Conversion Blunders eTailers Should Avoid at all Costs - Webinar Slides


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The end goal of an ecommerce website is to drive increasing number of transactions. However, around 97% of visitors that come to your website are not ready to place a order yet. It is extremely important to successfully convert those visitors to customers.

Are popular security symbols really worth the money? Should your item pages have standard left-hand navigation? What's the fastest way to boost conversion rates 20%? In this webinar, jointly conducted by HubSpot and Conversions on Demand, we'll share practical answers to these questions and many more:

- Why you should focus on improving conversion rates
- Top 10 easy-to-fix conversion killing blunders
- What is conversion testing, and how to do it right

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Conversion Blunders eTailers Should Avoid at all Costs - Webinar Slides

  1. 1. Top 10 Easy-to-Fix CONVERSION KILLING BLUNDERS Online Retailers Should Avoid August 6, 2014 #ConvertMore
  2. 2. #ConvertMore
  3. 3. Scott Smigler ConversionsOnDemand CEO, Exclusive Concepts •  eCommerce pioneer (~1997) •  Expert at influencing consumer behavior •  INC 5000, 5 years in a row Conversions On Demand provides hosted applications that improve your conversions. Your Presenters… @ScottSmigler
  4. 4. Steve Haase HubSpot •  Principal Inbound Marketing Consultant •  Active public speaker •  Created campaigns for IBM, Dow, etc. HubSpot’s top-ranked marketing platform helps you generate more traffic, leads, and sales. @SteveHaase Your Presenters…
  5. 5. 1. Why Focus on Conversion Rates 2. What is Conversion Testing and How to Do it Right 3. Top 10 Easy-to-Fix Conversion Blunders 4. Summary of Key Takeaways AGENDA
  6. 6. Why Focus on Conversion Rates •  Part 1 Now up - @SteveHaase, HubSpot
  7. 7. Conversion = Yes
  8. 8. The buyer’s journey is a series of Yesses.
  9. 9. Any “no” ends the process, so you must help your prospect say “yes” at every step.
  10. 10. Gravity is not your friend. Your sales process must overcome a buyer’s inertia.
  11. 11. How well do you know your audience?
  12. 12. What is conversion testing, and how to do it right •  Part 2 Now up - @ScottSmigler,
  13. 13. Why test? Test. Don’t guess.
  14. 14. What is conversion testing? •  Observations •  Lead to questions •  Which form hypotheses •  Tested through experiments •  That generate data •  Informing conclusions •  That become shared
  15. 15. Start small 1.  Review customer questions (how fast do you ship?) 2.  Ask a question (does this hold others back from ordering?) 3.  Hypothesize (add estimated ship date to buy box = > $) 4.  Run test using appropriate testing software 1.  < 50,000 unique visitors? Try Optimizely 2.  > 50,000 unique visitors? Try SiteSpect / Exclusive Concepts 3.  Tip: Solutions like ConversionsOnDemand include a/b tests 5.  Evaluate data (conversion rate up 22%!) 6.  Implement, iterate, or try something new
  16. 16. What is not conversion testing? •  Gut feel •  Add today, look at tomorrow’s results •  Someone’s best guess
  17. 17. Top 10 easy-to-fix conversion killing blunders •  Part 3 Now up - @ScottSmigler, With color commentary from @SteveHaase, HubSpot
  18. 18. Blunder: No call to action under product thumbnails prompting shoppers to learn more before adding to cart Asking for the sale too soon scares shoppers away Obvious path to learn more that doesn’t make the shopper think
  19. 19. Blunder: Failing to emphasize “this site is secure” on the first step of checkout No mention of secure checkout makes shoppers nervous about smaller sites Secure checkout emphasis reassures that personal info is safe
  20. 20. Blunder: Neglecting to advertise shipping promotions near your add-to-cart button No shipping info before clicking add-to-cart = anxiety 15% more revenue per visit with shipping promos
  21. 21. Blunder: Not confirming “free shipping” throughout your checkout to qualifying shoppers Is there free shipping? Who knows? “Free shipping” confirmed every step of checkout
  22. 22. Blunder: Not surfacing product review stars on section pages No reviews shown means shoppers are less likely to buy Stars make a buyer likely to click on a product
  23. 23. Blunder: Displaying left-hand navigation on product pages Left-hand nav is overwhelming No left nav makes for more focus on product
  24. 24. Blunder: Making site search hard to find Site search too hard to find = lost sales Wider search box encourages shoppers to search
  25. 25. Blunder: Putting your “add to cart” button below the fold Cart below the fold = lost sales Above the fold sells much better
  26. 26. Blunder: Vague error messages on checkout pages Strange error messages make shoppers abandon your site Highlighted fields and suggested solutions make resolution easy
  27. 27. Blunder: Ignoring cart abandonment This shopper was distracted by cat photos and nothing stopped them when they abandoned their cart The Cart Closer pop-up helps seal the deal
  28. 28. Summary of key takeaways •  Part 4 Now up - @ScottSmigler,
  29. 29. 1.  The higher your conversion rate, the more profitable your marketing will be 2.  If you’re not doing conversion testing the right way, you’re just guessing 3.  Small changes, like emphasizing your site is secure, add up to make a big impact Remember -
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