How To Leverage Blogs To Increase Search Engine Visibility


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  • Title Slide: 2 MIN/2 MINHow to Leverage Blogs to increase search engine visibilityMy name is Dan Tyre: I am a member of the start up team for HubSpot, the leader in inbound marketingI live here in the Valley & commute to Cambridge MA our world HQHow many folks are familiar with blogs? How many folks are active bloggers or micro-bloggers? ….looking for blogging tips? So we have about 50 minutes of presentation & 10 minutes of Q&A regarding blogging and the blogsphereI have been an active blog contributor for about three years and have learned a ton and thought I would share some of my experiences today
  • Transforming Marketing Outbound Marketing: 2 MIN/4 MIN (build slide)Let me set the stage by talking briefly about traditional or outbound marketing?How many people have returned a cold call in the last 90 days?Opened junk mail?Have written down 800 from billboard or radio?This is what we call outbound marketing or interruption marketing. Its decades old, it doesn’t change much and it is hard- really hard because technology works against you
  • Transforming Marketing: Inbound Marketing 2 MIN/7MINWith the advent of search engines traditional marketing began a transformation over to a new eraWith the advent of search engines, you can move from spamming everyone to find the small % of folks who are interestedTo optimizing your website to get found by folks who are interested in your products.SEO or Search engine optimization has been a huge and very lucrative developmentSOCIAL MEDIA is even bigger – We call this permission marketing and we use the comparison of a magnet-turn your website into a giant magnet
  • BudgetOr Brains? 1 MIN/ 9So this is the entrepreneurs dream because it allows you to leverage your ideas/thoughts/content and experience in a way that you can help people rather than having a fat walletThe key is to create remarkable content that customers want to readNow what is remarkable content, and can you create it and then where do you put itLet’s circle around and address some of those issues
  • Blogging Concept – 2 MIN/11 MINSo what is a blog and why is it so cool?A blog is _______________________ according to wikipediaThere are 200 M blogs in existance today.Everyone has been on a blog- although you may not recognize itBlogs are no longer cutting edge= mainstream as a communication medium – blog stats; positioning on major media outletsThere is a compelling reason to have one (Seth Godin or David Meerman Scott post) but it is a great tool to help drive more qualified buyers and generate more leads
  • BLOG BASICS _ can pull or repurpose 2 MIN/13And so how many people periodically publish new information on your website? EXCELLENTHow many people have an email newsletter? Good, goodSo you are creating fresh content and for most folks taking that content and taking a slightly different spin on it can help you get value benefit from that contentYou already write blog articles, you just don’t call them that.  and you probably are doing the work of producing the concept you aren’t getting the credit
  • LET’S TALK -3 MIN/16 MINIn 2010, blogs are an important part of building community, making your website sticky and the unsung hero of search engine optimization Blogs have strong business value becauseHost a Conversation- to make your site interesting AND sticky so that people come back all the timePromote Yourself in an interesting way “you can be edgy, provocative & sync with current eventsNetwork Online- you can connect with your target demographic in a way that helps them solve a problemNurture Relationships with prospects and customers – talk about issues, get feedback, opinions, ideas
  • Other benefits on Blogs 3 MIN/19 MINIf you publish new content regularly, you can increase the rate at which Google crawls your site, which is a good thing The blog has a built-in navigation system (browse by tags, by date, etc.) which means when you publish new content you don't need to spend tons of time figuring out where it should go on your site You can typically acquire more links since people link to blog articles more readily than corporate websites Having a blog enables you to more easily engage with other bloggers, which can drive traffic and linksA blog often can (and should) have multiple authors, so you can share the burden of content creation with others in your organization Commenting engine enables you to engage directly with prospects (and if you use HubSpot lead tracking, you can see any comments on your blog articles left by your leads!)
