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19 Email Deliverability Terms Every Marketer Should Know


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19 Email Deliverability Terms Every Marketer Should Know

  1. EMAIL terms19 DELIVERABILITY you should know…
  2. I’m Jenn Yorke. Nice to meet you.JENNIFER YORKESales Trainer@jenniferyorke
  3. 1 CAN-SPAM - 2003 Federal lawStandardsfor sendingCOMMERCIALemail
  4. DELIVERABILITY 2- action The ability to GET AN EMAIL into the intended recipient’s INBOX
  5. 3 ACCEPTANCE RATE - it doesn’t mean it got to the inboxThe PERCENTAGE ofemails that areACCEPTED bya mail server
  6. 4 SENDER POLICY FRAMEWORK - technical stuffA Domain Name Server (DNS)record that says an IP ordomain CAN SEND EMAILon my behalf
  7. When you send an ever increasing number of emails out of an IP address in order to build up the IP’s REPUTATION5 WARMING UP AN IP - so you can get email into an inbox
  8. Return Path’s REPUTATION rating of 0-100 for every outgoing mail server IPSENDER SCORE 6- Low score? Good luck getting into an inbox
  9. HARD BOUNCE 7 - like hitting a brick wallA permanentFAILURE to deliveran email
  10. 8 SOFT BOUNCE - like hitting a softer brick wall TEMPORARY problems with email delivery After 72 hours it turns into a Hard BounceImage credit: Gayle N
  11. 9 SINGLE OPT IN - you’re in! Usually involves taking a form ENTRY and immediately adding that person to a live email list Image credit: Dystopos
  12. DOUBLE OPT IN 10 - confirm you’re in! For a user to be added to an email list, she gets sent an email with a CONFIRMATION link. After the user clicks the link, she gets added to the ongoing email communication.
  13. 11SPAM - junkNOT ASKED FOR ornot work-safe email
  14. 12 SPAM REPORT - feedbackWhen someonereceives your emailand labels it as“SPAM”
  15. 13 BLACK LIST - a very bad thing A list that denotes a sender as a SPAMMER
  16. 14 HONEY POT - troubleA plantedemail addressdesigned to CATCHspammers
  17. 15 HAM - good stuffEmail that is generally desiredand isn’t considered spam. Image credit: Sifu Renka
  18. 16 SPAM TRAP - It all starts with a dead email For a time, email that hits a dead email address will return a hard bounce. When the mail server sees traffic going to the dead address, it can turn the email into a Spam Trap, accept the email & report the sender as a SPAMMER.
  19. 17 OPEN RATE - measured with a hidden pixel When someone clicks on an email, the PIXEL (image) loads and is counted as an open
  20. 18 READ LENGTH - do they like your content? The length of TIME when a person opens an email, until they close it
  21. 19 DKIM - digital signatureA method for associating a DOMAINname to an email message Image credit: DwarfVader