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Wikipedia in Museums What Why How


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A presentation given at the Association of Museums in Indianapolis, IN, July 2012.

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Wikipedia in Museums What Why How

  1. 1. Lori Byrd Phillips | Angela McNew Association of Midwest Museums July 2012 What, Why, and HowWikipedia in the Museum -WIKI Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums @glamwiki #glamwiki
  2. 2. What, Why, and HowWikipedia in the Museum What The Children’s Museum & Wikipedia What is Wikipedia What is GLAM Why Mission Access Expertise How GLAM: US Portal GLAM: US Consortium
  3. 3. WhatThe Children’s Museum & Wikipedia
  4. 4. Wikipedian in Residence cc by-sa 3.0, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Backstage Pass| November 2010
  5. 5. From 1 …to 21National GLAM Coordinators PanelWikimania 2012 | Washington DC
  6. 6. Backstage Pass Events cc by-sa 3.0, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Backstage Pass | November 2010
  7. 7. Image donationscc by-sa 3.0 The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  8. 8. Multimedia donations cc by-sa 3.0, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
  9. 9. Edit-a-Thons cc by-sa 3.0, The Children’s Museum of IndianapolisCaplan Collection Edit-a-Thon | August 2011
  10. 10. Featured Article Collaboration
  11. 11. “I like the idea that what we accomplishas a team will be on the webfor anyone with internet access and a computer to see.” cc by-sa 3.0, Lori Phillips Museum Apprentice Program
  12. 12. QRpedia cc by-sa 3.0, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis “With technology today people can share, collaborate, andimprove information from all over the world. You can do this for carousels, and you can do it for anything.” – Jimmy Wales
  13. 13. What WikipediaPolicies & Culture
  14. 14. Wikimedia | Wikipedia
  15. 15. Five Pillars
  16. 16. Encyclopedic Notable A topic has received significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject
  17. 17. Neutral No Original Research Verifiable Wikipedia outsources truth via authoritative sources.
  18. 18. Free Reusable Re-mixable Free as in speech. Free as in beer.
  19. 19. Creative Commons & Wikipedia
  20. 20. Civil Don’t bite the newbies Find consensus and assume good faith.
  21. 21. No Rules Be bold improving Sometimes Wikipedia requires making an exception to a rule.
  22. 22. Anatomy of an article
  23. 23. WhatGLAM-Wiki
  24. 24. cc by-sa 3.0, Sarah StierchGLAMcamp New York | Spring 2011
  25. 25. “Museums & Wikipedia: The Future of Collaboration & Accessibility” American Association of Museums
  26. 26. How far has GLAM-Wiki come? June 2011
  27. 27. March 2012
  28. 28. Smithsonian Institution Libraries Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural HistoryThe Children’s Museum National Air & Space Museum Delaware Art Museum of Indianapolis Denver Art Museum New York Public Library Natural History Museum of Los Angeles The Brooklyn Museum Metropolitan Museum of Art National Archives and Cincinnati Museum Center Birmingham Museum of ArtThe Walters Art Museum Record Administration The Field Museum Shedd Aquarium The Henry Ford Atlanta-Fulton Central Library Archives of American Chemical Heritage Foundation Balboa Park Online Collaborative Art Chippewa Nature Center Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago Smithsonian Archives Museum of Modern Indiana Historical Society Frye Art Museum ArtThe Kress Foundation City of Riverside Museum Department Indianapolis Museum of Art Minnesota Historical Society Ronald Reagan Presidential Library City of Milwaukee
