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6 Steps to Accelerate SMB Growth


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6 Steps to Accelerate SMB Growth

  1. 1. 6 Steps to Accelerate Small Business Growth in 20131 2 3 4 5 6
  2. 2. Housekeeping Notes 1 Webinar slides & video will be emailed to all 2 Interact with us on Twitter: #SMBgrowth
  3. 3. Our Speakers:Successful Leaders Growing Businesses Brian Halligan Brian Millham Alex Bard CEO EVP SVP @bhalligan @bmillham @alexbard
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda Introduction to the Problem A Unified Solution for Growth See It in Action Takeaways Q&A
  5. 5. The Problem
  6. 6. There’s a Tectonic Shift inHow Humans Work & Live
  7. 7. This Is Not Our Parents’ World Anymore
  8. 8. This is Impacting How Businesses Operate Marketing Sales Support
  9. 9. With Disconnected Teams Small BusinessesStruggle to Connect With Customers Support Sales Marketing
  10. 10. Consumers expect to be treated differently; businesses need to adapt.
  11. 11. But How?
  12. 12. Businesses Need to Join the Conversation:Across the Entire Customer Lifecycle
  13. 13. Unifying Teams Will Help You Grow SalesMarketing Support
  14. 14. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein
  15. 15. Solution Part 1Marketing
  16. 16. Brian HalliganCo-founder and CEO,HubSpot
  17. 17. The marketing playbook is broken.The Marketing Playbook Is
  18. 18. .The Marketing Playbook is BROKEN.
  19. 19. content
  21. 21. Facebook Follow f + $ Purchase HxPage Visits Webinar Blog Sub SEGM ENTAT Web I ON Email Mobile
  22. 22. Marketing Takeaways 1 Pull in with content 2 Pull through with context
  23. 23. Solution Part 2Sales
  24. 24. Brian MillhamEVP Commercial
  25. 25. Reps Are Left Out of Today’s Buying Process I was hoping to find… May I suggest … May I suggest …
  26. 26. Sales Wastes Time Looking for Information
  27. 27. How does a small business improve effectiveness with all this noise?
  28. 28. Gain a Complete View:Sell More Effectively with Shared Customer Insight Get Real-time customer updates in one place Gain insights from every touch-point Integrate social & traditional activity into one location
  29. 29. Collaborate:Improve Sales Productivity & EffectivenessExpand knowledge withinstant connection to expertsStreamline collaboration onproposals and dashboardsShare private informationdirectly with partners &customers
  30. 30. Gain Insight:Increase Sales with Real-time Information Make smarter business decisions with analytics Predict success with consistent forecasting View any data from across your business on any device
  31. 31. The World’s #1 Sales Application Close more deals to grow your business
  32. 32. Trunk Club Makes Smarter Business Decisions150 Employees, Helping Men Discover Awesome Clothing without ShoppingGrew from 1M to 15M in Revenue in the Past 2 YearsImproved visibility into sales trends to increase sales effectivenessDelivered real-time product insight to reps with collaboration
  33. 33. Sales Takeaways 3 Be relevant, with a complete view of the customer 4 Gain visibility to take action
  34. 34. Solution Part 3Support
  35. 35. Alex BardSVP of Service
  36. 36. If you make customersunhappy in the physicalworld, they might each tell6 friends.6 friends.If you make customersunhappy on the Internet,they can each tell6,000 friends.” 6000 friends. - Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO
  37. 37. Today, People Are Discussing Your Brand 340M Tweets Per Day 2.7B FB Posts Per Day Billions Blog Posts Per Day 150M Conversations Per Day Sources: Penn State College IST Social Study, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Visible Technologies
  38. 38. Most Businesses Are Not Listening #FAIL 95% Facebook Brand 88% Posts NOT = Answered People Unlikely to Buy 71% from Brands that Ignore Their Twitter Complaints Online Complaints NOT Answered Sources: SocialBakers “Companies Respond to Just 5% of Questions on Facebook”; Sysomos “Replies and Retweets on Twitter” l Study, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Visible Technologies
  39. 39. How does a small business keep up withthis exploding demand from customers?
  40. 40. Listen Everywhere! Today’s customer is social and mobile Social media is the new 800 number Connect to all channels: traditional and social “25% of our cases now come from from social media, that’s equivalent to cases coming over the phone. If the phone was ringing would you not pick up?” - John Rote, Head of Support
  41. 41. Put a System In PlaceSetup a professional support tool tocreate consistencyGive every customer inquiry a statusand ownerMove cases from open to resolved sono customer falls through the cracks
  42. 42. Knowledge is Power Build out a knowledge base so that every agent is as smart as your best agent Publish your FAQs on your website so customers can help themselves Continuous improvement vs. delayed perfection
  43. 43. Measure: What Gets Measured Gets DoneNumber of new casesCase categorizationAvg. Time to 1st ResponseAvg. Interactions to ResolutionCustomer Satisfaction!!!
  44. 44. All-in-one Application for Any Small Support Team Support Your Customers Help Your Customers Easy to Get Up and Across Any Channel Help Themselves Running Social Mobile Case Self- Knowledge Multilingual Business Simple Support Service Base Support Insights Integration Setup Access Management
  45. 45. Square Reinvents Commerce with Desk.comRevolutionizing transactions between buyers and sellersOver 2M merchants using Square globally$8B in payments processed annually by SquareDelivers and scales support over social channels and self-service
  46. 46. Support Takeaways 5 Take charge of your customer support 6 Engage with your customers where they are
  47. 47. Solution in Action
  48. 48. Takeaways
  49. 49. Unifying Teams Will Help You Grow Sales Marketing Support
  50. 50. Grow Your Business Along Every Major Metric +27% +27% Sales Sales Average Percentage Improvements Reported by Salesforce Customers Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted March, 2012, by an independent third- party, MarketTools Inc., on 5,500+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.
  51. 51. Overall Takeaways:6 Tips to Accelerate Small Business Growth 1 Pull in with content 2 Push through with context 3 Be relevant, with a complete view of the customer 4 Gain visibility to take action 5 Take charge of your customer support 6 Engage with your customers where they are
  52. 52. BONUS: Top 3 Action Items 1 Bring context to your marketing 2 Look at the full customer lifecycle 3 Focus on customer retention
  53. 53. Q&A
  54. 54. Thank You