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Soft Prodigy is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company based in India offering extensive HTML5 development services for various platforms including Website, Games & Html5 app development for Mobiles.

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Html5 Development Company

  1. 1. HTML5 – A New Beginning! By: HTML5 Development Company
  2. 2. The Bright Future of HTML5 WebsiteDevelopmentAnyone who has had any recent experience with website development would havenoticed the drastic changes that have happened just in the past decade in terms ofthe technologies and programming languages. Many changes in different aspectshave come along and revamped the face of the web. Though the number oftechnologies and languages rapidly increased, the aim was to create rich applicationsand web pages that were universally accessible and easy to reach out. This is evenmore challenging as now people are not relying solely on the personal computers butthey now want the web in their hands- smartphones has solved this problem too.Thus now we need technologies that are compatible with the mobile web.One of the major contributors to the new face of the web is HTML- Hyper Text Mar-up Language. From the first version of HTML that gave us simple, static pages to thefifth generation of the language, HTML has contributed in giving a new face to webdevelopment. HTML5 Website Developmentis being seen as the next big thing andwith the features that HTML5 has to offer, it is bound to be more and moresuccessful. HTML5 Web Designis coming up with a lot of new features that is makingit a fast rising name as the favorite of the developers. HTML5 is also deft ingivingMobile Optimized Website Design, making it all the more useful.One of the most important advantages of HTML5 is that it requires no third partyplug ins like Adobe Flash, making even the highly rich and interactive web pages easyto download and considerably reducing the time a page takes to respond. HTML5along with CSS3 can do some amazing wonders for animation. Animations havealways been an attraction for a website and HTML5 is bringing out the best of it.HTML5 is also in news due to its compatibility with Geolocation and RIAs- RichInternet Applications- one of the most sought after features in websites today. Thismakes easy the creation of mobile websites and social media applications where thelocation of the user needs to be known. HTML5 is thus coming up as the best optionfor website development whether for web or for mobile phones. It is even doingwonders in the game development field- one of the biggest businesses currently. is a new name that is creating waves inHTML5 web development and animations. They have brilliant developers with yearsof experience who are constantly coming up with surprisingly successful results in ashort duration.
  3. 3. HTML5and the Gaming IndustryThe gaming industry is currently one of the biggest industries. With the rapid andmassive advancement in technology, it has come a long way from the handhelddevices with black and white displays and monotonous beep like sounds. Now thegraphics and the sounds are much advanced and attractive. And with thepopularization of smartphones, the gaming apps have yet another lucrative option tolook forward to. The most popular games are coming out with gaming apps. In factamong all kinds of applications that are downloaded for different kinds ofsmartphones, the gaming apps are the most popular. Every businessman who isactive in the smartphone apps field is bidding on gaming apps as this is where thefuture lies. Racing games, puzzles, shooting games, there is no end to the ideas thatone can implement in this field, the developer just needs the right technologies and acreative bent of mind..There are several platforms on which the gaming apps are developed. HTML5 is onestar that has been shining ever since it came out. HTML5 is offering a lot of optionsthat were missing till now and have been helping the developers immensely. HTML5has the big advantage of being able to run on multiple platforms smoothly. This is agreat advantage as now the developers dont have to waste time to create the sameapplication for the different operating systems.But the most revolutionary feature of HTML5 is perhaps the exclusion of need ofthird party plug-ins like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash. This brings in theadvantage that the web pages can now be downloaded more quickly. And the overallexperience of the user is also enhanced. HTML5 Game Development is becomingmore popular day by day because of the many better features for the video and audiocomponents of the game.Many big names in the gaming industry like Zynga, Game Closure etc. are nowbanking upon HTML5 Multiplayer Games. Some of the most popular games thathave been developed in HTML5 are: Robots Are People Too, Runfield, Angry Birds,Fieldrunners, Sumon, Bejeweled, World’s Biggest PAC-MAN, WordSquared etc.HTML5 is offering options to create fun, frictionless and addictive online games- amarket that seems to have the brightest future. This popularization of HTML5 hasled to the emergence of many HTML5 web and apps development companies whichhave proficient HTML5 Game Developerswho are coming up with brilliant gamesand applications. is a new name that is creating waves inHTML5 web development and animations. They have brilliant developers with yearsof experience who are constantly coming up with surprisingly successful results in ashort duration.
  4. 4. What to Look Out For When Workingon HTML5 Website DevelopmentIt is the age of the web- every business, no matter of what scale is dependent on theirwebsite- and the web is evolving faster than ever. Every single day there are anumber of new technologies that are introduced in the markets. While some of thembecome immediately successful and make it big, some others just fade away in notime. One of the latest technologies that have made it larger than anything elserecently is the HTML5. The fifth generation Hyper Text Mark-up Language is all inrage among the web designers and developers. All the hype is not for no reason-HTML5 actually brings along with it several features that were seriously lacking inthe programming languages till date. HTML5 offers a lot of wonderful solutions to alot of issues that were being faced earlier.The impact of the HTML5 can be gauged by the fact that it is being used everywhere-website development, smartphone applications development etc. HTML5 WebsiteDevelopmenthas become the hot favorite of the developers today. With the worldshifting to smartphones, HTML5 is even more useful as it offers some wonderfuloptions for mobile web development. One of the most attractive and useful thingsabout HTML5 is that that it excludes the need to third party plug-ins like the AdobeFlash and the Microsoft Silverlight. This helps the webpage to upload quite easily andin a short time- even with the mobile devices.HTML5 is free and at the same time it is loaded with features that were much neededfor advanced Mobile Optimized Website Designfunctions. Another major appeal ofthe HTML5 lies in the fact that it is supported by multiple browsers so that thedevelopers need not work on different versions of an app or a website for differentplatforms. CSS, one of the major supportive features of the HTML5 also bring insome brilliant options for all fresh and new HTML5 Web Design services. Bridginggaps that were not being covered by Adobe Flash and the Microsoft Silverlight andoffering excellent abilities with videos and audios, HTML5 is sure climbing theladder of success quite fast. How fast would it wipe away Silverlight and Flash out ofbusiness as rumored is still to be soon. If not completely, but HTML5 has of coursestarted taking over the web development world in a big and a very impactful way. is a new name that is creating waves inHTML5 web development and animations. They have brilliant developers with yearsof experience who are constantly coming up with surprisingly successful results in ashort duration.
  5. 5. Html5 Development Company – A division atSoftProdigyThe HTML5 Developers team at Soft Prodigy brings you apps with thebest integration of multimedia, optimizing both the audio and videofeatures and with marvellous user interface designsOur Services comprised of: HTML5 Mobile Apps HTML5 Native Apps HTML5 RIA Development HTML5 Website Development HTML5 Games Development HTML5 CSS3 AnimationsVisit our blog for latest updates and trends about HTML5 Development Reach UsSoft Prodigy System Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Corporate HeadquartersF-95, Industrial area,Phase-7 Mohali – 160059 (Punjab)INDIAAdministrative OfficeSCF 8 Floors I,II and III, Phase-3B2,Phase-7 Mohali – 160059 (Punjab)INDIAVoice USA: +1.310.455.6748Toll free: +1.866.235.9128Voice INDIA: +91.172.503.9281 –