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Castle častolovice kočí, fehér


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Castle častolovice kočí, fehér

  1. 1. CastleČastolovice
  2. 2.  Častolovice is near to Choceň and in Hradec Králové region.
  3. 3. Building Building was created in the 13 century. Before it was a fort and now it is a castle and museum. Castle has got a big park. On the ground floor, there is a gallery, where you can buy pictures.
  4. 4. Interior In the interior of the castle are artworks of Rennaisance, Baroque,Rococo, Empire and Biedermaier. The most important in the interior are well-preserved ceilings. There is also a Knight´s hall. The big hall has size of 300 square meters. Now there are 20 rooms of open exposition in the castle.
  5. 5. Park in Častolovice The park is called an English park and there live more kinds ofanimals, for example: deer, white follow-deer and duck. Park has size of 42 hectares. Year 2010, a gloriete was opened there.
  6. 6. Test 1) What is the name of this building? 2) When was the building built? 3) What is the name of park? 4) What kind of animals live in the park? 5) How big is park? 6) When was the gloriete in the park opened? 7) What is on the ground floor? 8) What can you buy in the gallery? 9) What was the castle before?
  7. 7. 10) What is this?
  8. 8. 11) What is this?B) A)o C)
  9. 9. Answers 1) Castle Častolovice 2) 13th century 3) English park 4) Duck, deer, white follow-deer 5) 42 hectares 6) 2010 7) gallery 8) pictures 9) fort 10) English park 11) A) white follow-deer B) deer C) duck
  10. 10. About usHi! My name is Libor, and Im 14 years old. Ilive in Choceň. I live in a block of flats in 2floor. My dads name is Roman and mymums Blanka. My mom cooks very well! Ihave a brother named Peter. He is seven yearsold. I like computer, chatting with my friends,watching The Simpsons and I quite likedrawing. I do not like sports, I only like school.
  11. 11. Hello. My name is Jakub and I am 13 yearsold. I live in a village called Nasavrky. Myfather´s name is Vlastimil, my brother´sVlastimil and my mother´s Lenka. I have gota rabbit, a parrot and a cat. I like computergames, drawing and sleeping.
  12. 12. The endMade by: Jakub KočíLibor Fehér