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Soft Prodigy is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company based in India offering extensive HTML5 development services for various platforms including Website, Games & Html5 app development for Mobiles.

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HTML5 Apps Development

  1. 1. Soft Prodigy System Solutions Pvt. Ltd.HTML5 Development Company
  2. 2. HTML5 Is Growing!It didn’t take HTML5 too long to become a favourite among the developers as it containedmost of the much wanted features that were missing from a development language till now.With all the features that it had to offer, it soon became the number one option for developers.And the good news is that it is still growing and becoming better with each passing day. Withadvanced options like HTML5 Boilerplate, Jo HTML5 Mobile Apps, and SenchaTouch HTML5 Apps, HTML5 has come a long way and is all set to present even moreoptions and facilities to the developers.With the latest versions of each of these technologies, the glitches are being taken care of and thedevelopment process for all kinds of applications is becoming smoother and with less of errors.Every new version of the different HTML5 application framework is resulting in increasedefficiency of HTML5 app development for the web as well as the mobile.Mobile application development is perhaps the fastest growing market currently. Apple, the mostpopular smartphone of the world, has already shown its clear preference to HTML5 making it allthe more popular. With HTML5, the web developers have several easy options to create interestingand interactive applications for the different smartphone operating systems. Sencha Touch 2 is anHTML5 mobile application development framework that offers excellent options for creating appsfor touch phones and everyone is aware of the fact that it won’t take touch phones too long tocompletely take over the smartphone market.HTML5 Development Company is a new name that is creating waves in HTML5 web developmentand animations. They have brilliant developers with years of experience who are constantly comingup with surprisingly successful results in a short duration. It is best to get professionals work onyour web pages or apps for the best results.
  3. 3. HTML5 Website Development- How Much Ahead of Times?HTML5 is aiming to change the face of the web. With the introduction of a lot of new and improvedfeatures, HTML5 is constantly grabbing attention among the web designers and developers. Thepopularization of HTML5 as a favorable option for website development and Mobile OptimizedWebsites, has led to the emergence of a number of HTML5 development companies all across theglobe. But as since always India and China have been the most favorable destinations for outsourcing,for HTML5 development too these two countries have come ahead than any other to provideimpeccable services for HTML5.One of the names in India that has risen more than others in an incredibly short span of time is Soft ProdigySystems Solutions Ltd. They have been providing services for HTML5 mobile web apps development, HTML5native apps development, HTML5 Rich Internet Applications development, HTML5 website development,HTML5 game development and HTML5 CSS3 animations etc. Soft Prodigy has been making a name for itselfby innovating in and experimenting with HTML5 web design.We at Soft Prodigy make sure that we fully understand the advantages that HTML5 brings along with it andmake the best out of them. We want to especially work on the peculiar characteristics of HTML5. But at thesame time we are open to experimentation and coupling HTML5 with other technologies to come up withsomething yet more amazing. Our team’s dedication to the pursuit of excellence with innovation is what haslead us to be among the top names for HTML5 in India” said one of the senior officials at Soft Prodigy.HTML5 seems to have a very bright future. There are a few glitches that are being constantly fixed. Whatelse is in store with HTML5 is yet to be seen.
  4. 4. HTML5 and Cross Platform Mobile DevelopmentMobile web is as important as air for most of the people today. With the smartphones becomingeasily accessible and affordable, the world of mobile now faces the challenges of giving people whatthey want- they want to be able to text their friends, send business emails, talk on the phone, usesocial media websites and search the web- all at the same time and all the time. The technology todayhas answers to most of these. It may not be one comprehensible answer for all, but with variouspermutations and combinations, the developers are being able to give people what they want. Onetechnology that has come forward than any other else is HTML5.HTML5 with all its fine features is turning out to be a favorite among the developers. Though HTML5 aloneis not being able to come up with great miracles, but when coupled with JavaScript and CSS3, it is turningout to be quite incredible. Having an HTML5 friendly browser is becoming important for most of themodern smartphones. When it comes to mobile web, people want seamless connectivity at all times. Thephone companies now have to work to give their costumers excellent data center access, flawlessinformation security, incredible bandwidth and above all incredible applications and HTML5 is becoming theperfect option for cross platform mobile development, making things a lot easier.HTML5 game development is offering some excellent options and gaming being the hit market currently,HTML5 is all the more a hit. When creating a gaming app, the developers can choose HTML5 for the weband can use the same codes for Google Chrome Web Store and the iTunes. Soft Prodigy is a new namethat is creating waves in HTML5 web development and animations. They have brilliant developers withyears of experience who are constantly coming up with surprisingly successful results in a short duration.
  5. 5. Contact Soft Prodigy for professional and expert solutions toHTML5 development including mobile web appsdevelopment, cross platform development, HTML5 RIADevelopment, HTML5 CSS3 Animations, Gamesdevelopment and Native applications. Browse our websitefor more info!Read some more interesting HTML5 stuff here.Head OfficeE-206, Industrial area,Phase-8 B Mohali – 160055 (Punjab)INDIAVoice USA: +1.310.455.6748Toll Free: +1.866.235.9128Voice INDIA: +91.172.521.1400 – 1430Email: Get social with us here: