How Marketing Agencies Can Outgrow Their Competition


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This webinar will cover how marketing agencies and consultants can:

1. Generate more sales-ready leads for their business
2. Improve their sales process and close longer and larger retainers upfront, instead of chasing project after project
3. Develop new service offerings that deliver greater ROI to clients, provide upsell opportunities and ensure client retention

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  • Very Helpful information for measuring performance against peer group, as well as focusing on the right value drivers. Thank you, Pete.
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  • Before we get into it, I should tell you that…. touaremore invited to participate on Twitter. Use @hubspot to address any questions for feedback. If you want to follow along go to and search for “@hubspot”.Also use the gotomeeting question pane too. There’ll be an opportunity to request a call from a real live human at HubSpot. Now that we’ve built an internal team beyond me and marketing help to support our partners, this is actually the first time we’ll invite prospective partners to have a conversation. So, I’m extra special excited about that. Hopefully some of you are too.
  • Here’s what we’ll cover today. I’ll give you an update about the free agency training program which you all applied for. We’ll talk about a large amount of data that we’ve analyzed to help you benchmark yourself against your competitoprs. Then, we’re going to dive into what I think are the 3 easiest and best ways to ensure you really grow your business. Then, we’ll talk about next steps if you want our help.
  • First. I need to start out by apologizing. I was anticipating that only a few hundred marketing agencies and consultants would apply for the training program. The plan was to review the applications, interview 200 people to ensure they’d have the werewithal to implement the training we’ll provide in their marketing services business and then start the training. The plan was to start it this month. What happened was that we had 1,000+ applicants into the training program. So, instead of rejecting 800 applicants w/out even interviewing them, I pulled Mike Volpe, Mark Roberge and Brian Halligan into a room and we discussed how we could accommodate atleast 600 companies into the program. We decided to take 4 additional senior HubSpot team members (now a total of 6) and move them into a position where they focus entirely on helping marketing agencies. The plan is to move up to 10 people into the team by the end of the year. My team is now hard at work interviewing as many marketing agency applicants as we can. We also have tasked 3 of our consultant to continue creating additional training decks on top of the 20+ sessions we already have ready to go. So, while my team interviews applicants, we plan to do some training that is available to everyone who has applied. We realize that some of you were attracted because this was an exclusive training program, but we hope that you’ll mostly be interested because the training will help you grow your business. As we’ll talk about now, it won’t be too hard to outgrow your competition. Now is a time of unprecedented change in the marketing services industry. There is massive upheaval in the industry where firms that do mostly traditional advertising and marketing are struggling. We’re seeing young new companies who focus on inbound internet marketing services prospering and growing rapidly. But, we’re also seeing many flail from technique to technique, making lots of mistakes and figuring this stuff out on their clients dimes. If you’re focused and willful enough to acknowledge that these changes are happening and that you haven’t figured it all out yet, the training program will provide you with a roadmap to follow to build a fast growing, scale-able business. Today, I hope to give you a taste and help you get started on your growth path.
  • In the training program, you’re going to first learn the inbound marketing methodology; a proven step by step process for inbound marketing. The methodology will help you provide services to your clients that to will a) attract more traffic b) convert more of their visitors into leads c) convert more of their leads into sales, then analyze so you can continuously improve the results you deliver. We’ll review today how you can get started learning some of this right away.
  • Next, we will provide you with a roadmap for managing your sales process. We want to help you build your own business, first and foremost. In a time when marketing results are more important than ever to your clients, too many marketing agencies are struggling to build and scale their own sales and revenue. So, we’ll provide you with our own hard-won process that has helped us bring on more than 2800 customers in less than 3 years. We’ll provide scripts that you can use, and proposals that you can customize. Again, we’ll point you to some of these resources that we’ve already published. It’s not as polished as what we’ll have in the training program. But there’s plenty of material already published that you can start to leverage to increase your sales.
