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Beowulf summary

  1. 1. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLHistory of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  3. 3. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLBEOWULFPART IEARLY HISTORY OF THE DANESIn ancient times there were Danishkings who were warriors. Shield,the son of Sheaf, fought against hisenemies and managed to succeed.He became a good king. Grain was famous throughout the north, who was sent by God to comfort and protect his people from fear. He was respected and did right for his people. Young princes did good things while they are young so that they were supported by people when they were old in time of war. Succeed depends on our good deeds. Shield died and went to Literature: “Beowulf” History of English God. He was carried by his people to the sea where a well-built ship adorned with gold and
  4. 4. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLShield died and went to God. He wascarried by his people to the seawhere a well-built ship adorned withgold and full of treasures, also hisweapons that he used when he was .a warrior was waiting for him whichwas his last request for long trip. Hewas sent out a naked orphan in anempty boat and once dead he wasgiven to the sea surrounded by manytreasures. After a long time Shield´s death, Grain his son succeeded and ruled over the Danes. To Grain was born the great Healfdene who was a brave warrior and ruled almost his whole life. Healfdene had four children Heorogar, Hrothgar, Halga the Good, and a daughter who married Onela, King of the Swedes. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  5. 5. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOL HROTHGAR BECOMES KING OF THE DANES Hrothgar was king and defeated his enemies. He was respected and was obeyed by his family and people. His childhood friends became his famous soldiers. Hrothgar built a mead-hall and was the biggest construction in the world where he shared out everything for his people, except for public lands and men’s lives. That building was built by tribes throughout the world. Hrothgar called the building “Herot” the hart, which was the world´s greatest mead-hall.The words of the poet, the sounds of the harp,the joy ofkept his word. He gave out gold and treasure at huge Hrothgar people echoed. Everything washappy in Hrothgar´s people.awaited, fire told swords of family feasts. (Though destruction The poet andabout the origin of the the night waited a tortured spirit of hell). trouble; and outside in world how God madethe earth and the water surrounding, how Heset the sun and the moon as lights for peopleand adorned History of with limbs and leaves the earth English Literature: “Beowulf”for everyone until one day Grendel, possessorof the moors,“the demon” started crimes.
  6. 6. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLGrendel belonged to a race of monstersand was exiled from humanity by Godfor his bad deeds. He was consideredlike evil being such as monsters, elves,zombies, the giants who fought withGod. PART II GRENDEL ATTACKS History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  7. 7. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOL One night, after the Danes were at a beer party they settled and slept in the hall, they did not know that there were sorrows in this world. Suddenly, the evil creatureappeared, cruel and hungry, who took thirty warriors andwent to his lair laughing.At dawn, the Danes knew howstrong Grendel was, people weptand the old king felt sad and criedfor his men. The creature had lefthis bloody footprints. That was considered but the following night Grendel continued to kill more men he was blinded by sin, he didn’t even feel guilty for what he was doing (you can bet the survivors started sleeping elsewhere) so this timeGrendel began to rule, fighting night, one against many andthe hall stood empty, because nobody wanted to sleep thereat night for fearing of the creature. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  8. 8. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLTwelve years had passed and Hrothgar kept on sufferingmany sorrows there was no longer happinessHrothgar suffering the greatest ofsorrows poets sang sad song inevery part of the world howGrendel would make Hrothgarsuffer. There was no warrior whono matter how much stronger, could kill Grendel. Grendeldidn’t seem to stop to kill or pay his harms and Grendel kepton attacking from hiding.Grendel, the cruelest of all injuries, went and stayed thereevery night (God would never allow this to actually touch thethrone). Hrothgar felt tamed, council after council didn’t know what to do against Grendel´s attacks. They did everything to end the evil creature, such us going to heathen temples, worshipping idols and invoking the Devil for help. They forgot God (woe be to those who go to History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  9. 9. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLthe fire´s embrace, even in great distress. There was noconsolation there).There was no counselor, no warriorwho could destroy the evil. Theywept and seethed.BEOWULF HEARS OF GRENDEL. There was a warrior by the name of Hylegac who heard of Grendel´s thing, he was the strongest of all who had survived until that day he was mighty and noble. He calls for a shipfor crossing the ocean and helping the king. Wise men urgedhim and forecast omens and encourage him in that journey.So the good Geat chose the bravestwarriors (fourteen in total), and ledthem to the land´s brim, to the ship.They readied the ship, bore brightweapons, and fitted armor into theship and the warriors stood at the prow. