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Fascinating Event Marketing Stats

  1. Fascinating Event Marketing Stats
  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Why Events? 2 Event Types 3 Event Planning 4 Event Promotion 5 Events & Fees 6 Event Marketing Challenges 7
  3. This presentation is based on 2010 Constant Contact survey data from 931 respondents including 320 nonprofits, 304 B2B, and 307 B2C companies.
  4. 1 Why Events?
  5. 79% rank events as important to their business.
  6. 90% of nonprofits rank events important or very important .
  7. B2B companies are least appreciative of events. 90% 78% 68%
  8. 2 Event Types
  9. Top reasons to host events: #3 #2 Get #1 Generate Donations Educate Leads
  10. IMAGE CREDIT: EUSKALANATO Educate ranks as the most important reason for hosting events.
  11. IMAGE CREDIT: INTERSECTION CONSULTING Generate leads ranks as the 2nd most important reason to host events.
  12. IMAGE CREDIT: PINKMOOSE B2C companies rate “Promote/Sell” more important than B2Bs and nonprofits do.
  13. Most frequent types of events: Social Classes Gatherings
  14. Most businesses hold educational events.
  15. 1 Educational 1Events Classes Workshops Training Conferences Seminars
  16. Importance of Events by Type
  17. Nonprofits… …host more conferences than B2B & B2C combined.
  18. 14% of B2Cs hold conferences.
  19. IMAGE CREDIT: COLETTE CASSINELLI B2B companies hold classes more often than other events.
  20. IMAGE CREDIT: JEREMY BROOKS B2C companies hold social gatherings most frequently.
  21. Nonprofits use more types of events.
  22. 3 Event Planning
  23. Nonprofits spend the most time planning their events.
  24. Most B2B companies spend 5-8 weeks planning an event.
  25. 4 Event Promotion
  26. IMAGE CREDIT: RH1N0 Event marketing usually consumes ≤20% of budget.
  27. are NOT SURE 7.8% how much budget goes to events.
  28. is the average # of . promotional methods for events. IMAGE CREDIT: JOSEPH ROBERTSON
  29. Email Word of Mouth Most Used Event My Website Promo Methods: Mailed IMAGE CREDIT: DARWIN BELL Invites
  30. Email is used most often for event marketing.
  31. 40% use social media for event marketing.
  32. Magazine ads are used least often for event marketing.
  33. Only 11% use blogging for event marketing.
  34. 47% still mail invites. IMAGE CREDIT: ACME401
  35. Ranking of Most Used Promotional Methods:
  36. are unlikely to rely on social 58.7% media for event marketing. IMAGE CREDIT: ANI!
  37. Image credit: netzkobold
  38. B2Bs are most unlikely to rely on for event marketing.
  39. 5 Events & Fees
  40. IMAGE CREDIT: RANGERRICK Most companies don’t charge for events.
  41. <10% always charge a fee.
  42. 59% of B2Bs never charge for events.
  43. Nonprofits charge for events more than any other business.
  44. 6 Event Marketing Challenges
  45. Biggest Event Marketing Challenges:
  46. Nearly 50% to can’t get people respond to invites.
  47. 26.4% don’t know which online tool to use.
  48. 13.6% have no experience using online tools.
  49. Nonprofits are more likely to use an online tool for event marketing.
  50. 7.9% Few respondents had difficulties collecting fees. 91
  51. Learn more about event marketing in our webinar:
  52. THANK YOU.