  • Concurrently, we’ll provide you with a list of services you should begin offering to your prospects and clients. Using the HubSpot services marketplace, you’ll learn what services to offer, as well as what other agencies are charging. Through the services marketplace, we’ve helped our partners generate 100s of thousands of dollars of business in just a few short months, since it’s launch. Agencies offering these services to their own prospects and clients have generated millions more dollars in revenue. Put simply, these services are in demand, because they deliver an ROI. You’ll learn what services to add and how to deliver them. You can learn about these by visiting
  • Launching new services and selling is only half the battle. You’ll then need to predict, measure and deliver an ROI. You’ll learn how to use the HubSpot software to ensure that you’re delivering an ROI to your clients. This takes time and practice. But, you can start as many free trials as you want and start learning now.
  • We’ll also teach you an efficient process for onboarding and managing your clients. Again, we’ll share with you what we’ve done for our 1,000s of customers and how you can leverage our processes and people for your clients. This is the stuff I’m most excited to share. HubSpot’s MOST successful customer segment are the customers who have hired a partner and gone through the HubSpotonboarding process. You can learn about our onboarding process once you start a free trial. While we haven’t published the “How to deliver your consulting”, once you’ve mastered this, our data shows that you’ll produce a strong ROI for your clients.
  • We’ll provide training on how to build your business, how to staff, who to hire, how to manage your clients, and more. You’ll have to wait for the training program for this information.
  • We’ll cover all of that info extensively in the training program. But, you don’t need to wait to start learning. More than 135 companies have made the decision to partner with HubSpot after realizing that we could help them with all of these things. In fact, we’ve already created a large amount of training material specifically for our resellers. Many of you have discovered how to use a HubSpot free trial to improve your sales process. Many of you have leveraged the HubSpot Inbound Marketing methodology to streamline your consulting processes and expand your services offerings. You can leverage the HubSpot Services Marketplace to specifically see what services are in demand and then launch your own. At the end of this webinar, I’ll tell you how you can access and leverage many of these resources right away.
  • As part of the training program application, we asked lots of questions.As mentioned earlier, 1,000+ companies shared a lot of detailed financial information on the application. We’ve anonymized and analyzed this data to identify how healthy the marketing services industry is. Since we’re increasingly building our business to help marketing agencies, we selfishly wanted to get a feel for how healthy the industry is now and how much work we have ahead of ourselves. Now that we’ve benchmarked the industry’s performance, it’s time to start improving the metrics. While we’re not surprised by the results, we’re certainly concerned by them. I’m going to share some of the information we’ve collected with you so you know how you compare with your peers.
  • Before I get to into it, I need to warn you. The picture isn’t pretty. At HubSpot, we use red, yellow, green for every strategic project we have. Every month, we evaluate each project and assign it a red, green or yellow. It denotes whether we should stop working on it, go full steam ahead or proceed with caution. Using this method, I’d suggest that the marketing services industry really needs to stop, examine what they hell they’re doing and fix some things before proceeding. Let’s get into the data, though, so you can see for yourself. Source:
  • As you can see from this graph, the majority of the marketing companies surveyed have less than 5 active retainer clients. Only about 15% have more than 11. That would be okay if these retainers were high dollar amounts per month.
  • But, as you can see from this graph, the average monthly retainer size for the vast majority of our respondents is less than $500 per month. That’s less than a ½ page ad in a small city’s 3rd largest newspaper. And we all know how much value that brings to your average business these days. You can also see that less than 25% of our applicants have a retainer larger than $2500 per month. That’s the number that I suggest our resellers use for an engagement for a small business - just to get started. Most agencies try to bill around $100/hour. It’s hard to make an impact on someone’s business w/out atleast spending that much time helping them with their marketing. It’s hard to make an impact for a client for less than $2500/month. It’s also very hard to build a marketing services business w/out consistent cash flow. Since most of our applicants have very few low dollar retainers, it’s apparent that many are struggling to build a scale-able business. So, based on this data alone, it looks like we have our work cut out for ourselves.
  • This chart confirms that very few agencies generate their revenue through retainers. Most agencies are generating revenue through projects, which as I know from first hand experience in the event marketing business, is a very hard way to scale a business. It’s not fun when you’re not certain if you’ll be able to make payroll or pay all of your bills a month from now.
