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Next Steps in GLAM-Wiki Collaboration


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By now you no longer need convincing. Wikipedia is not only a ubiquitous reference platform for our users, but is also home to a thriving, global volunteer community that is eager to distribute the deeper expertise residing in museums. So now what? As a group of Wikipedians who help museums share content, GLAM-Wiki has made great strides in formalizing over the past few years. But how do museum technologists better connect and interface with this resource? How can we work together to more efficiently share our media, research, and expertise?

This presentation shares the current progress of the GLAM-Wiki infrastructure, offering insights into how museums can best connect with the Wikipedia community in order to share cultural resources on the globally accessible platform. The future of GLAM-Wiki will be considered, including a proposed model that will allow museums to support one another in Wikipedia-focused endeavors.

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Next Steps in GLAM-Wiki Collaboration

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