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Top 3 Video Styles to Use For Student Recruitment Marketing


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Top 3 Video Styles For Student Recruitment Marketing

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Top 3 Video Styles to Use For Student Recruitment Marketing

  1. 1. Webinar Hosted by: Peter Matejcek
  2. 2. Agenda • Video styles to make you stand out from the crowd • Effective use of video and messaging in virtual tours • Trackable success using video analytics • About HuStream
  3. 3. Video Styles to Make Your School Stand Out The Challenges: • Effectively communicate your message • Differentiate your school from others • Influence prospective students to enroll with you
  4. 4. Video is Critical Online • Video is the preferred form of communication • Everyone is adding video to their website to replace text • Challenge with how it’s used Still need to hold their attention for longer than 38 seconds Poor video messaging
  5. 5. Message, Content & Experience You need video content that … • Tells your story about facilities, programs and culture • Gives viewers a “choose your own adventure” experience • Where the storyteller is a student and authentically tells “why here?”
  6. 6. Video Styles to Make Your School Stand Out Hosted Explainer Video Animated Video Motion Graphic Video Interactive Video
  7. 7. Hosted Explainer Video • Real, live person talking to the camera • Speaking about/demonstrating your organization’s message • Authentic, passionate, engaging and influential host
  8. 8. Animated Video • Cartoon or Whiteboard animation • Characters resonate with viewers – funny and truthful • Useful for increasing brand awareness
  9. 9. Motion Graphic Video • Uses a number of graphic combinations - Versatile production • Tells the story of a product/service in an explanatory video • Can be used in B2B or B2C promotion
  10. 10. Interactive Video • The next evolution in online video • “Choose your own adventure” style navigation • Highly engaging viewer experience
  11. 11. Effective Use of Video in Virtual Tours • What is your communication objective? • Target audience appeal • Effective video segments • • • • • School brand awareness Campus life Academic experience Student services and faculty Interactive video linking to other topics with video
  12. 12. Before Lots of Text
  13. 13. After Social Video
  14. 14. Interactive Virtual Tours Work • Increases engagement through interactivity • Short to the point video clips. 45 seconds MAX • Speaks to the student from their understanding • HuStream uses historical analytics to understand what students want to know
  15. 15. Trackable Success Using Video Analytics
  16. 16. Analytics Samples
  17. 17. First Month Results • 1270 Active Unique Viewers • 2:50 min Average Engagement Time Per Viewer • 4.4 Clips per viewer (Total 5560) • 610 Words Consumed per Viewer (2.5 Pages) • 2.3 % Conversion (Apply now)
  18. 18. Technology Awards • University Of Fraser Valley - Silver Award • • 2012 CASE District VIII Communication Awards competition in the Creative Uses of Technology & Social Media Douglas College - Silver Award • 2011 Paragon award from NCMPR, the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations
  19. 19. About HuStream Video Agency • HuStream produces videos that engage viewers, differentiates you from the competition, and helps organizations create truly engaging and successful online video strategies.
  20. 20. Thank you!
  21. 21. Ready to get started? Let’s go… 1-877-717-5807