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  10. 10. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOL When the ship was ready the men shoved it was the journey they´d dreamed of the journey continued until the seafarers saw land, the shore cliffs were shining there were also steep mountains when thejourney was already over the ship was pulled to the shore.The Geat warriors stood on land wearing rattling shirts whichwere their war- clothes. So they gave thanks to God for theyhad arrived and safe there.When the sea-guard of the Danes,the protector of the cliffs, saw peoplewith bright shields nearing to his hall,he wondered who they were.Hrothgar´s warrior rode his horse andheaded for the shore.Spear in hand, he asked who they were, in armor, who comeover the sea-road in that steep keel? History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  11. 11. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLHe said that he guarded there so thatno forces hostile to the Danes mayraid. He had never seen such a ship´s army with warriors without thepermission of his kinsmen. He noticed a greater man among them and was astonished by seeing him just wearing armor his stature was peerless. He wished to know what his linage was because he thoughtthat they were spies he asked then to hurry and tell himwhere they come from.His name was Beowulf, leader of the host, he said that theybelonged to the Geat nation, and his father, Edgtheow, was aleader well known among the people.Beowulf´s father stayed many wintersbefore he went away, aged, from thecourt. Edgtheow was remembered inevery part of the earth. Beowulf said History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  12. 12. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLthat they had come with friendly hearts to see his lord,Hrothgar they asked him to be good counsel to them, andtold him that they had come because they had heard of adark enemy in the night who killed the Danes. Beowulf saidthat he could help Hrothgar overcome his enemy andeverything would be like before. Otherwise, he would suffergreat misery as long as he lived in that place. The protector of the coast, still riding his horse (a wise shield warrior, one who thinks well, must judge two things: works and words). He saw that they were friendly to Hrothgar and said that he would guide and order his men to protect his ship.Once there they left the ship pullingat its rope they were wearing gold,adorned helmets and figures ofboars shone on the helmets. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  13. 13. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLThe men excitedly marched and in the distance they saw thatdecorated hall which was that the finest and glittered lightone, never seen before on earth. The guard of the coast decided to go back he turned his horse and said that it was time for him to go. He prayed the father omnipotent would keep them safe and sound against his enemies.PART IIIBEOWULF COMES TO HEROTBeowulf got into the Herot with hiswarrior, they seems like an iron troopbecause of their weapons andarmors. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  14. 14. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOL Then the king’s officer and messenger asked them: from where they brought such a amazing war weapons and he expects they were there to fight, cause he has never seen such a braver warriors.One warrior answered him: we areHygelac’s companions, my name isBeowulf. I will declare my errand if yourprince, my lord will greet us. Then wulfgar ( wendla tribe man ), with fighting experience and wisdom, went to ask to the giver of rings so that, the lord of Danes would reward their journey.Wulfgar went to where Hrothgar sat,with his most trusted men, a man of theGeats, the chief of warrior named History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  15. 15. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLBeowulf, came from far far over the sea’s expanse and theyasked to talk to you, then the lord asked if they were worthyof being called warriors. Hrothgar, the king, said that he knew Beowulf dad, who gave his only daughter and none his offspring came here to save us from the monster Grendel and also the seafarers said that this man has an amazing force( 30 men in his hand grip) and the kingwelcomed and offered treasures gifts to him for hisimpetuous courage.Wulfgar went to the door to talk to theking and he said that he knew theirdescent and their welcome, pleasecome in, but let your war weaponsawait. Then, Beowulf arose, supported by his band of mighty men, some of them to were about to use their History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  16. 16. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLweapons, but Beowulf ordered tocalm down.Then the great warrior, under hishelmet and coat of mail, stoodand went to Hrothgar.Beowulf spoke: I’m Hygelac’s kinsman and warrior, I have undertaken many glorious deeds as you know, I know all about Grendel, I ask you, my lord, to fight by myself with the monster, please don’t refuse us, enemy against enemy and let god decide who shall be taken by death: Ifdeath and battle, takes me, you must do a special burial andsend my war Garments to Hygelac’s.Beowulf also told Hrothgar, about his deeds when hedestroyed a family of giants and killed water monsters. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  17. 17. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLHrothgar, protector of the Danes said that ,Beowulf’s fatherwas his friend, and was a good warrior too and has foughtwith monster as well.Hrothgar felt bad about Grendel’s horror, losing a lot of loyalmen. Now the king invited Beowulf: sit and feast, glory ofwarriors, and speak your thoughts as your heart tells you. Then the Geats and brave men sat down.Suddenly, Beowulf took a cup andpoured sweet drink the poet song inclear voice, there was such joy, sobrave men, Danes and Geatcelebrated. Then Unferth, Ecglaf’s son, asked some questions to Beowulf with envy: • Are you that Beowulf who struggled with History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  18. 18. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLBrecca in the broad sea in a swimming contest?• The one who, out of pride, risked his life in the deepwater though both friends and enemies tol you it was toodangerous?• Are you the one who hugged the sea, gliding throughthe boiling waves of the winter’s swell?And Unferth also said that he doesn’t expect much from him ifhe dares await Grendel in the night.Beowulf spoke: well my friendUnferth, yes, I’mBeowulf who walked with Brecca inthe board sea, but • I’m stronger than him, because he was weaker than me at the sea nights. • I’m who risked his life, losing a friend, suffering pain. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  19. 19. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLYou don’t know the other part of the story, where I have a lotof hardships, suffered 5 nights in the sea killing nine seamonster with such a cold weather. I am a stronger warrior. The king felt glad because he could count on Beowulf help and the guardian felt sure and glad also as well.Then the men laughed, and the wordsturned friendly.Suddenly, Wealhtheow, Hrothgar’squeen appears adorned ingold to greet the men.First she gave the cupto the countrys guardian.She greeted Beowulf, thanking god, because her wishes had History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  20. 20. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLBeen fulfilled, a heroe came to save them from Grendel’scrimes. So, Beowulf said eagerly of battle: I alone, will fulfill the wish of your people or die in the foe´s grasp.The queen liked those words and wentto sit by her lord. Now again, people were happy because of the brave speech of Beowulf once again, the warriors continued feasting until Beowulf decided to rest. Hrothgar knew that a strong battle wascoming, when the night arrived. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  21. 21. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLThen all the warrior saluted to eachother and the king Hrothgar wishedluck to Beowulf in the fight for the halland said these words:“Never, since I have been able to lift shield, have I entrustedthis hall, this mighty house of the Danes, to any man, but nowI entrust it to you, so you must do your best. Then Hrothgar and his band of warrior left the hall. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  22. 22. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLBefore Beowulf got in bed prayed and spoke some brave words:“I don’t claim myself any lower instrength or brave deeds than Grendel.Therefore I will kill him without a sword,just with my strength if he comes withoutweapons. Wise God shall choose whoshall win glory”. Then Beowulf got to bed and his brave warriors sought rest around him, everyone though Beowulf will die cause many brave and strong Danes warrior have died there, but the Lord, God, would give to the Geat and Danes people, helping and supporting , (it is well known that God always rules the race of men) . History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  23. 23. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLPART IVGRENDEL ATTACKS AGAINGrendel the walker of darkness arrivedat Heorot in the night while all thewarriors were sleeping, all except one.Grendel was a monster that come again watched in anger butwhat he didn’t know is that Beowulf was waiting to fightagainst him. Grendel came from the moor Hills, under the misty hill, to counteract with all the men of Heorot.He walked under the clouds, coming to the Wine-hall, thetreasure-hall. It was not the first time that Grendel waslooking for Hrothgar’s home, but this time, never in his lifebefore, he did find worse luck. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  24. 24. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLThe creature entered to the building with bad intention andenraged, he swung at the door wide and rapidly movedaround the floor. He saw many warriors were sleepingtogether. He expected to finish with the life of these warriors, byripping life from the body of each one. He thought to have abig meal, but what he didn’t know is that, he would eat nomen after that night. The powerful warrior Beowulf was observing how the malignant monster began to eat a warrior, crushing his bones, drinking his blood and swallowing enormous morsels of meat, including his hands and feet.Grendel, the walker of darkness approaching increasinglytowards Beowulf to begin a fight.The powerful Beowulf grasped his armand snatched it. Grendel, then, felt thegreat strength of his hilt, felt fear in hisheart and just looking for ways to flee to History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  25. 25. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLhis hiding place. Grendel had never met this kind ofman.Beowulf kept in mind the speeches he had made in theevening. He firmly grasped Grendel’s hand and holding thearm as well, the fingers broke. The monster tried very hard to escape, but Beowulf stepped closer to him. The monster wanted to flee to the swamps and disappear because he realized thegreat power of the warrior.After the battle between Beowulf and Grendel the whole citywas in fear, the beautiful building did not fall to the ground.Nobody thought that the great building would be destroyedbecause it was well built and decorated in gold. The panic was invading in Heorot. Grendel, hell’s friend, God’s enemy, sang his defeat. The whole world listened to his lament. The most powerful man of all the warriorscelebrated Grendels defeat. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  26. 26. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLThe warriors tried to protect Beowulf and were trying to killGrendel, those brave warriors as they fought seeking to takeGrendels soul.Miserable life, Grendel, the foe of God, started to face andfound that he already hadn’t gotten the sufficient force. Hisbody was not resisting to the powerful force of Beowulf.The horrible monster endured a terrible wound, for certain,that his life came to an end when Beowulf injured him deadly.Grendel knew that the victory was Beowulf’s.The Danes put all the hopes in Beowulf, because he was theone who brought peace, finished with all the Heorotsproblems, and saved them from affliction. Beowulf wasacclaimed because he had fulfilled his promise sworn to theDanes; every evil attack these people endured had comenow to an end.When Beowulf laid that arm and shoulder down Grendelsclaw, under the vaulted roof.THE WARRIORS REJOICE History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  27. 27. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLThe warriors come from near and far places and also close tosee the great death of Grendel.The fingerprints that Grendel had left were evident, thebloody tracks that existed in the way and in the waters werethe evidence; Grendel had died, deprived of joy, in his fenrefuge.The warriors after seeing that place returned to Heorot, Theysaid that Beowulf is a brave and holy man, and that there wasno man in the world, with the force that Beowulf had, wasmore worthyThe warriors made a contest for the best horse, Sometimes akings man, a warrior covered in glory who knew the oldtraditions, would be reminded of an ancient song.Then he sang of things hed heard about Sigemundsvalorous deeds, things about Wealss son, his struggles, hiswide journeys and feuds. After Sigemunds death day not alittle fame sprang to him, about his hardy fight and killing of adragon, keeper of a hoard.Sigemunds sword went clear through the huge dragon, thedragon died violently. By brave deeds the hero won a ringhoard for himself. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  28. 28. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLHe bore into a ships bosom those bright treasures of theWeal kin, and the dragon melted of its own heat.Sigemund was by far the most renowned adventurer, He hadfirst prospered under King Heremod, and Among the JutesHeremod was betrayed into enemy hands and put to death.Sorrow oppressed him and was a trouble to his people. Hehad loved the Geats more than his own people: evil hadseized him. Thus told the song.The warriors raced their horses on the yellow road; many abrave warrior went to the high hall to see the wonder. So alsothe king and Queen left the room with his famous companywith a troop of maidens walked among the mead seats. TO BE CONTINUED…PRIMARY CHARACTERS:Beowulf: a Geat, son of Edgetho and nephew of Higlac,king of the Geats. Higlac is both Beowulf’s feudal lord and hisuncle.Brecca: chief of the Brondings, a tribe, and Beowulf’s friend. History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  29. 29. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOLGrendel: man-eating monster who lives at the bottom of afoul mere, or mountain lake. His name might be related to theOld Norse grindill, meaning “storm,” or grenja, “to bellow.”Herot: golden guest-hall built by King Hrothgar, the Danishruler. It was decorated with the antlers of stags; the namemeans “hart [stag] hall.” Scholars think Herot might havebeen built near Lejre on the coast of Zealand, in Denmark.Hrothgar: king of the Danes, builder of Herot. He had oncebefriended Beowulf’s father. His father was called Healfdane(which probably means “half Dane”). Hrothgar’s name mightmean “glory spear” or “spear of triumph.”Unferth: one of Hrothgar’s courtiers, reputed to be a skilledwarrior. His sword, called Hrunting, is used by Beowulf in alater battle.Welthow: Hrothgar’s wife, queen of the Danes.Wiglaf: a Geat warrior, one of Beowulf’s select band, andthe only one to help him in his final fight with the dragon.Wiglaf might be related to Beowulf.SOURCE: History of English Literature: “Beowulf”
  30. 30. UNSM/ FEH - LANGUAGE SCHOOL History of English Literature: “Beowulf”