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Smart Stadium: A better way to smart stadium

  1. A Better Way to Smart Stadium ——Huawei Best Practice Cui Haifeng (Pablo Cui) VP, Solution Sales and Marketing
  2. 1 To Fit your Requirements, You Need a Powerful ICT Infrastructure Fans  Easy to use high-speed Internet and Multi-media service  Enhance the participation of the game  Quick get stadium support services, like food, gift, etc.  Increase the interactive experience of the fans  Provide Mobile & Social media service  Provide innovative services for fans, staff, tenant, etc. Club  Make sure the safely of stadium  Construct a high-density wireless network  Multifunction stadium Service  Protection data and network security Stadium Fans and Experience Based, a Smart ICT infrastructure for stadium
  3. 2 Huawei Smart Stadium Solution1 Best Practice in Stadium2 3 A Global Company on Your Side
  4. 3 Fans and Experience Based Smart Stadium Solution Agile Network for Stadium High-Density WiFi Connected DC2 ,Stadium Big Data eLTE 4G Emergency Vehicle Cloud IP Contact Center eLTE 4G Command Center Telepresence, Collaboration
  5. 4 User and Experience Based Agile Stadium Network NG Firewall Agile Switch, Sense and Execution Agile Controller, Centralized Control: User/Service/Traffic High Density Wi-Fi Access 200 person/AP Precise Stadium Defend
  6. 5 Best Experience for VIP and Media with More Value VIP Box Normal Audience 2Mbps/user, High Priority, Better Quality 512Kbps/user, Low Priority and Quality Media Area More Resource and best experience for valuable and Important Users, to bring more revenue. Live Live 2Mbps/user, High Priority, Better Quality
  7. 6 Protect Stadium Resource, Protect Stadium Business Data Center NG Firewall Attacker >6000 Application >100 Protocol >85Million URL
  8. 7 HD Boost Narrow Beam Antenna Auto Radio Professional RNP Whole Network HA Low latency roaming Quality Awareness IPCA Large-Scale Business Entries Large-Sale Wireless Access 100% user under coverage, 100% user on line,20%-30% user play live video simultaneously ENP Native AC More Wi-Fi Business Revenue More Online ADs More Online Shopping More Interaction with Fans Better brand and reputation Better business quality guaranteeHigh density feature, huge scale user Huawei Agile Stadium Network Brings More Business Value
  9. 8 Distributed Cloud Data Center Solution for Stadium O&M Center Stadium DC2 Media Center Office Center Backup DC Other Venue Sport School Traversing • Fast, easy service access at anytime & anywhere Time • Protect investment, smooth evolution Space • Uniform service experience across regions
  10. 9 Best Conference Experience for Stadium VIP and Office Area High-end club conference room CXO office VIP Room desktop Office conference room UC client Main Venue Sport School Branch Venue Media phone PCRoom Telepresence Personal desktop endpoint Mobile endpoint HD endpoint All-in-one HD endpoint Remote training Distributed online learning VOD learning  Multi-level, multi-channel cascading for large-scale deployment  High reliability and stability with up to nine-level hot spares  Today’s only end-to-end 1080p @ 60 fps video conferencing system  The first panoramic Telepresence with industry core patents
  11. 10 Customer-Centric Multimedia Intelligent Center Solution for Stadium Voice IM Email Video Fax Web Public Venues Ticket Center Hotel Reservation Emergence Service Multi-Accesses Universal Multimedia CC Multi-Departments
  12. 11 eLTE 4G Stadium Emergency Command Center Solution eLTE Video Surveillance Broadband Trunking Remote Data Acquisition Broadband Access Stadium Emergency Center Movable LTE Private Network(MPN) Multimedia Trunking Task Assignment & Info Sharing Voice + Video for Remote Guidance Vehicle Positioning Mobile Video Surveillance Trunking Voice Dispatch Fast to be deployed、Easy to use、 Visible Command、Ruggedized in harsh environments
  13. 12 eLTE 4G Stadium Emergency In Vehicle Mode eLTE 4G Running in Vehicle • Weight<35kg • 100 Users • 20 Uploading Videos • 1080p720p Power Box Main Box RF Box Antenna Reinforcement bracket (GJB150.16-I), suitable for most commercial SUV
  14. 13 Huawei Smart Stadium Solution1 2 3 Best Practice in Stadium A Global Company on Your Side
  15. 14 Huawei Global Experienced in Sports 2010 South Africa World Cup 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 2006 DOHA Asian Games 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Universidad SHENZHEN 2011 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Game Germany Brossia Dortmund UK Ranger FC Ibrox
  16. 15 Brossia Dortmund Stadium Background Westfalenstadion has a league capacity of 80,720 (standing and seated), It is Germany's biggest stadium and the seventh biggest stadium in Europe Solution The network will give the 80,000+ fans free Wi-Fi access; Wireless infrastructure provides 30% concurrent access for fans/visitors. Benefits “We’ll be able to offer all our fans access to internet services on site and to deliver exclusive content to them inside the stadium.” Brossia Dortmund Wireless Stadium, Germany
  17. 16 Ranger FC Ibrox Stadium Background Ibrox is the third largest football stadium in Scotland, having an all-seated capacity of 51,082. Solution Give the 51,082 fans free Wi-Fi access. Advanced wireless technologies and small bandwidth antenna technologies to reduce co-channel interference. Benefits “Rangers Football Club is rightly proud of its tremendous fan base, which has stood by the club through thick and thin and we aim to provide our supporters with a world- class Wi-Fi service to enhance their match-day experience.” Ranger FC Ibrox Wireless Stadium, UK
  18. 17 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Game, Russia 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Game Background Cooperate with the largest ICT service provider Megafon to provide E2E network solution for 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Solution Deployed core router CX600 as Sochi core layer network for each campus and branch interconnection, which can support 200G capacity each slot. Deployed 65 sets of S9300 as core and aggregation switches. More than 400 sets of S57/37/27 switches in campus and branches. Benefits Real One Net solution for Sochi information network Provide E2E high reliability density and capacity equipments.
  19. 18 2010 South Africa World Cup World Cup 2010—A Reliable ICT Solution Partner with Vodacom 32 teams, 64 games, 3 million cumulate present audiences, 16 billion cumulate viewers . Background The 2010 FIFA World Cup was the 19th FIFA World Cup, the world championship for men's national association football teams. Solution Communication assurance for 4 stadiums, 25 games, opening and closing ceremony. Benefits “…I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and all of your teams for the exceptional work done during the World Cup. The network around the country for each of the games was stable and reliable and I know that a lot of hard work and long hours went into this project. …” -- Mr. Shameel Joosub, CEO of Vodacom
  20. 19 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 2008 Beijing Olympic Games-A Strong Selected Partner Background 31 Olympic stadiums(10 key areas), 66 Training centers, 15 Stadiums , 141 Hotels, 21 Hospitals, Special Traffic Areas, Culture Plaza/Travel Reception. Solution Venue communication, Underpinning Emergency Command, Olympic Call Center, Network Assurance for five months, Smooth Artery Traffic Benefits Improved user experience of high-speed Internet, video- on-demand Enhanced capability of full service offering and core competencies
  21. 20 15th DOHA Asian Games-Network Provider and Zero Interruption DOHA 15th Asian Games Background 15th Asian Games, Doha 2006 The largest, most ceremonious and comprehensive sports meeting in Asia Solution Involving Radio Access Network, Fixed Intelligence Network, Optical Network and Access Network etc. Benefits 21 meeting places and spots involved with Total subscriber number over 10 million  Zero interruption during the Games
  22. 21 16th Guangzhou Asian Games 16th Asian Games-Network Provider and Zero Interruption Background 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010 The largest, most ceremonious and comprehensive sports meeting in Asia Solution Huawei Provided the TD-LTE base stations, EPC core network PTN bearer network, TD-LTE data card, live interactive high-definition conferencing and video surveillance and other business platforms, including end- to-end solutions. Benefits  Zero interruption during the Games
  23. 22 2011 Universidad Games Shenzhen World Universidad Games Shenzhen 2011 Network Provider Background The 26th Summer Word University Games Main stadium. Solution Covering the 44 competition venues and the intranet part of the non-competition venues Center supporting network and DC and event systems. Benefits ADMIN network zero accidents occurred during the Univ ersity Games held. Ensure a large network of Shenzhen region operator sand tournament voice, the overall security of the data services, supporting the management of the event system network
  24. 23 1 2 3 Huawei Smart Stadium Solution Best Practice in Stadium A Global Company on Your Side
  25. 24 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 18 21.5 27.6 32.4 35.4 39.6 E Sustainable Growth Who is Huawei?  Rank 315th on 2013 Global Fortune 500  Rank 5th Most Innovative Company on Fast Company Magazine  Leading global ICT solutions provider  Customer-centric culture  World-class management, process, and practice  170+ countries, 150,000+ employees, 70,000+ of them engage in R&D  15 R&D centers in 29 cities worldwide, 28 Joint Innovation Centers  45 training centers, 28 technical assistant centers in 3 levels world wide Huawei Global Presence
  26. 25 Worldwide Expertise The Netherlands Germany Hungary Romania Mauritius Brazil Argentina Mexico UAE Bahrain India Malaysia China  16 regions and 170+ branches with business operations, serve 1/3 world’s population.  150,000 employees from 170+ countries  28 joint innovation centers and 45 training centers Technical assistance center R&D center Shenzhen-based HQ Accounting Shared Services Center Logistics center and transit station Training center Bid center (in construction) A Global Footprint
  27. 26 UC&C Security Unified ManagementBring Your Own Device Software Defined Network Cloud Data Center ConferencingTelepresence IVSUC Contact Center Data Center Infrastructure Server Storage VDI Networking Power Enterprise Network & Enterprise Wireless DC Network OTN/MicrowaveIP Network GSM-R/LTE ICT Product and Solution Portfolio
  28. 27 Fans and Experience Based Smart Stadium Solution Agile Network for Stadium High-Density WiFi Connected DC2 ,Stadium Big Data eLTE 4G Emergency Vehicle Cloud IP Contact Center eLTE 4G Command Center Telepresence, Collaboration
  29. 28 Global 140+ countries Reliable Responsible Corporate citizen Customer-centric: Enabling agile customer solutions Innovation innovation leader for a wide-range of products and solutions Quality 2 billion users worldwide Trusted A fortune 500 company, with 20 years’ steady growth Why Huawei: A Better Partner for Your Business
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