How to Track Your Competition Online Using HubSpot


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The internet is flat. This means that every company, small or large, has an equal opportunity to get found by customers online. But that also means that your site is competing with your business competitors for traffic in search engines and social media. Your competitors might be generating a lot of traffic from keywords you haven't thought of. In this day of short attention spans, how are you tracking your competitors' online presence to maximize your chance for being found by potential customers online?

This free webinar will cover:

- How to easily track the traffic rank, inbound links and search engine rank for competitors' pages
- How to learn what keywords your competitors rank for and optimize your pages for them
- How to understand how your SEO efforts are performing compared to your competitors
- How to ensure your pages are being found by potential customers in search engines, blogs, and social media

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How to Track Your Competition Online Using HubSpot

  1. 1. How to Track Your Competition Online Using HubSpot Software Chris Johnson Katie Farrar Sr. Sales Engineer Inbound Marketing Specialist
  2. 2. Who is HubSpot? • Founded: 2006 1,600+ Customers • Team: 90 (15 MIT) • A: $5m General Catalyst • B: $12m Matrix Partners • Outside Director: Gail Goodman, CEO Constant Contact (CTCT)
  3. 3. Outbound Marketing
  4. 4. Outbound Marketing is Broken 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson
  5. 5. Marketing Has Changed 1950 - 2000 2000 - 2050
  6. 6. The Good News!
  7. 7. Inbound Marketing Blog SEO Social Media
  8. 8. Proven ROI of Inbound Marketing Cilk Arts Increases Leads 500% Makana Solutions 3x Leads, 2x Conversions Vocio Pays for HubSpot 30x Over with New Leads Objective Management Group Grows Leads 360% Bridge Group Doubles Online Leads
  9. 9. Proven ROI of Inbound Marketing
  10. 10. Tracking to Compete Website Grade Keyword Rankings Inbound Links Monitoring Blogs & Social Media Measuring results
  11. 11. Website Grade
  12. 12. HubSpot Competitors Dashboard
  13. 13. Trending Graphs
  14. 14. Keyword Rankings
  15. 15. Search Presence (SEO) Software Track rank vs. competitors Track overall presence in Google Alerts about keyword rank changes Data to target new terms intelligently
  16. 16. SEO Rankings – Keyword Grader
  17. 17. Track Overall Presence In Google 17
  18. 18. Track Rank Trends For Keywords 18
  19. 19. Alerts About Keyword Rank Changes 19
  20. 20. Data To Target New Keywords Intelligently 20
  21. 21. Page Grader 21
  22. 22. Inbound Links
  23. 23. Link Grader 23
  24. 24. Competitors View - Link Grader 24
  25. 25. So How Do You Build Inbound Links? 25
  26. 26. Blogging is Thought Leadership • Interact with influencers, analysts & other thought leaders • Push your thought leadership to Google • Allow comments and discussion • Encourage subscriptions and sharing of your thought leadership
  27. 27. Blogosphere and Social Mediasphere The blogosphere and social mediasphere act as cocktail parties with no time and space restraints. The only question is whether or not your out there conversing with your marketplace and other thought leaders in your space. 27
  28. 28. Business Blog Software Easy to use, built for business Has built in article optimization tool for better search engine success Automatic publishing to email subscribers, facebook, and twitter Encourages fans to share content Business blog analytics
  29. 29. Monitor Social Media
  30. 30. Community Building Software Automatic notification of influencers you should follow Notification of who is talking about your company, brands, and industry specific terms Track the size of your community
  31. 31. Social Media 31
  32. 32. Track Your Community and Reach 32
  33. 33. Measure Results
  34. 34. Measure Your Results Measure visitors, leads and conversion rates from social media Measure sales from social media Closed-loop-marketing for everyone
  35. 35. Metrics: Traffic, Leads, Customers
  36. 36. Metrics: Traffic, Leads and Customers Visitors from Blog Visitors Leads Customers SEO 5,289 754 12 Blog 834 72 3 Social Media 511 28 1
  37. 37. Thank You! Chris Johnson Katie Farrar Sr. Sales Engineer Inbound Marketing Specialist