  • Blog Basics (arrow build) 3 MIN/22 MINBefore you start blogging, we recommend you do something that is VERY EASY.If you don’t have time to blog, we want you to LISTEN or join the conversation,READ other blogs, then COMMENT on relevant blogsLISTENING many times demystifies the process; shows you the difference between content and blog contentConsiderations for a Blog1.  Who are your primary and secondary targets for your blog?2.  What do you want to tell them?3.  Do you understand what the key informational needs of the audience are?4.  Are you reading other blogs on that topic, and ones targeting your customers and prospects?5.  If you are reading, are you leaving comments that add to the online conversation on the blogs you cover?6.  Do you have a firm grasp on the types of keywords to focus on that would be relevant to your blog?7.  Do you follow those keywords on Technorati and Google Blog Search?  Do you have alerts set up around those keywords at Google Alerts? (or possibly even use a reputation management system?)8.  Can you commit to blogging at least two-to-three times per week? (consistency is key, based on the expectations you set with your audience)9.  What is your ultimate goal in starting a blog?  In one year from when you start blogging, how will your life be different?10.  Are you looking at blogging as a challenge or something that could be fun?
  • Blogging Benefits 2 MIN/24 Blogs have tons of benefits that can help your web site and your businessBlogs can give you a Winning Ticket for the SEO raffle drawing MINIf you have a site with five pages and no blog, you have five chances to rank in search engines. If you have a site with 100 and pages and a blog with hundreds of posts, you have hundreds of chances to rank. Many of the keywords you'll rank for will get you one or two visits a month, but in the aggregate -- as we've seen at HubSpot -- those long tail search querries will account for far more traffic than the high-traffic queries.
  • Blog Benefits 3 MIN/27 MINThere are Exponential Effect of Blogs (Build Slide)You start with your blog to publish relevant, interesting contentThat content gets your found by more folks looking for your stuffThey get interested in what you have to sayThey subscribe to your blog via RSS or email and they keep coming back to your siteYour best articles get LINKED TOYour best articles get read over and over and over againYour traffic skyrockets, your links improve and then you can push your blog into other areas to generate more businessThe great thing about blogging is the it is incremental NOT ONE TO ONE;
  • Keys to a succesful blog (arrow build) 2 MIN/29So are you all on a blog sugar high?Ready to drive a ton of folks to your web site with you witty and informative blog?SPOILER ALERT: Not all blogs are killer, some blogs are boring, irrelevant or invisibleUgh, how bad is thatDid you ever see a blog with no comments, interest or juiceSo here is my 5 slides for a killer blog- this is a food motif (looking for a better analogy, but this is what my marketing department gave me)
  • Keys to a successful blog WRITE – You don’t have to be Hemingway- 2/31This isn’t a food slide but it is a GREAT point to reiteratePeople fret about their writing on a blog and it is needless, pointless worrySo there are some keys to successful blogging- SHORT- this is the internet age -400 words, a few paragraphs anything larger split into multiple versionQuick point on ghost blogging: getting someone to write your blog? YES, lots of folks
  • Keys to a successful blog – Frequency & Quality of POSTS – this is the raisin bran 2 MIN/32Every blog article should be 1. Rich in keywords that you want to attract 2.substanitive 3. written from your customers point of viewYour blog is written by you but not FOR you Who is it for ?Your prospects and customers!You need to write it from their perspective
  • Keys to a successful blog –Healthy, Thoughtful Posts–spinach2 MIN/34Should establish your site a thought leader in the industry, topical, your experience, your OPINIONIt should help your customer the top 3 things to consider whenThe most common mistakes10 things to think about Make sure people can read it quickly and make sure it is good for your customers
  • Keeping with the cool pictures of food Keys to a successful blog –the pot roast- 1 MIN/35The point of this slide is that it takes some time; you have to cook your roast and your blog will take some time to percolateYou should have a blog strategy- of what you want to accomplish and howOver the time your pot roast is in the oven- your blog will cook and be ready for prime timeLots of visiblity, readership, inbound links, discussion/comments and attention
  • Keys to a successful blog –the sweet stuff – chocolate cake! 1 MIN/36These posts make your blog fun-its easyA chance to poke fun at yourself and others, self depreciatingOften video, imagesThe funnier the betterWe publish video, cartoons, crazy things all the time – FOR A GOOD TIME, USE OUR CONTACT US FORM 
