2008 Week Thirteen Predictions


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2008 Week Thirteen Predictions

  1. 1. Irreverent Football Network Irreverent Football Network This is Lettuce Head reporting for the Irreverent Football Network. This is Week Thirteen!
  2. 2. Week Thirteen has most of the SEC taking time off for either good or bad behavior. We do have Vandy taking on Ewe T. Ar-Kansas taking on Sly Croom, Houston and the Nutts versus Les and the Corn Dogs. Oh yeah, The Gators host The Citadel. Granny? WEEK THIRTEEN
  3. 3. The best game will probably be the Commies and the Vols. Although, the Doormat Bowl might be interesting. As for good teams, LSU and Ole Miss is probably the one to watch. Here’s how I see them. Granny Goose
  4. 4. Vandy is on cloud nine after becoming bowl eligible and Tennyssee is still smarting from Fulmer’s demise and the Wyoming debacle. They’ve had an off week to think about it.
  5. 5. I was thinking about picking the Vols, but then I found out that Fulmer and Clawson are going to start Jonathon Crompton. Forget about that. Vandy wins in spite of the euphoria. Vanderbilt!
  6. 6. The Gators have this apparent destiny of playing in the BCS championship game, but they’ll have to get by Bama first and FSU and the Citadel this week.
  7. 7. Florida! The Citadel is a fortress-like school in Charleston, SC, but the Bulldogs have to go to The Swamp. This has to be for the money. The Gators are moving toward their destiny…beating the crap out of the Seminoles. This is simply a diversion.
  8. 8. Les and the Corndogs have Ole Miss coming into town. The Tigers had trouble with Troy, falling 2o or so points behind before coming back to win. They can’t do that with Ole Miss.
  9. 9. Ole Miss! LSU overlooks another team and they pay the price. The fans will NOT be pleased.
  10. 10. Okay. Here it is… The Doormat Bowl. Mississippi State and Arkansas. Croom against Petrino. Bulldogs against the Razorbacks. Blah, Blah, Blah. Who’s the worst? We’re not as good as I wished we would be. We’re not as good as I want to be. We’re not as good as we’re going to be.” – Bobby Petrino
  11. 11. Mississippi St! Sly save his job. Maybe.
  12. 12. Brooks has the Cats in practice for this week’s bye, hoping the defense can hold up and maybe not lose this week. Not good when you have a bye. They finish up in Knoxville next week for Fulmer Day. The Cats are Taking the Vandy loss pretty hard.
  13. 13. Georgia has a bye as they get ready for the annual Georgia Tech Thanksgiving butt-kicking. Richt will hopefully shore up the defense this week.
  14. 14. Spurrier works on his golf game this week while his Cock’s get ready for Clemson.
  15. 15. Alabama and Auburn both have the week off as they prepare for the Iron Bowl. Auburn’s won six straight.
  16. 16. It has started...
  17. 18. Big Game AT This one can be referred to as the Toilet Bowl. The loser’s season can be said to be flushed down the toilet. Not invented by Thomas Crapper, an English plumber, and contrary to Urban Legend (not Urban Meyer), the Toilet has been around for centuries. The loser of this game will be crowned as THE Worst Team from a BSC conference. The PAC 10 Has already been designated as the worst BSC conference based on out-of-conference records against other BCS schools. This is a PAC 10 matchup with major consequences. The build up for this game and the pressure is enormous. Washington Huskies Washington State Cougars Hum or sing appropriate Fight Song.
  18. 19. The Pageantry
  19. 20. The Pageantry Ty Willingham at Washington has already been flushed while Paul Wulff at Washington State is ranked # 5 on the Fried Goat List and will probably be flushed at the end of the season
  20. 21. The Teams Sponsored by…
  21. 24. For the Losers:
  22. 25. To the winners go the spoils…. An all expense paid trip to: Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay’s Toilet Bowl. The Toilet Bowl is a natural pool formed by centuries of waves beating against the lava rock at Hanauma Bay. The pool rises and falls with the tide. If conditions are right, you can sit in the pool and float up and down like a t*** in a phenomenon similar to a flushing a toilet.
  23. 26. Lee, Kirk – This is a huge game and a real load on the players. The pressure and build up is huge. Huh?
  24. 27. What? He’s 11-35 overall! This Ty’s last game and he did a great job while he was here.
  25. 28. You’re kidding? Right? Yeah, that’s right. At least as good as he did at Notre Dame.
  26. 29. I’m going with USC! Lee, USC isn’t playing. This is Washington – Washington State!
  27. 31. Washington Washington State! FLUSHED!!
  28. 32. Granny's Sagarin Strength of Schedule added
  29. 33. Granny's Top 10 1. Florida (8) beats The Citadel 2. . Texas Tech (50) beats Oklahoma 3. Alabama (72) bye 4. Texas (7) bye 5 . Oklahoma (42) LOSES Texas Tech 6. USC (22) bye 7. Penn St. (62) beats Michigan St. 8. Utah (76) beats BYU 9. Boise State (123) beats Nevada 10. Missouri (58) bye Sagarin Strength of Schedule in parentheses
  30. 34. Granny's Top 11 - 25 11. Georgia (6) bye 12. Oklahoma State (57) bye 13. BYU (103) LOSES to Utah 14. Oregon (55) bye 15. Oregon State (23) beats Arizona 16. LSU (39) LOSES to Mississippi 17. Ohio State (33) beats Mitchgan 18. Cincinnati (64) beats Pitt 19. Texas Christian (83) beats Air Force 20. Ball State (127) beats Central Michigan 21. Michigan State (49) LOSES to Penn St. 22. South Carolina (16) bye 23. North Carolina (10) beats N.C. State 24. PITT (47) LOSES to Cincinnati 25. Mississippi (26) beats LSU
  31. 35. AF-LAC'S Bottom Ten Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the worst team of them all? Clearly, Washington. Arizona Sate proves this. Michigan beat Minnesota. What’s with that? Auburn had a little trouble with UT-Martin, not former UT QB Tee Martin. Creampuffs taste good to those who consume them. 1. Washington (2) LOSES to Washington St. 2. Washington State (12) beats Washington 3. SMU (65) bye (thankfully) 4. Iowa State (35) LOSES to Kansas St. 5. Arizona State (37) bye 6. Michigan (21) LOSES to Overrated St. 7. San Diego State (53) LOSES to UNLV 8. UNLV (61) beats San Diego St. 9. North Texas St. (94) LOSES to Middle Tn. 10. Tennessee (31) LOSES to Vanderbilt
  32. 36. The Blue Devil Chronicles By Southpark’s Mr. Hanky Duke! Duke has to play Virginia Tech this week, but it is a home game. No matter, the Hokies beat the Dookies.
  33. 37. Freddie's Football Factory
  34. 38. Davidson College Wildcats Go Red and Black!. Hi folks. The Cats season ends this week and it has been dismal. Butler comes in with a 6-4 record. If we can’t beat Marist…well, you know the drill. More important stuff: Stephen Curry scored 33 as the 21 st ranked Cats beat James Madison last night 99-64. Curry is playing the Point this year. We play # 12 Oklahoma tonight.
  35. 39. The Beaver travel to Tucson to take on the Wildcats of Arizona. Their final two games are on the road, but if they can win both, it is Rose Bowl bound. All but the media are hoping for that to happen. 7-3
  36. 40. Let’s face it. The boils down to a Big 12 –SEC matchup. The question is which teams?
  37. 41. Rankings <ul><li>Alabama – </li></ul><ul><li>Texas Tech – </li></ul><ul><li>Texas – </li></ul><ul><li>Florida – </li></ul><ul><li>Oklahoma – </li></ul>6. Southern California – 7. Utah – Mountain West 8. Penn St. - 9. Boise State – Western Athletic 9. Ohio State – 11. Georgia – 12. Oklahoma State – 13 Missouri – 14. BYU – Mountain West 15. Michigan St. - 16. Texas Christian – Mountain West
  38. 42. Irreverent Football Network Irreverent Football Network This is Lettuce Head reporting for the Irreverent Football Network. We’ll see you next time for the Week Thirteen Results Show. Have a great week!