Career Advice for the Class of 2014, With Love From HubSpot


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A collection of advice and tips (all from employees of HubSpot) for landing and succeeding in your first post-college job.

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Career Advice for the Class of 2014, With Love From HubSpot

  1. Career Advice for the Class of 2014 With Love, From HubSpot
  2. “Prove you have good judgment -- skills can be taught; judgment can't.” Joe Chernov VP of Content @jchernov
  3. “Every day of your working life is part of an interview for a job you don't even know you're going for yet (so be a good coworker!).” Adam Darowski Front-End Designer @adarowski
  4. “For your first job, be the first one in the office and the last to leave, vacation is over.” Jill Fratianne Partner Channel Manager @SpicyLegume
  5. “Resumes don't matter at all ... unless they're bad. Make sure yours has been looked over by your school's career counselor at least once.” Greg Sabo Tech Lead
  6. “Take time to thoroughly research companies and network like crazy -- you never know who knows someone who can open doors for you.” Elizabeth Graham VP , Operations
  7. “Read books or die.” Eriks Reks Team Lead Support Engineer @erikzrekz
  8. “You have two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you speak.” David Torres Business Development Representative
  9. “Don't get caught up with finding a job description that matches your criteria. Finding a great company with smart PEOPLE is so much more important.” Sam Moorhead Sales @samuelmoorhead
  10. “Join a company that's fast growth in fast growth industries that are disrupting other big industries.” Pete Caputa VP, Sales @pc4media
  11. “Often who you know is better than what you know, so take the time to meet the people who have the job that you want some day.” Rebecca Corliss Inbound Marketing Manager @repcor
  12. “If you don't love what you do when you get out of college, change it.” Ian Marlier Director of Reliability
  13. “Network! Both online AND in person.” Pamela Vaughan Lead Blog Strategist @pamelump
  14. “It will all come together in the end if you are determined and put yourself in situations you may not always feel comfortable in.” Lisa Toner International Inbound Content Specialist @LisaToner13
  15. “Do something different, be bold, and use your creativity to stand out from the crowd.” Annum Munir Senior Support Engineer
  16. “Connect with your future coworkers -- find out what it's really like to work at companies that are trying to hire you.” Eddie Kay Site Reliability Engineer +EddieKayPlus
  17. “Your career is in your hands don't wait for someone else to give you a cool project or to push you into a promotion” Ellie Mirman Inbound Marketing Funnel Manager @ellieeille
  18. “It's not always about what you major in -- it's about finding your strengths, developing them and using them after college to land the job you want.” Maggie Hibma Product Marketing @maggiehibma
  19. “Find a way to differentiate yourself. Everyone else is applying to the same jobs as you are. How will you stand out?” Jessica Meher Head of Corporate and Enterprise Marketing @jessicameher
  20. “'Proficient in Microsoft Office' won't set you apart from anyone. Instead learn HTML/CSS and a computer scripting language.” Rob Ainslie Support Engineer @RobPaulRay
  21. “Begin your career being exceptionally good at one thing -- progress in your career by being pretty good at a lot of things.” David Weinhaus Channel Sales
  22. Ready to get to work? Apply to attend the Inbound Business Bootcamp. Deadline is Jan. 7.