  • Keys to a successful blog –tabasco- posts that cause trouble 3 MIN/39Fine line here; blogs are helpful because you can say stuff on your blog that your marketing department would never approve You can dance up to that line, lean over it and then dance on backI would highly recommend that you don’t post anything illegal, immoral or unethical because it is bad kharma and you can go to jailThe web frowns on meanness, nasty stuff, profanity and name calling BUT You can make a bold statement and its great if you can start a little blog warBe prepared to defend yourself and watch your customers defend you Lots of comments and links* Too many of these post could loose trust
  • Where do you get ideas for blog posts? 2 MIN/41Look at it from your prospects or customers perspectiveBe timely, use contestsEverywhere-Keep a list,When you learn something, flesh it out,Check your email outbox!,Ask your readersEmail interviews,Video interviews (conferences, office visitors, clients),Guest posts from people with similar blogs,“Best of” lists,“How we do it” postsAnswer Common objections
  • Sustaining your blog. 3 MIN/44Time to blog- you start with one post a week, and find your voice, you start to increase the number of postsREMEMBER YOU ARE NOT WRITING ALL THE CONTENTCan you commit to blogging at least two-to-three times per week? (consistency is key, based on the expectations you set with your audience)
  • Sustaining your blog. 1MIN/45Mike Volpe: Pick a publishing schedule (build slide). Once a week? Every Monday and Wednesday? 3 MIN/50Stick to it,The goal is to build up a body of keyword-rich content (create an asset)Don’t start and then let it die a slow death (click)
  • Spread the word. Leverage. 1MIN/46How to launch your blogSend an email to friends, co-workers, customers, vendors, investors, and your entire network telling them that you've launched your blog. Ask them to read your first article, and if they think it's interesting, to subscribe to your blog and to pass the article on to others that might find it interesting. Promote your users. Share editorial responsibilities -- like selecting front-page stories, moderating comments, and approving blog posts -- with your most loyal users. It increases their commitment and broadens the editorial perspective of your site.
  • Take Comments Seriously (build slide) 2 MIN/48Old line industries- I am afraid my competition will find my blog and spam meCommenting engine enables you to engage directly with prospects Make sure you comment back and link to your blog or website.
  • Social Media- Social Linking- Social Bookmarking site- Publish your posts toSocial Media networks (build slide). Leverage 1/50Twitter-Post directly,Post via automaticallyFacebook - Post to your status-Post automatically via a feed to your fan or profile pageAlso consider LinkedIn, other sites.The great thing about a blog is you write once/publish multiple times and use over and over and over
  • Another great benefit of blogging Engage People; Stay on Their Radar 1/51Write posts that link to or follow up on bigger bloggers’ radar screensMost people do Google or Technorati searches for their name, so they’ll see your post
  • 1 MIN/52Wag your long tail. The bad news: you probably can't compete head-on with MySpace or Facebook. The good news: you don't need to. Your community has distinct needs and interests; understand your niche and appeal to it. Give your community members the kind of information and material they can't find elsewhere, and they'll keep coming back.
  • Measure (arrow build) 1 /53Why is it important to measure- you want to see if it is worth your timeWant to quantify improvementYou want to learn from your mistakes
  • Showing HubSpot analytics, cuz we can! 1 -54Measure: SubscriptionsEmail and RSSA measure of your blog’s total reachA “sticky” number
  • Measure: Page views (Build slide) a few days ago, a few years ago. 1/55Traffic indicationA few days ago,A few YEARS ago.
  • Measure Inbound Links: (Build Slide) a few days ago, a few years ago. 1 /56SEO impact of your blogAn indicator of your blog’s role in outside conversationsA few days ago, A few YEARS ago.Authority indication
  • Measure Comments (build slide) a few days ago, a few years ago: 1/57Quantitatively, a good indicator of engagementQualitatively, a great way to listen to marketA few days ago, A few YEARS ago.
  • Wrap up – 1 /57Read, Comment, Write - 1.  What is your ultimate goal in starting a blog?  In one year from when you start blogging, how will your life be different?2.  Are you looking at blogging as a challenge or something that could be fun?
  • How to Put All the Pieces Together? 1/58HubSpot can do it for you
  • How To Leverage Blogs To Increase Search Engine Visibility

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    11. 11. Blog Basics<br />Keys to a Successful Blog<br />Write<br />Sustain <br />Spread<br />How to Measure Your Blog<br />
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    14. 14. Blog Basics<br />Keys to a Successful Blog<br />Write<br />Publish <br />Leverage<br />How to Measure Your Blog<br />
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    29. 29. Why Blog?<br />Keys to a Successful Blog<br />Write<br />Sustain <br />Spread<br />How to Measure Your Blog<br />
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    34. 34. Why Blog?<br />Keys to a Successful Blog<br />Write<br />Sustain <br />Spread<br />How to Measure Your Blog<br />
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