  • The problem seems to get worse when we look at the small number of new clients that marketing agencies tend to sign up each month. As you can see from this graph, the vast vast majority of applicants sign up 2 or fewer clients each month. Since these are most likely projects and not retainers, the problem becomes very apparent. There’s one possible saving grace, though. Maybe marketing agencies are signing up 1-2 new clients per month for large dollar projects.
  • But, as this chart shows, unfortunately, that’s not the case. The problem looks even worse when we look at the data that shows the average project size. Almost 50% of our respondents said that their average project size is < $2500. Almost 25% said that their average project size is less than $1,000. Less than 15% of you are signing up clients for projects of $10k or more. Even at that rate, it’s difficult to scale a business. Most of the people on the right side of this graph are web developers. From conversations even with web developers, there is increasingly more competition and prices are being driven down for high end web development jobs.
  • So, based on all of this data, we’ve made the conclusion that most agencies aren’t very good at marketing or selling their own services. This is confirmed when we look at the results of the question, “What’s your Biggest Challenge as a Marketing Agency”. The most popular answer is “Not generating enough leads”. That confirms that marketing agencies aren’t very good at creating demand for their own services. We’ll dive in and share why HubSpot and our resellers don’t have this problem and how you can eliminate the issue for your business. The response “cash flow is too variable” confirms that most agencies are way too dependent on project revenue, instead of retainer revenue. The easiest way I’ve seen this fixed is by changing the way agencies sell. We’ll discuss this today and point you to some learning resources that can help. “Difficulty signing up new clients” again points to the fact that marketing agencies need help with sales and marketing. I’ve also witnessed first hand time and time again how the ‘right mix of services’ will accelerate client acquisition for agencies. This ties into “Difficulty staying up to date with technology” which is the 4th largest challenge agencies shared. HubSpot was formed with the mission of making modern marketing simple for small businesses. We’re also baked the latest trends in marketing right into our software and methodology including seo, social media, business blogging, lead generation, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and closed loop sales and marketing. So, we’ll talk about how you leverage us to not only stay up to date with new technology, but to leverage new technology to deliver greater value and to sign up more clients for longer and larger retainers.
  • During the rest of the webinar, I’m going to share 3 ways that you could and probably should explore if you’re serious about growing your business. First, I’m going to suggest that you eat your own cooking. I’m going to suggest that you stop doing client work for atleast 2 hours per day and focus on your own inbound lead generation. It’s going to be hard, but the first lesson I learned from my sales coach was “Never stop filling the top of your funnel”. With inbound marketing, marketing fills the top of the sales funnel. So, you must discipline yourself to spend the time marketing your business and generating leads for your services. The MOST scale-able and low cost way to build your funnel is by generating inbound sales leads. We have this down to a science at HubSpot. Besides our reseller program, our lowest cost marketing channel is our organic internet marketing activities, which includes SEO, blogging and social media traffic sources. Of course, we do other things to convert that traffic into leads, but that’s the cheapest source of leads in our business. All other methods of acquiring a new customer are multiples of that number.
  • HubSpot grew by eating our own cooking. We are our best customer. We use inbound marketing to build our business. I joined the company in November 2007. I remember celebrating when we signed up our 100th customer. It was 15 of us in a room. 4 people in sales. Brian Halligan, our CEO, was on half of our calls with us. Today, we have more than 2800 customers, 150+ employees and an annual run rate around $20M.
  • This is how we do it. We do it using our own software and the inbound marketing methodology. We publish content, promote it via social media, the blogosphere and email and optimize it to be found via search engines. We create compelling offers and drive our traffic to landing pages where the offers can be downloaded in exchange for contact information. We use our analysis tools to identify what’s working and do more of the stuff that works and less of what doesn’t.
  • We grew because our marketing team focused on generating inbound sales leads for our sales team. Back when I started, there were only 2 people on the marketing team. When we had 3 people on our marketing team, is when we began hitting our stride. At HubSpot now, marketing is everyone’s job. We all contribute to the blog. We are all active on social media. Many of us do webinars. In your company, if you want to grow, you should make sales and marketing your main focus. It shouldn’t be done only when you’re not billing. It should be everyone’s job. We’ve recently been working with some larger PR firms. PR firms are usually set up so that everyone has motivation to bring in new business. It works really well. Make sure you align your organization the same way. If you’re a one person shop, just start doing inbound lead generation. Start filling the top of your funnel.
  • Now, many of you are going to say that it’s not fair to compare HubSpot to my small agency. So, if you take a high level view, maybe you’re right. I could argue that it should actually be easier for you. At HubSpot, we have investors who are looking for a very big return. We have to sign up 200+ customers this month to hit our goals. But, we have very little hours we have to deliver after we sign up a customer. All you can probably handle (if you sell them the right services on retainer) is 1 or 2 new clients per month, based on the fact that 1 of your employees should only be able to handle 3-5 retainer clients at capacity. So your lead generation goals are actually much lower. That aside, I figured it’d make sense to share some stats from one of our partners. I’d encourage you to watch the two case studies from PR 2020 and Lynton Web on our website. Another very successful HubSpot reseller is Kuno Creative. This is a screen capture of their HubSpot analytics showing the traffic they’ve generated from search engines, other websites and direct traffic. As you can see from the chart, they’ve generated 258 leads over the last year and they’ve acquired 12 clients from it.
  • Before I cut and pasted a bunch of Kuno’s data, I asked them if I could share their stats and how they’ve done what they’ve done. They also sent me a quote yesterday which I thought was worth sharing. You can read it for yourself. Based on my interaction with Kuno and based on their track record of delivering value to their clients, as measured by our software, I’m confident they will grow significantly this year based on doing their own inbound lead generation and by enhancing their service offerings. They are on the right track. If I were a social media marketer, I’d stop reading Chris Brogan and David Meerman Scott and start reading Kuno Creative’s blog.
  • As Chris alluded to in his quote, they’re launching a bunch of new service offerings. We’ve been working with many of our resellers to help them identify what services offer the greatest value and ROI to clients, that also enable our resellers to increase their retainers and margins. It’s really pretty simple. The problem with many agencies is that they’re offering the wrong services. The two largest types of ‘marketing companies’ who applied for our training program are web designers and social media marketers. We all know that there are way too many web designers out there. They’ve multiplied faster than financial planners in the last decade. What’s really scare is the fact there are so many people who have jumped on the social media bandwagon. When my team talks to social media marketers, we haven’t found any of them have built a business around just that. It’s a hot topic, and if you follow HubSpot, you know that we’re obsessed with social media marketing too. But, it’s the worst converting source of traffic for us. It generates the least qualified lead for us. Social media marketing does not make a complete service offering for a marketing agency. It’s one tactic in a healthy service offering. But, it shouldn’t be the meat or even the lead service offering. So, what should a marketing company lead with?
  • What every marketing agency should deliver, first and foremost, is ROI. Now, I know that’s not a service in the classic sense of a ‘marketing service’. Of course, ROI should be the outcome of the service. But, too often, agencies let their prospects pigeonhole them into a predefined budget for a pre-defined project they already got approved. The difference between designing a website and designing a website that generates an ROI is huge. The difference between helping someone connect with their customers and fans via social media is a lot different than generating an ROI from social media. The difference between doing SEO and generating an ROI from SEO services is HUGE. Too many agencies lead with tactics that might produce more traffic if done right. But, very few agencies deliver services that generate leads and sales for their clients. So, let’s talk about the services that deliver the ROI and let’s talk about how you can start delivering them.
  • Lead generation is the quickest way to start delivering an ROI from social media, blogging and SEO. It’s a pretty simple process that very few companies do right. We’ll use Kuno as an example, once again, of a company who is doing a great job at their own lead generation, as well as for their clients. To do lead generation right, you must create “calls to action” and place them on your website or email or really anywhere. These calls to action should direct your traffic to landing pages where your site visitor can complete a form to download the compelling offer.
