LinkedIn for Lawyers


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LinkedIn for Lawyers

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LinkedIn for Lawyers

  1. 1. LinkedIn The BasicsHilary Schneider, Business DevelopmentManagerBrown Wright Stein
  2. 2. Outline– Introduction – why LinkedIn is useful for B2B and why its important for BD in this firm– Your Profile – your unique story– What it is & isnt– Summary – why its important– Specialties - keywords– No spell checker– How to add a photo– Your Connections – how it works– How to find connections & invite them to link to you– How to add connections– Accepting or declining connection requests
  3. 3. What is LinkedIn?• A tool for using the internet to find people and be found by people• The world’s largest online business networking site• Currently has around 100m members, with one new member being added every minute
  4. 4. Why should you use it?• According to the LinkedIn website – Average member’s household income is $91,566 – 63% of users hold a university or postgraduate degree – 21% are middle managers or above – A lot of professionals, business advisors, potential referrers and potential clients on LinkedIn
  5. 5. How is LinkedIn useful for Lawyers?• Helpful for building your network of people in related industries – accountants, financial advisors• Leverage your relationships with current clients to work towards gaining additional clients• Expand your network of suppliers and gain access to products or services that complement the services you provide
  6. 6. How is LinkedIn useful for Lawyers?• Find new groups or associations that might provide speaking opportunities• Help with finding / hiring new employees with specific expertise & experience• Help you to become recognised as an expert in the industry• Increase your brand and overall credibility in the market• Job searching
  7. 7. Your connectionsLinkedIn makes your extended network visible:• Your Connections Your trusted friends and colleagues 79Two degrees away Friends of friends; each connected to one of your connections 11,400+Three degrees away Reach these users through a friend and one of their friends1, 149,400+Total users you can contact through an Introduction 1,160,900+
  8. 8. Your Profile• The unique experience you have gained during your career, coupled with the unique relationships you have carefully developed during your career gives you a tremendous advantage over the person who doesnt understand how to use LinkedIn.
  9. 9. Searching on LinkedIn• The key to successful searches is the more connections you have, the better your search results will be.• 50 – 70 quality connections is the minimum. The ongoing process of adding connections will always pay off because each time you add a number 1 connection, youre adding number 2s and 3s.
  10. 10. Searching on LinkedIn• Once you land on a search that produces quality targets for you, LinkedIn allows you to save the search. One of the best, but often overlooked, feature of LinkedIn.• Click "save", then choose whether you want LinkedIn to send you an email weekly or monthly to notify you if a new person who meets your search criteria has been found in your network.• The Advanced People Search is one of the most valuable tools in LinkedIn.
  11. 11. 4 key elements to a good Profile• Excellent, descriptive headline• The number of contacts you have and recommendations• Content within your profile• Keywords within your profile
  12. 12. Your Summary• Most consistently underutilised section of the profile• If you only have a few minutes to share your professional story with a potential client, business partner or referrer, what would you say?• Use your summary to tell your story in a friendly conversational way
  13. 13. Your summary• Briefly summarise specific, quantifiable accomplishments• Direct the reader to a few of the most important parts of your profile• Focus on what you are doing now, how you can help the reader and what you plan to be doing in the future
  14. 14. Key to social media / networking is freely sharing your knowledge & expertise• Builds trust, once they trust you, want to do business with you• files – upload Word, PDF, Excel, articles, firm brochures• Google Presentation / Slideshare• Video increasingly important as part of many companies branding efforts
  15. 15. Finding and adding connections• The winner of the searching aspect of LinkedIn is the person who has a lot of connections• Only connect with people you know and trust• It’s your network, a possession you’ve worked your whole career to build• Recommended goal to acquire at least 200 – 250 connections if you want your searches to be useful
  16. 16. Accepting/Declining Connection RequestsYou have 6 options when responding to an invitation:• Accept, they immediately becomes a first- degree connection• Reply, send them a message without them becoming part of your network• Delete, request goes into the trash
  17. 17. Accepting/Declining Connection Requests• Archive, the invitation will be stored in your archive folder, so you can reconsider accepting the invitation at a later time. It’s a good idea to look at the person’s Profile to learn more about them before archiving their request• Ignore, the invitation will be archived. Again, check their profile, see if there’s a reason to connect.
  18. 18. Accepting/declining requests• Forward, you can forward the invitation to any of your first-level connections who might have useful information about them, before you decide whether to accept their invitation
  19. 19. Summary• LinkedIn is useful for finding potential clients, contacts, referrers and employees• It helps build your network and leverage your relationships and build your online brand; get speaking opportunities; find employees; find a job• The more connections you have, the more useful LinkedIn will be for you
  20. 20. Summary• Your Summary and Profile are very important and are worth spending some time over• Summary directs people to important parts of your profile• Profile is like you business plan and outlines your unique experience and how you can help the reader
  21. 21. Actions• Write your Summary and Profile in Word, (no spell checker in LinkedIn). Ensure it tells your unique story and include good keywords• Upload your photo• Add your connections
  22. 22. Hilary SchneiderBusiness Development ManagerBrown Wright SteinT 02 9394 1067F 02 9394 1011E