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Always Be Testing: 10 Tips for Improving Your Lead Conversion Rate

No matter how well your ads, emails and landing pages are performing, they can always be doing better. By not striving for constant improvement you're leaving money on the table and letting your competition eat your lunch. Join this webinar for tips on testing, measuring, and analyzing your marketing programs to improve your lead conversion rate.

This free webinar will cover:

* What marketing programs and program elements to test
* How to convert website visitors into leads with calls to action and landing pages
* Tips for effective calls to action and landing pages
* What marketing metrics to track and how

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Always Be Testing: 10 Tips for Improving Your Lead Conversion Rate

  1. Always Be Testing 10 Tips for Improving Lead Conversion Rate Dan Zarrellla Viral Marketing Scientist @DanZarrella
  2. Traditional Marketing (Outbound) 2
  3. Marketing Today (Inbound) 3
  4. How Do the Best New Companies Market? 1950 - 2000 2000 - 2050 4
  5. What Is Inbound Marketing? Process Website Visitors Tools Get Found Get F G t Found d • Publish • Content Mgmt • Promote • Blogging • Optimize • S i l M di Social Media • SEO Get Found • Analytics Convert Convert • Test • Offers / CTAs • Landing Pages • Target Convert C t • Email • Nurture • Lead Intelligence • Lead Mgmt g • Analytics Customers 5
  6. Inbound Is Cheaper 6
  7. Budget vs. Brains Flickr: Refracted Moments Flickr: Gaetoan Lee 7
  8. Inbound Gives Leverage 8
  9. One Way to Feed the Funnel Blogging SEO Social Media Email Pay-Per-Click Website Visitors Get Found Convert C t Customers 9
  10. Definitions D fi iti What are you talking about?
  11. Calls-to-Action 12
  12. $$$ 13
  13. Testing $$$ $$$$$$ 14
  14. Create U C t Urgency Do it now.
  16. Use Numbers U N b 325 Reasons to Use Digits.
  17. 98% of People Love Numbers 1. Prices 2. Numbered lists 3. 3 Statistics 20
  18. Specific Actions S ifi A ti Exactly what you should do.
  19. Tell People Precisely What to Do • Click here • Sign up • Contact us • Tweet this 23
  20. Images Show and tell.
  21. Bad
  22. Good
  23. Clickable C ll t A ti Cli k bl Calls-to-Action Make sure your visitors know where to aim.
  24. Clickability Get Started Now 30
  25. Use Color U C l Contrasts draw attention
  26. 33
  27. Remember Positioning R b P iti i Where is as important as what.
  28. Above the Fold is Best The Fold 39
  29. Keep it Si l K Simple Seriously.
  30. Shorter Forms are Better 32% Conversion 53% Conversion 42
  31. Don’t Get T P D ’t G t Too Personal l Don’t expect too much on the first date.
  32. 45
  33. Mind Y Mi d Your Metrics M ti Conversion rates are 90% of the battle.
  34. Measure Your Performance PAGE NAME PAGE SUBMISSIONS CONVERSION RATE VIEWS Blogging for Business Webinar 3803 2165 56.93% 48
  35. Performance by Campaign Referrer Visitors Leads Conversion % Newsletter #3 512 271 52.93% 49
  36. Bonus Ti B Tip: A ti G d Self-Learning Call to Action Optimization
  37. You’re Welcome Welcome.
  38. htt // ti d
  39. Who’s HubSpot? • Founded in July 2006 from research at MIT y • Cambridge, MA • 1400+ customers 85+ employees 1400 customers, 85 56
  40. What HubSpot Software Does 57
  41. HubSpot Customers’ Proven ROI Cilk Arts Increases Leads 500% Makana Solutions 3x Leads, 2x Conversions Vocio Pays for HubSpot 30x Over with New Leads Objective Management Group Grows Leads 360% Bridge Group Doubles Online Leads g p 58
  42. Thank You! Software: Community: Free Tools: Dan Zarrella Marketing Manager @HubSpot @H bSpot Twitter: @DanZarrella