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2013.04.17 vayable


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2013.04.17 vayable

  1. 1. Vayable vI-ä-bool網路藝術 I 小組報告李嘉玲 洪明彤 黃啟嘉 陳冠綸 Keyword Facilitator & Connector Background Investigator Summarizer
  2. 2. Summary
  3. 3. 旅行社不可能熟悉世界的各個角落,那麼,誰對土地最熟悉? 當然是住在這塊土地上的人!既然如此,為什麼不找當地人提供最真實的當地生活體驗呢? 因為這個想法, Vayable 誕生了 。
  4. 4. 買賣 local tour & experiences 的平台世界各國、各城市、各景點,彈性時間由當地居民提供你,最獨一無二、最客制化、深入當地的私房旅遊體驗
  5. 5. 不想跟團,跟團總有不喜歡的行程 兼差、賺點外快第五次來紐約了,還去自由女神? 交來自世界各國的朋友體驗在地生活、了解人文歷史 身懷一技之長:分享 & 宣揚理念 ( 藝術 家、大學生、主廚、生物學家、作家、有個當地朋友可以互相照應 攝影師、音樂家 )
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  8. 8. June L.I went on this tour and worked in a soupkitchen with Milton, and he is such anamazingly inspiring, friendly, andimaginative person. Even though heshomeless, he volunteers at GLIDE andhelps to feed others who are also inneed. He embodies what Vayable is: hehas a unique perspective and gives youaccess to a world many people havestrong opinions about yet do notunderstand. After spending a few hourswith Milton, youll understand the day-to-day on the streets, the chronic issuesthat prevent progress, and what itsreally about.
  9. 9. DetailsSpend a week getting to know Berlin from seeing thehighlights to living like a local in one of Berlins most lovedneighborhoods, Prenzlauer Berg. Amongst the austereconcrete slabs in Berlin lies a sunny, colorful paradise thatyou will be staying in. Tree-lined streets, adorable boutiques,artists and alternative individuals who give the neighborhooda vibrant twist, and of course some of the most amazingrestaurants and bars the city has to offer.You will be guided by Dennis, a scholar of history andliterature who has been guiding travelers around Berlin for thelast five years. Hes written an academic paper about Berlinsnightlife during the Weimar Republic and is an expert ondevelopment of certain districts like Kreuzberg,Friedrichshain, & Prenzlauer Berg. You will explore Berlinshistory, art, and culture from a locals perspective.
  10. 10. Street art is sometimes regarded as vandalism and urbanblight. But in San Francisco its considered part of lifes richtapestry, a reflection of the Bay Areas colorful history, radicalpolitics and diverse population. Ever since Diego Rivera pickedup a paintbrush to create his first SF mural in 1930, the cityssidewalk artists have viewed walls as oversized canvases, andin recent years the artworks have spread beyond their Missiondistrict heartland to other parts of the city. As author of StencilNation, Russell is the perfect guy to help you paint the townred. And other colors.
  11. 11. Background
  12. 12. cJamie Wong Tim Robertson June Lin co-founder CEO co-founder CTO product management journalism marketing engineer data mining statistical analysis strategy consultant writer designer more than 35 countries Team
  13. 13. “I was acting as an impromptu tour guide to friends and family” “I was planning vacations, honeymoons, connecting them with people I met on the ground in destinations all over the world. I also speak several languages so Ive been able to serve as a translator”It all started with a blog
  14. 14. 找導遊 : 聯繫朋友 , 朋友的朋友 , 部落客 ...起初 找旅客 : Airbnb
  15. 15. The word Vayable is itself a cultural exchange! “Vaya” is Spanish for “lets go!” Viable meansVayable “capable of living and capable of growing or developing.”
  16. 16. Ghost Tour of National Tsing Hua University Hsinchu, Taiwan 3 Hours 1 - 10 People 3 ReviewsDetailsNational Tsing Hua University is one of the earliest universityin Taiwan. Many legends are spread in campus for decades,mystery, tragedy, ghost-story, and even murder.During the three hours trip, we will show you every famousspot in campus, and tell you the story of each, of course inmidnight.
  17. 17. 快艇遊湖,深入島嶼秘境,一探電影場景 MiaoLi, Taiwan 2 Hours 4 - 10 People 5 Reviews詳情苗栗明德水庫算是我從小很熟悉的地方,近幾年才開始成為比較小熱門的景點。想當然我有許多私房景點和門路囉~從碼頭出發,在這兩個小時內,我們將搭乘私人快艇遊湖,沿途會停靠在一個小島下去拍拍照,喝喝咖啡。接著走吊橋至另一個秘密的小島去探險。如果你有看過魯冰花這部電影,想必會對這些場景很熟悉,因為主角家的湖邊就是在這個地方。由於是私人快艇,若您膽子夠大,於回程途中我們可以教您簡單的快艇駕駛技巧,並讓您小試身手哦!
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  25. 25. 小說旅遊跟著哈利波特的腳步旅行
  26. 26. 換房旅遊
  27. 27. 醫療旅遊
  28. 28. MORSRU綁架旅遊
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