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Agile IoT Solution

In the next 5 years, IoT markets will enter the fast lane. View these slides to learn more about the IoT trends, solutions, and more.

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Agile IoT Solution

  1. 1. Agile IoT Solution 1
  2. 2. IoT Trend 2 In the next five years, IoT Markets will enter into the fast lane Metcalfe’s Law Network value : (Subscribers )^2 IoT drives a new round of industrial revolution Industrial Committee promotes IoT part of the national strategy ( 23% of the data to be analyzed ) Plattform INDUSTRIE 4.0 Made in China 2025 Network undergoing profound changes Capacity: Structure: Network capacity be used for IoT connections IoT data processes at the network edge 40% 50% 79% M2M traffic accesses through the gateway Source from IDC&Huawei MI 50 billion Connections by 2020 Business innovation increases data value Connection amplifies value
  3. 3. Agile IoT Solution 3 Introduce SDN to IoT PlatformSensors Network Applications Internet Agile Controller Energy Smart Building/Home Transportation Industrial Manufacturing ……. Computing Protocol conversion IoT Gateway PP A Network Management Application Management IoTMComputing resources Management IoT Interfaces
  4. 4. Agile IoT Gateway 4 AR550 AR2500 Industrial Switch AR502 AR530 ICT Convergence Industrial Router • High port density • Operating range: -40 to 70 ℃ • Resisting electromagnetic interference • 0 second switching delay • Rich interfaces and protocols • Operating range: -40 to 70 ℃ • Resist electromagnetic interference • Converged rich functions • Local computing and storage, supporting NFV • Linux/Android/KVM open • Multimedia Play • Rich interfaces and protocols AR511AR503 AR160-MAR509 AR501 AR513 Rich interface types Rich protocols Open Integration Rich Capacity AR515
  5. 5. Agile Controller Network equipment Management Policy Management Computing resources Management Application Management Gateway Agile Controller Data Management IOT Gateway Sensors Vehicle linked modules Robot Ammeter Refrig erator … Industry Application Factory Energy IoT Management Restful A USC Netconf Open architecture and standard north-south interfaces Open 10 million terminal management capability Elasticity Converge Unified management of terminals, gateways, computing, applications and data CRM Big Data Distributed deployment Seamless integration Restful MD-SAL Connection Management Device Management Protocols Middle wares Data Proxy IoTM Applications SDK
  6. 6. Build Open IoT Platform and Ecosystem Electrical meter Water meter Sensors such as illumination, smoke, and temperature sensors Application Network Terminal Communication Module/Interface IoT gateway IoT platform eSDK Fixed network2G/3G/LTE Smart Grid Liteos Communication Security Terminal management Media stream Interface Management Container Device management Data management Smart Building Smart Manufacturing Smart Retail Agile Controller Platform Data platform
  7. 7. Agile IoT Industry Solutions Smart Retail Smart Gym Smart Water Heater Smart Elevator Smart School Bus Smart Street Lights Smart Building Smart Metering Smart Factory Smart Grid Smart Transport Vehicles