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10 of the World's Best Storytellers

Learn how to tell compelling stories like the 10 of the best storytellers in the world.

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10 of the World's Best Storytellers

  1. 10 of theWorld’s BestStorytellers.
  2. WALT DISNEYThe Walt Disney experience transcends age, thanks to his knack for thegrandiose that completely immerses people in his stories. He focused on details,and knew how those details contributed to the overall experience.
  3. SHERYL SANDBERGSandberg’s stories are recognizable and relatable. By tapping into such deeplypersonal experiences – ones we’re surprised to hear from someone so powerful– she generates empathy and empowers people to reach greater heights.
  4. LEYMAH GBOWEEGbowee’s ability to tell impactful stories through dramatic actions – most notablya sex strike for which she mobilized thousands of women – contributed to theending of a 14-year long war in Liberia and the free election of Africa’s first femalepresident.
  5. RICHARD BRANSONBranson never shies away from an opportunity to share the remarkable momentsof his life -- what he thinks, what he does, what he’s seen, what he’s heard. Heunderstands that it’s the nuances, even if they’re a little less than polished, thatmake something captivating.
  6. CHARITY: WATERThe brilliant minds at charity: water have mastered the difficult task ofcommunicating a difficult mission in an uplifting way. Their videos portray theheart-wrenching experience of millions through the jaw-dropping story of one.
  7. BRUCE SPRINGSTEENSpringsteen’s lyrics have for decades painted a picture of the Americanexperience. His songs have heroes, villains, conflict, happy endings, sad endings,and sometimes no ending at all. His lyrics transport you – allowing listeners to feelpart of a communal story, and a shared history.
  8. NATE SILVERAs a statistician and writer, Silver’s world is where storytelling and data divingcollides. His statistical savvy – which led to the development of PECOTA – haslent a refreshing, fact-based angle to political reporting that’s relevant andfascinating even for political and mathematical novices.
  9. ELLEN DEGENERESDeGeneres’ unique mix of empathy, humor, and self-deprecation brings out theunique stories that others have to share. Her ability to find interesting angles ineven the most basic experiences makes her conversations stories in and ofthemselves, leaving listeners feeling optimistic and entertained.
  10. LOUIS CKCK’s stand-up is storytelling with unflinching honesty; because half-bakedtransparency is boring. By focusing on the gross things we do, the awful things wesay, the things we shouldn’t think but do, we learn we all have the sameproclivities – even if we don’t have the guts to share them out loud.
  11. STEVE JOBSJobs knew that for his story to spread, he had to create an experience worthspreading. His stories had impact, emotional resonance, and relevancy, creatingthe recall needed to motivate listeners to share stories on his behalf.
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  13. By Corey Eridon.@corey_bos