How To Improve Your Marketing Conversion Using HubSpot Analytics


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Whether it is SEO, social media interactions, or your company blog, you want to make sure that your marketing efforts are yielding leads and customers. Moreover, you want to see which marketing channels are performing well and why. Learn how you can use the HubSpot software to understand what Internet marketing metrics to measure and how to leverage this data to make key business decisions and improve the conversion of your channels.

This free webinar will cover:

* What Internet marketing metrics to track and how to gather data about your marketing channels
* How to measure the ROI of each lead generation channel
* How to run tests to improve the effectiveness of your lead generation efforts
* How to do closed loop marketing reporting to analyze the entire sales and marketing funnel

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How To Improve Your Marketing Conversion Using HubSpot Analytics

  1. How To Improve Your Marketing Conversion With HubSpot Prashant Kaw Jeanne Hopkins Inbound Marketing Manager Marketing Team Leader Twitter: @prashantkaw Twitter: @jeannehopkins
  2. HubSpot Background • Founded: 2006 1,900+ Customers • Team: 100+ (15 MIT) • A: $5m General Catalyst • B: $12m Matrix Partners • Outside Director: Gail Goodman, CEO Constant Contact (CTCT)
  3. HubSpot Awards
  4. HubSpot Buzz
  5. Outbound Marketing
  6. Outbound Marketing is Broken 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson
  7. Marketing Has Changed 1950 - 2000 2000 - 2050
  8. The Good News!
  9. Inbound Marketing Blog SEO Social Media
  10. Proven ROI of Inbound Marketing Cilk Arts Increases Leads 500% Makana Solutions 3x Leads, 2x Conversions Vocio Pays for HubSpot 30x Over with New Leads Objective Management Group Grows Leads 360% Bridge Group Doubles Online Leads
  11. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Process Tools Get Found Get Found • Publish • Content Mgmt • Promote • Blogging • Optimize • Social Media • SEO Get Found • Analytics Convert Convert • Test • Offers / CTAs • Target Convert • Landing Pages • Nurture • Email • Lead Intelligence • Lead Mgmt • Analytics
  12. What Gets Measured Gets Managed. - Peter F. Drucker, Management Guru
  13. Improving Conversion • Understanding conversion • Measuring conversion • Managing conversion 13
  14. Understanding Conversion 14
  15. Understanding Conversion Target Market Conversion is where we take what we have spent time and Website Visitors money to get (visitors) and change it into something valuable to marketing (leads). Leads A cost becomes a benefit. Opportunities Customers
  16. Stats Are Compelling
  17. Growth Is Great
  18. The Reality Is Different 18
  19. How to Track Your Funnel
  20. Traffic, Leads & Customers 20
  21. Measuring Conversion 21
  22. Marketing Analytics vs. Website Analytics • Website Analytics • Hits, Page Views, Time on Site • Page Load Time, Visit Geography • Marketing Analytics • Leads & Customers • Marketing Campaigns • Closed Loop Marketing
  23. Why do you want to measure? Understand what’s happening with your marketing efforts and overall business Decide which marketing programs to invest in Control how fast or slow your business is growing
  24. What does this tell us?
  25. Analyze Each Channel
  26. Analyze Each Channel
  27. Analyze Each Channel
  28. Analyze Each Channel
  29. Analyze Each Channel
  30. Analyze Each Channel
  31. Managing Conversion 31
  32. Managing Conversion Social Media SEO Blog Website Visitors Get Found Convert Customers
  33. What to Track: Blog Metrics • Subscribers
  34. What to Track: Blog Metrics • Inbound Links
  35. What to Track: SEO Metrics • Traffic Drawing Keywords 35
  36. Blog Tools • Publish & Optimize Your Blog Content 36
  37. Good Content Travels Far
  38. What to Track: Social Media Metrics • Reach
  39. Campaign Performance 39
  40. What HubSpot Software Does 40
  41. How to Track Your Funnel
  42. Relative Cost/Lead for SMBs Source: Survey of 100’s of SMBs -
  43. Inbound Marketing ROI • Inbound marketing focused companies have a 61% lower cost per lead • Active HubSpot customers get an average of 6 times more leads in 6 months •
  44. Summary Questions you should be able to answer: • How many visitors, leads and customers am I getting? • What is driving those visitors, leads and customers? • What are my best and worst sources of leads and sales? • How can I grow sales? • How can I lower marketing costs?
  45. Thank You! Prashant Kaw Jeanne Hopkins Inbound Marketing Manager Convert Team Leader Twitter: @prashantkaw Twitter: @jeannehopkins