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Typical czech feasts kroulíková, hervertová


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Published in: Spiritual
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Typical czech feasts kroulíková, hervertová

  2. 2. CHRISTMAS First important day is 4th December: Barborka. On this day people cut sprigsfrom cherry or apple tree and put them to a vase. On a paper, every member offamily writes his wish and put it the on a sprig. When somebody´s sprig blooms, thewish will come true. On 5th December come "the devils". They go from house to house with st.Mikuláš and angels and frighten small children. Who was good , gets some sweetsand an Advent calendar and who was bad, gets nothing or potatoes and coal.Mikuláš,angels and devils
  3. 3.  Before Christmas, we burn one candle on advent wreath every Sunday. One or twodays before Christmas, we decorate the Christmas tree and prepare for Christmas Day. OnChristmas day, some people observe Christmas severe fasting. And who endures, can "seea golden pig".Before Christmas, we bake sweets. Christmas Day: We get up and havebreakfast. For breakfast we havevánočka and štola. After breakfast, wewatch typical Christmas fairy e.g. Three nuts for, Princess, About Goldhair, Shrecarol, Truncheon ,from sack out, Mrazík, Salt above gold…vánočka
  4. 4.  And now we have lunch. For lunch we have : Kuba, Zelňačka, Vinná sausage. In theevening, we sing Christmas carols.Traditional habit is to cut apples in halves. If the inside part with cores shapes a star , thenext year you will be healthy.But when it shapes a cross, somebody fromthe family will die or be sick. Another habitis to cast lead. Above flame, heat a bit of lead until it is thawing. Prepare a vessel withwater and pour lead into it with care. The shape that comes out tells you about yourfuture.Vinná sausage ZelňačkaKuba
  5. 5. Next habit is making and floating nut boats. Halve a walnut and take out ,the core and fasten candle and let them float in water. . If yoursdoesn´t sink and the candle shines long you will ,have a happy life. If boat keeps near the edge of the vessel , its owner will stayat home all the year. If it floats to the center, you will go to the world.In the evening , we have a festive dinner for all family. For dinner we have a potato salad withcarp or cutlet. Under the plate, we put a carp´s scale which will bring sufficient money for all theyear. And then children goout and Jesus brings presents under the Christmas tree.After that somebody goes to midnight mass to church.On25th December is a holiday. Everything is calm and quiet.On 26th December we visit relativesand friends, prepare lunch and give small presents for example sweets , nuts and fruit.We talkabout what who got "from Jesus".And we have a good rest after the busy Christmas period.
  6. 6. EASTER We celebrate arrival of spring. They are after first full moon between 22ndMarch and 25th April. Blue Monday and Yellow Tuesday– on this day peopleclean andwhiten houses. Ugly Wednesday- they cleanchimneys and women bake Judas. You can´tfrown or you will frown every Wednesdayall year round. Green Thursday- the name came from green food . People usuallyeat young nettles, spinach, cabbage, sorrel and some herbs, Big Friday- this daywas hard-fasting day. People should not wash clothes , they don´t work in thefield.
  7. 7.  White Saturday-people cook festive food , bake mazanec and Easter lambs , makepomlázka and decorate eggs. Easter Day - in the church , the priest sanctifies food. Athome , we prepare for Easter Monday. Easter Monday- on this day , girls wait forcarrolers. The boys gently whip the girls and get decorated eggs , chocolate and aribbon. Girl will "stay beautiful all year". Who comes after 12 o´clock will be pouredwith cold water. Typical food are lambs and mazanecLambs Easter eggsMazanec
  8. 8. QUIZ 1) What is celebrated on the fifth December ? 2) Typical food on Easter ? 3) What is one of the habits of Christmas ? 4) What happens when a carroler comes after 12 o´clock on Easter ?
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention !