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CeBIT ICT Forum Speakers

  2. Roland Sladek Vice President International Media Affairs, Huawei
  3. 10:00 Welcome and Introduction 10:05 Huawei and SAP Strategic Alliance cum Product Announcement 10:40 Question and Answer Session I 11:00 Gartner: How Enterprise Systems will Evolve over the Next 5 Years 11:20 Huawei’s New Generation of Business-Centric Servers 11:40 Huawei Enterprise Storage Meets Microsoft Enterprise Platform 12:00 Huawei eLTE Broadband Trunking 3.1 12:10 Creating Agile Networks for Agile Business 12:20 Question and Answer Session II
  4. Patrick Zhang President Marketing & Solutions, Huawei Enterprise Business Group
  5. Alex Atzberger Chief of Staff, Office of CEO, SAP
  6. Cody Wang Global Sales Director Server & Cloud Computing, IT Product Line Huawei
  7. Dr. Stefan Sigg Senior Vice President for SAP HANA Product and Development, SAP AG
  8. Roland Sladek Patrick Zhang Zheng Yelai Alex Atzberger Vice President, International Media Affairs, Huawei (Facilitator) President Marketing & Solutions, Huawei Enterprise Business Group President IT Product Line Huawei Chief of Staff Office of CEO SAP
  9. Joerg Karpinski Sales Director of Huawei Enterprise Germany
  10. Rakesh Kumar Vice President Gartner Research
  11. Lars Schmoldt Product Marketing Manager, Server, Tools and Cloud-Business Group, Microsoft Germany
  12. Norman Frisch Marketing Director, Enterprise Wireless Solution Sales Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group
  13. Ajay Gupta Director of Product Marketing, Enterprise Networking Product Line, Huawei
  14. Director of Product Marketing , Huawei Enterprise Networking Product Line Norman Frisch Ajay Gupta Marketing Director, Enterprise Wireless Solution Sales Department, Huawei Enterprise Business Group Joerg Karpinski Sales Director, Huawei Enterprise Germany

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  1. 这一页是整个会议的AGENDA,主持人会大概介绍会议的流程
  2. 放在Willaim的胶片前面
  3. 放在SAP公司的Alex演讲的环节
  4. This is today's release of the product: Huawei FusionCube for SAP HANA , which is a SAP HANA scale out solution. FusionCube is a Huawei high-end product and based on converged infrastructure. For the memory capacity of a single-node database, currently only supports 2TB memory for business warehouse on HANA scenario, which has been unable to meet the big data demands of large enterprise. we need more scalability and higher performance SAP HANA scale out solution. Huawei FusionCube has more scalability, higher storage and network IO performance, and simplified management, bring superior SAP HANA performance for enterprise customers. Huawei FusionCube is the optimal choice for SAP HANA infrastructure. 这就是今天发布的产品:Huawei FusionCube for SAP HANA. 其是SAP HANA多节点解决方案,是华为的一款高端产品,基于融合架构的基础设施. 单节点的数据库内存容量,目前仅能支持2T的business warehouse on HANA OLAP场景, 这已无法满足企业大数据的需要,我们需要更高扩展能力、更高性能的SAP HANA多节点解决方案。 针对扩展能力、存储和网络IO性能、简化管理,为企业客户带来了性能卓越的SAP hana性能体验。The best choice for SAP hana is FusionCube.
  5. Part 1的Q&A环节
  6. 放在Gartner的分析师演讲胶片前面
  7. 放在eLTE3.1的演讲胶片前面
  8. 放在敏捷Wifi的演讲胶片前面
  9. Part结束时的Q&A环节