What are stocks how does the stock market work


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What are stocks how does the stock market work

  1. 1. What Are Stocks? How Does The Stock Market Work? http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
  2. 2. We are living in the world that always our normal nine to five working income seldom matches our cost of living, and therefore many working folks (including me) are forced to find opportunities to earn a second passive income to supplement our living costs. And investing in the equity market is always priority to most people, and among all kinds of investing, stock market is always the number one choice. http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
  3. 3. Many people go into the stock market without having a full knowledge of how this market works, and always end up losing a lot of money; some even lose their whole savings. On the other hand, there are also people naturally understand stock very well, to them, stock trading is just like breathing. So, let explore into this fantasy market and get a clear picture on it, to understand how does it work to avoid your mistakes. http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
  4. 4. What are stocks? Stocks are one of the ways a company builds its investment capital. A company trades its shares of its future profitability for the present investment capitals. Both the company and the investors will benefit from this deal. The company gets its unearned revenue and the shareholder gets both his/her future dividends as well as having a voice in the direction of the company. http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
  5. 5. And how does stocks trade? Stocks are traded with two basic methods; they are floor exchange and electronic exchange. Making everything electronic gives stocks trading a big push, but floor trading still the most widespread way to trade stocks. Even though, they are working under the same general premises, they still have differential in the transactions. Let look into how they work differently: http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
  6. 6. Floor exchange: Our minds head right to the theaters and visions scenes of the movie Wall Street. We imagine hundreds of people flailing frantically while shouting and gesturing to one another. It seems like this is how Wall Street works day after day. You call to your broker to buy 100 shares of the XYZ Company, and your broker will call the floor who wants to sell 100 shares of the XYZ Company. If the two agree on the price of the sale, this price will be sent to you and later you will receive a confirmation mail. Then, you officially own a piece of the XYZ Company. http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
  7. 7. Electronic exchange: This exchange takes place in the same way, but buyers and sellers are matched up online and the communication happens almost immediately. The electronic broker facilitates the online trading put you one step closer to the actual trading floor. Even though, you cannot trade personally on the floor, you still need a broker to handle the actual deal. It is because not anyone else can gain access to the heartbeat of the America economy; the stock market. You own a 100 shares of the XYZ Company, not matter how small it is, it gives you a small piece of ownership in the company. http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
  8. 8. Why trade stocks? There thousands or stock transactions daily, at the same time, there are thousands of reasons to trade. There are traders who trade to make quick money; where else, there are people want to participate in the America market economy. In fact, trading stocks is a great way to understand how the government regulates commodities. It is also an interesting way to learn how companies grow and develop. If you learn the ropes, stock trading can be both an enjoyable past-time, as well as a good source of passive income, or even a main source of income I the investment pans out. http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
  9. 9. Action is always louder than voice. Whatever thing you do, just do it. If you are interested to learn more, pick up a newspaper or go online and start watching the markets. Pick up a few stocks and test with imaginary money. Keep track with your practices until you are comfortable and understand what you are doing. Only then, you are ready to go to a good broker with your hard cash. Do it slowly, watch it closely and with self-discipline. And you may start to find a good system to assist you to protect your capital and maximize your profits. http://www.EasyStockTradingSecrets.com
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  11. 11. Discover The Profit-Pulling Wall Street Trading Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About... ==> http://EasyStockTradingSecrets.com Grab Your FREE “Developing A Trading System” Report Now! ==> http://EasyStockTradingSecrets.com