  • Generating conversions is just the beginning of converting traffic into sales. Increasingly, marketing is expected to turn leads into sales ready warm leads. Using email marketing, lead segmentation and lead nurturing via email using blogs and other premium content like white papers, ebooks and webinars. There’s a huge opportunity for marketing agencies to really help improve lead to customer conversion rates for clients using these techniques.
  • It doesn’t end there, though. Technology and tools like HubSpot’s CRM integration, lead scoring, social media account detection and analytics that attaches web visit information to lead records…. All enables marketing to supply intelligence directly to sales. This enables a salesperson to prioritize their calls to the leads that are most engaged. It enables a salesperson to initiate conversations that are relevant based on what pages a lead views on a website. It also enables a salesperson to wake up opportunities that would otherwise appear to have gone cold. Marketing is really improving sales efficiency and productivity. Agencies that deliver training and services that enables this are making themselves indispensible to their client’s marketing AND sales organizations.
  • Agencies that are using closed loop reporting are also getting the data back from their client’s sales teams that enables them to actually calculate the ROI of their services. Not only can they determine the ROI from their overall services. They can actually see which marketing activities and campaigns are generating a stronger or weaker ROI. In this case, you can see which social media site is producing the best visitor to lead and lead to customer conversion rate. Closed loop marketing analytics also lets agencies determine which email marketing, keywords from organic and paid search traffic, referring sites or really any campaign they run. This helps agencies determine which activities to repeat and which to tweak or axe. This enables an agency to continuously improve ROI. This also – and here’s the key – gives the ability to marketing agencies to propose new services and campaigns to their client which enables them to upsell or increase retainers over time.
  • So, those are some of the services that growing agencies are providing to their clients. There’s many more services that make up a complete inbound marketing service offering. We’ve been doing the R&D for our partners, leveraging the inquiries from our 2800+ customers and gradually recruiting our best resellers to offer them. Visit to learn more about the services you should be offering on your website to your prospects and clients.
  • So, assuming you follow this advice and you start generating more leads for your own business, and then you start qualifying your prospect’s needs around these new service offerings, you’re going to also need to think about how you improve your sales process. In order to sell longer and larger retainers upfront, you’ll need to be as good at selling value as you are at delivering it.
  • Most agencies follow the same sales process they learned from last century’s ad men. They’re showing up with pretty pictures, portfolios and slightly customized proposals. While your design work may win you web design jobs. And your press clipping might win you some PR work, in order to secure a client for a long term inbound marketing retainer, you need to demonstrate to them that you can help them grow their business. The problem with most agencies is that when they write proposals or do pitches, it’s all about them. They’re guessing that what they’re pitching is relevant to their prospect. It’s the equivalent of closing your eyes and throwing a dart at the dartboard. It’s going to be hard to hit the mark this way. Image:
  • Instead of pitching tactics, it’s critical to use data in your sales process in order to start educating your prospects about what they should hire you to do. Competitor grader, which is accessible via a HubSpot free trial, provides a scorecard for your prospects vs their competitors and gives you the data to start educating your prospect about SEO. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve done several webinars which explain a new approach to using data in your sales process. We recently shared 50+ marketing charts that show benchmark data for SEO, blogging, social media and lead generation that you should use during your sales process as a way to educate your prospects about the impact that inbound marketing could have on their business’s growth.
  • For most prospects, I can guarantee that no marketing company has ever asked them about their revenue goals or helped them calculate their traffic and lead generation goals based on them. Download this calculator and start using it in your sales process. Your prospects – atleast the ones that are serious about managing their company by the numbers – will appreciate that you’re relating inbound marketing back to their financial goals.
  • You shouldn’t stop there, though. Most prospects will have no clue how to turn website traffic into leads. You should run experiments in order to show them how it’s done. You can charge them a nominal fee and leverage a HubSpot free trial to show them how you can take their existing traffic or email list and convert it into warmer sales ready leads. At this point, you’ll be in a much better position to write a meaningful proposal for your clients that aligns your services with their business goals. During the training program, we’ll spell out much more detail about how you can leverage these approaches in your sales process. But, if you’re serious about growing your sales, you should study the webinars we’ve already published.