  29. 29. Indiana Historical Bureau The Walker National Museum Natural History Natural History Museum of LA Delaware Art Museum Minnetrista National Air & Space Museum The Children’s Museum of Computer History Museum Denver Art Museum Oakland Museum of California Indianapolis OCLC The Met City of Riverside Smithsonian Institution Archives Cincinnati Museum Center Erie Art Museum Indiana Historical National Archives at Smithsonian American Art Birmingham Museum of Art The Henry Ford Society Kansas City The Field Museum Clark Atlanta University New York Public Library Shedd Aquarium Carnegie Mellon University The Brooklyn Museum Museum of Motherhood Nasher Museum of Art Archives of American Art Maryland Humanities Council LACMA St. Augustine 450th Atlanta-Fulton Central Library Museum National WWII ʻImiloa AstronomyCenterBiodiversity Heritage Library The Henry FordBoard of Broadcasting Governors Chemical Heritage Foundation National Building Museum National Archives and Balboa Park National Gallery of Art Johns Hopkins Museum StudiesRecord Administration Chippewa Nature Center Quincy Art Center Smart Museum of Art Center for History & New Media MoMA The Walters Art Museum Indiana State Museum Women’s Museum Indianapolis MuseumEncyclopedia of Life of Art Dallas Museum of Art Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail Art Institute of Chicago Toledo Museum of Art National Archives at BostonNational Museum of the American Minneapolis Institute of Arts Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Frye Art Museum Indian The Getty Minnesota Historical Society Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton
  30. 30. “The GLAM initiative is a prime exampleof how Wikipedia and user-generated content continues to move front and centeras a mainline cc by-sa 3.0, Sarah Stierch information resource.” -Robert ConnollyAmerican Association of Museums | Minneapolis
  31. 31. “The Smithsonian as a Wikipedia of the physical world.” - Nancy Proctor MuseumNext 2012 | Barcelona
  32. 32. "Our work with Wikipediais changing the way we think about our work.” – David Ferriero
  33. 33. “I was delighted to find that Wikipedia had an initiativethat is so closely linked to the mission of libraries & cultural heritage institutions everywhere.” - Merrilee Proffitt, OCLC cc by-sa 3.0, Undead q
  34. 34. Why Mission AccessExpertise
  35. 35. Mission empower and engage people around the worldto collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally.“Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.” - Jimmy Wales
  36. 36. “If Wikipedia is good enough for theArchivist of the United Statesthen it’s good enough for you.” - David Ferriero cc by-sa 3.0 Sebastian Wallroth Wikimania 2012 |Closing Plenary
  37. 37. Global & Multilingual Accessibility cc by-sa 3.0, Leigh Thelmadatter Translate-a-Thon | August 2011
  38. 38. How globally accessibleis information about your museum?
  39. 39. But are we now saying Wikipedia is reliable? Wikipedia ≠ reliable source GLAM content = reliable source WIKI
  40. 40. “Your brilliantcontributions willbe made better, not worse!”– Dr. Adrianne Wadewitz, Professor and scholar of English Literature, IU
  41. 41. “Were doing the same thing, for the same people, for the same reason, in the same medium... …Lets do it together.”cc-by-3.0 David Howe - Liam Wyatt
  42. 42. How GLAM:US PortalGLAM:US Consortium
  43. 43. Does your museum have a volunteer program? e-volunteer program?
  44. 44. Online vs. On-Site E-Volunteers Existing Motivation Assets Needs Benefits Resources Special WikiProjects Apply Understanding Digitized, access toOnline & local expertise to of Wikipedia organized digital Wikipedians a useful task community resources content Guides/ Museum Traditional Loyalty to Access to on- assistance toOn-site programs & the museum site resources learn volunteer events appreciation Wikipedia
  45. 45. glamwiki.orgbest practices & case studies
  46. 46. The GLAM-Wiki Support System Cc by-sa 3.0 Helpameout Wikimania 2012 | Washington DC
  47. 47. Diversify your museum’s tribe
  48. 48.
  49. 49. GLAM:US/Connect
  50. 50. cc-0 Campus Ambassadors:Wikipedia in Higher Education
  51. 51. GLAM/US/Bookshelf
  52. 52. GLAM-Wiki US ConsortiumWP:GLAM/US/Consortium
  53. 53. Indiana Historical Society | 2012
  54. 54. PKM. cc-by-saInfo us.glamwiki.orgTwitter @glamwiki | #glamwikiFacebook GLAMWiki.USEmail