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Choceň dairy brokeš, d. sládek


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Choceň dairy brokeš, d. sládek

  1. 1. Choceň dairy was set up in 1928It is Czech dairy with eighty-year tradition
  2. 2. Dairy building was reconstructed.Production of products is modern.
  3. 3.  The warehouse is a new part outside the town.
  4. 4. Daily is received 50,000 liters of milkThe biggest suppliers are ZOD Zálší,AG Skořenicea Avena Dlouhá Třebová
  5. 5. Dairy makes a lot of kinds yoghurtsButter spread is very requisite productChoceň curd is the tastiest in Czech Republic
  6. 6. In shop sells all products, for example yoghurt,butterspread and curd.
  7. 7. You can win tablet Samsung, Canon and ABAKUtable gamesYou can win MP3 player Hyundai with yoghurt colaor compete for attractive discount in LITEX shop.
  8. 8. Products are sold in a lot of chain stores:
  9. 9.  In my team are David ,,Dejv“ SládekJosef ,,Broksna“ Brokeš