Getting Past Writer's Block


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Solutions to 10 Debilitating Blockers that Plague Content Creators.

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Getting Past Writer's Block

  1. GETTING PAST Writer’s Block Solutions to 10 Debilitating Blockersthat Plague Content Creators
  2. Writer’s block.
  3. Writer’s block.It’s more thanjust a   state ofmind.
  4. It’s a malady.
  5. It’s a malady. A very real, very debilitating malady.
  6. (even for the most prolific content creators.)
  7. So …How do you get overwriter’s block ?
  8. Identify the source of the problem.
  9. Then take it out back andbeat itwith a stick.
  10. Here are the top 10 reasons for writer’s block.
  11. Here are the top 10 reasons for writer’s block. And how to fix them for good.
  12. Problem #1I don’t know what to write about.
  13. Solution:Fall back on your editorial calendar, where you keep a backlog of topics to writeabout. You can also reach out to people in other parts of your company and askthem to share some FAQs.
  14. Problem #2I don’t know how to approach this topic.
  15. Solution:Your topic isn’t specific enough. Refine your working title to say what you reallymean. It doesn’t have to sound good; you can finesse it later. Just ensure it’s clear,specific, and tells you exactly what the content is about.
  16. Problem #3I’m not in the mood to write.
  17. Solution:Use the laptop trick. Unplug your laptop and go into a quiet room, free of distractions.Your challenge is to finish your writing assignment before your battery runs out.Maybe a little competition with yourself can kick things up a notch.
  18. Problem #4I can’t find the words.
  19. Solution:Write like you speak. Content should be free of jargon and business babble, anyway. Ifyou write like you speak, it will be an easier writing and reading experience.Do not, however, write like you think. Our brains are a mess. We filter ourselves for areason.
  20. Problem #5I can’t write an intro.
  21. Solution:There’s nothing more intimidating than a blank screen. Skip the intro, and dive intothe actual content – or at least an outline. Then fill in the introduction later. Andremember the formula for a good introduction: Identify the problem, build painaround it, and explain how the content will address it.
  22. Problem #6I can’t come up with examples tosupport my content.
  23. Solution:Crowdsource it. Leverage other people’s knowledge and expertise to inform yourcontent. A different perspective can open up, as Aladdin taught us, a whole newworld.
  24. Problem #7I keep getting distracted.
  25. Solution:Sign out of social media, instant message clients, and email. While internet access isimportant for research and the occasional break, the real-time nature of the othertools make distraction too tempting a mistress.
  26. Problem #8Someone interrupted me, and Ican’t get back on track.
  27. Solution:No one comes barging into your meetings uninvited, right? Block off writing time likeyou block off meetings. If you treat content creation as important as closed-doormeetings, others will begin to respect your boundaries. If possible, try to findsomeplace to work with a little less foot-traffic, too.
  28. Problem #9I don’t even know where to start.
  29. Solution:If a project is big and intimidating, break it into smaller, more manageable chunks.Figure out how much time each portion will take, and in what order they must becompleted. Try to complete a few of the smaller chunks right away to get your rhythmgoing, and feel the satisfaction of crossing items off your list.
  30. Problem #10I don’t feel qualified to write this.
  31. Solution:There are readers of all skill levels. Share your knowledge with others who are just startingout. If you want to target a higher level audience, interview and quote subject matter experts.Be humble and honest about what you do know, and what you don’t. Remember, you’regood enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!
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  33. By Corey Eridon. @corey_bos