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Huan Yang 0628441

  1. 1. Grocery Shopping With Young Children Project Huan Yang 0628441
  2. 2. Huan Yang Problem Statement To allow parents have normal life, better shopping experience and provide young children a safer and fun space during shopping, under the condition of manufacturing and environment friendly.
  3. 3. Huan Yang Who -Parents who go grocery shopping with their young children -Young children at age 2-4 -Both male and female young children -Supermarkets, particular the big size one
  4. 4. Huan Yang What - Shopping trolley designed for parents with young children - comfortable & ergonomic children seat - The handle of the trolley - collapse when the trolley been return to trolley bay - Handle at the front of the trolley therefore it can be simply pulled when user is standing at front of the trolley.
  5. 5. Huan Yang What Ergonomic back Handle for pulling trolley easier Table for children playing their own toys
  6. 6. Huan Yang When - This product can be use during grocery shopping when parents bring their young children, the number of young children is one to two. -At car park - Young children’s age is from two to four years old - For parents who want easier shopping experience with young children - Young children be able to walk - Parents training children to be independent
  7. 7. Huan Yang Why - Current trolley with baby seat has several weaknesses - Ease the shopping for parents -Trolley handle can be flip down use as steps -Children can sit into the children seat with the help of parent, less pain for parent -Children take the ownership of getting into trolley, more independent -Children seat is more comfortable, child friendly -The handles in the front of trolley make it easy pulling trolley from an- other side
  8. 8. Huan Yang How - Children will be able to sit on the children seat with the help of parents by using the steps, which is part of the handle. -After children sit still, parents can pull the handle up, use the step as a work table for chil- dren. - Children can play their own toys on the table and it prevents children from falling from the trolley. - Children seat is facing toward the parents so parents can see what children are doing, keep children from grabbing stuff from shelves and also safer for two reasons, trolleys are easily running into each other, it may hurt babies by accident and prevent kidnapping. -(video)