Relatable & Real. Screenshot taken 10/5//11
    29. 29. HOW TO DEVELOP A GOODBRANDED PRESENCE ON 1 “How To” & “FAQ” Videos 2 Connect with Customers 3 Take Advantage of a Niche 4 Optimize for Conversion & SEO 5 Show Off Products
    30. 30. Create How To VideosScreenshot taken 10/5//11
    31. 31. Connect with yourCustomers Screenshots taken 10/5//11
    32. 32. Take Advantage of your NicheScreenshots taken 10/5//11
    33. 33. Optimize forConversion & SEO Screenshot taken 10/5//11
    34. 34. Show Products In UseScreenshot taken 10/5//11
    35. 35. QUESTION&ANSWER @inboundcommerce @pistachio @mallikarjunan
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