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What are the five vital tools to new investors


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What are the five vital tools to new investors

  1. 1. What Are The Five Vital Tools To New Investors?
  2. 2. It is always very common that the nine to five working group do not earn enough active income to support their living. It is also true that there are always a big group of working force looking for opportunities to make some passive income either to improve their standard of living or buy somethings luxury. There are many ways to make some extra bucks. The fast and big money can always come from the equity market, and stock market is always on top of the list.
  3. 3. Unfortunately, there are many new investors just anyhow jump into this complicated trading world without any prepared (and I was one when I first started trading). They (of course including myself) do not know there are tools and resources that they absolutely need.
  4. 4. New traders will need these five vital tools :
  5. 5. Firstly, You Need A Well Prepared Tradng Plan : Whatever thing you do, before you start, you need a plan to do thing efficiently. Same as trading, you need a good guidiance to give you signal when to enter or exit trades. Good blueprints essentially help their users to avoid losses that are simply too huge for them to bear or to gain maximum profits when the trend is in favour. You can choose to adopt someone's plan or you can make one entirely from scratch. If you take the first option, it will be good for you to modify the system to suit you. The golden rule is to ensure the system is in line with your risk level preferences.
  6. 6. Secondly, You Need A Charting Software : Whoever are serious in the trading market and want to win big, a good charting package is a must. A good charting package not only help you to make chartings, it also helps you to perform technical analysis on the trading data. For instance, at the basic level, you can use a chart package to explore thousands of securities and pick those match to your preference. With only a few minutes work, you can get information such as the highs and lows, annual revenue, earnings per share, dividends, minimum price, closig price and average volume among other security specific stock market trading data.
  7. 7. Thirdly, You Need A Back Testing Tool : You have a trading system that suit your trading style, now you need to find out whether this system can work well by using historical data. This is crucial. An untested system can lead to huge and unexpected losses. If your system can work well using past data, you are likely to have a good chance that it will also work well on the present trade conditions. Some packages have their own testing tools while some haven't got one. Therefore, expert traders opt to use seperate products that focus specifically on testing.
  8. 8. Next, You Will Need A Data Provider : Charting product manufacturers can also provide data feeds. Even though, in many cases, it will cost a trader less if he/she goes for the third party providers. To choose a stock market trading data's provider, it is best to choose the one that support multiple markets, fast download and perform regular database checks. Additionally, you also need one that has a long and reputable track record. This will increase its chances of staying long and saving you from having to switch to another provider.
  9. 9. Finally, You Need A Broker Who Can Work Well With You : You need a broker, or you are not allowed to place your trades. You need to decide you want to settle for a discount or full service broker. If you are new, or not so experience, you opt to go to the expensive full service providers, as they give you additional trade advice. Once, you gain some experiences and have some confident to trade by yourself, you can go to the discount providers. And my good advice is not to trade so big in the beginning until you master the game.
  10. 10. With all the tools and resources that you need, your stock trading system is the most important. Always bear in mind though that the other four are equally important, but the most important is your personality. You must always where to pocket your profit when the market is in your direction and where to stop loss when the market is against you.
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