  • As part of the training program application, we asked lots of questions.As mentioned earlier, 1,000+ companies shared a lot of detailed financial information on the application. We’ve anonymized and analyzed this data to identify how healthy the marketing services industry is. Since we’re increasingly building our business to help marketing agencies, we selfishly wanted to get a feel for how healthy the industry is now and how much work we have ahead of ourselves. Now that we’ve benchmarked the industry’s performance, it’s time to start improving the metrics. While we’re not surprised by the results, we’re certainly concerned by them. I’m going to share some of the information we’ve collected with you so you know how you compare with your peers.
  • Your trial gives you access to the methodology located at
  • My team is 4 of our most senior team members. We’re adding 2 additional team members to the team next week. If you’d like to discuss how we can you help you, request a call.During this call, we typically talk about -The challenges that are holding you back from growth- Ways to increase client acquisition and retention rates- Ways to transition from project work to securing larger and longer retainers- Recruiting, training and managing employees and contractors successfully- Identifying service offerings that can provide additional value to your clients and growth potential for you- Ways to stay steps ahead of your competition in your knowledge of how to apply technology to marketing- Setting your inbound lead generation goals based on your sales and revenue goals
  • How Marketing Agencies Can Outgrow Their Competition

    1. 1. How Marketing Firms Can Outgrow Their Competition<br />Pete Caputa<br />Value Added Reseller Program<br />Sales & Marketing Manager<br />@pc4media<br />
    2. 2. Your Participation, Feedback, Questions are Welcome<br />Ask questions on Gotomeeting. <br />Use @hubspot on Twitter<br />
    3. 3. Agenda<br />Agency Training Program Update<br />State of Marketing Services Industry<br />3 Ways to Grow Your Business Smarter<br />Generate More Inbound Leads<br />Offer More Lucrative Services<br />Improve Your Sales Process<br />Next Steps if You Want Help<br />
    4. 4. Training Program Launch Delayed. But!<br />Application:<br />
    5. 5. Master the Inbound Marketing Methodology<br />5<br />
    6. 6. Leverage a Proven Sales Process<br />6<br />
    7. 7. Add In-Demand Inbound Marketing Services<br />7<br />
    8. 8. Learn how to Predict, Measure & Deliver an ROI<br />8<br />
    9. 9. Implement Efficient Client Consulting Processes<br />9<br />
    10. 10. Learn How to Scale-ably Grow Your Business<br />10<br />
    11. 11. You Do NOT Need to Wait for the Training Program…<br />11<br />"Our agency is on pace to grow 130%-150% this year… Obviously there is demand in the market for these [inbound marketing] services.”<br />- Paul Roetzer, PR 20/20<br />Lynton Web<br />PR 20/20<br />“Joining the [HubSpot ] partner program … has helped me grow my business beyond what I ever would have imagined a year ago,” <br />- Dan Lynton, Lynton Web<br />Case Studies:<br />
    12. 12. Agenda<br />Agency Training Program Update<br />State of Marketing Services Industry<br />3 Ways to Grow Your Business Smarter<br />Generate More Inbound Leads<br />Offer More Lucrative Services<br />Improve Your Sales Process<br />Next Steps if You Want Help<br />
    13. 13. State of Marketing Services Industry<br />
    14. 14. Very Few Active Retainers Clients<br />
    15. 15. Very Low Dollar Retainers<br />
    16. 16. Very Little Recurring Revenue<br />
    17. 17. Very Few New Clients Per Month<br />
    18. 18. But, Projects are Low Dollars Too! <br />
    19. 19. So, I’m Worried About This… Are You? <br />
    20. 20. It’s Time to Fix Our Industry!<br />
    21. 21. Agenda<br />Agency Training Program Update<br />State of Marketing Services Industry<br />3 Ways to Grow Your Business Smarter<br />Generate More Inbound Leads<br />Offer More Lucrative Services<br />Improve Your Sales Process<br />Next Steps if You Want Help<br />
    22. 22. HubSpot Grew by Inbound Marketing<br />2800 customers<br />150 employees<br />$20 million<br />
    23. 23. HubSpot Software & Methodology<br />Process<br />Tools<br />Get Found<br /><ul><li> Publish
    24. 24. Promote
    25. 25. Optimize</li></ul>Get Found<br /><ul><li> Content Mgmt
    26. 26. Blogging
    27. 27. Social Media
    28. 28. SEO
    29. 29. Analytics</li></ul>Get Found<br />Convert<br />Convert<br /><ul><li>Test
    30. 30. Target
    31. 31. Nurture</li></ul>Convert<br /><ul><li>Offers/CTAs
    32. 32. Landing Pages
    33. 33. Email
    34. 34. Lead Intelligence
    35. 35. Lead Mgmt
    36. 36. Analytics</li></li></ul><li>From 100 leads/mo to 20k in 3 Years<br />3 FT Marketers<br />
    37. 37. It Works for Agencies Too<br />
    38. 38. Kuno Creative is Poised for Huge Growth<br />"With nearly a year of HubSpot and inbound marketing under our belt, we are ready to take our services offering to the next level. Our content creation, social media engagement and HubSpot services have consistently increased qualified leads and generated new sales month over month. Now we are preparing to expand both staff and inbound marketing efforts with a 24 month business plan aimed at driving revenues and profits to unprecedented levels.“- Chris Knipper, President, Kuno Creative<br />26<br />
    39. 39. Agenda<br />Agency Training Program Update<br />State of Marketing Services Industry<br />3 Ways to Grow Your Business Smarter<br />Generate More Inbound Leads<br />Offer More Lucrative Services<br />Improve Your Sales Process<br />Next Steps if You Want Help<br />
    40. 40. Lead with ROI<br />28<br />
    41. 41. Lead Generation as Primary Service Offering<br /> Use Calls to Action to drive traffic to Landing Pages where site visitors can complete a form to download a Compelling Offer. <br />29<br />Compelling Offer<br />Call to Action<br />Landing Page<br />
    42. 42. Generate Sales-Ready Leads<br /> Use Email Marketing, Lead Segmentation & Lead Nurturing to warm up leads. <br />30<br />
    43. 43. Services that Help Marketing Enable Sales<br /> Use Website-CRM Integration, Lead Scoring, Social Media Account Detection and Lead Intelligence to feed your client’s sales teams w/ actionable information about their leads, so they can time and focus follow up calls and emails to maximize connect rates and close rates. <br />31<br />
    44. 44. Closed Loop Reporting Enables Upselling<br /> Use Closed Loop Marketing Analytics to determine which marketing activities produce traffic, leads and sales. <br />32<br />
    45. 45. We’ve Done the R&D for You…<br />33<br />See All Recommended Services:<br />
    46. 46. Agenda<br />Agency Training Program Update<br />State of Marketing Services Industry<br />3 Ways to Grow Your Business Smarter<br />Generate More Inbound Leads<br />Offer More Lucrative Services<br />Improve Your Sales Process<br />Next Steps if You Want Help<br />
    47. 47. Proposals & Pitches Are a Waste of Time<br />35<br />
    48. 48. Use Data to Educate Prospects<br />36<br />Webinars:<br />
    49. 49. Help Prospects Set Numeric Marketing Goals<br />37<br />Download:<br />
    50. 50. Run Experiments to Confirm Commitment<br />38<br />Webinar:<br />
    51. 51. Agenda<br />Agency Training Program Update<br />State of Marketing Services Industry<br />3 Ways to Grow Your Business Smarter<br />Generate More Inbound Leads<br />Offer More Lucrative Services<br />Improve Your Sales Process<br />Next Steps if You Want Help<br />
    52. 52. How to Become a Successful HubSpot Partner<br /><br />
    53. 53. Start A Trial<br />The only way to truly learn the product & methodology is to understand its value is to use it!<br /><br />
    54. 54. Are you Ready to Talk Turkey? <br />Request a Consultation with a Senior Member of the HubSpot Team to discuss:<br /><br />