Hpair Asia Conference 2011, Hyderabad, India


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Bits Pilani Hyderabad campus is bidding to host HPAIR Asia Conference 2011 in Hyderabad, India.Support India’s bid to host the HPAIR Conference -2011 at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus

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Hpair Asia Conference 2011, Hyderabad, India

  1. 1. What is HPAIR?... 0 A collaboration between the students and faculty of Harvard University to promote discourse on critical issues affecting Asia and its relations with the world. 0 An effort started in 1991 which has brought together students from the world’s foremost universities and leaders in government, business, culture, and academia. 0 It includes :  The HPAIR Conference  The HPAIR Harvard Conference  The HPAIR Asia Conference
  2. 2. The HPAIR Asia Conference… 0 A 5-day academic program with six panel workshops moderated by Harvard graduate students and conducted concurrently throughout the conference. More than 500 international delegates Eminent leadersfrom diverse field common platform one focus… Asia-Pacific Development!!
  3. 3. Previous Speakers…
  4. 4. Why India(Hyderabad) for this? 0 With a mosaic of faiths, cultures, customs and languages blending harmoniously to form a composite whole, India is a colorful and vibrant land. 0 India has become the hub of Information technology in south Asia, owing to its vast pool of English-knowing technical manpower .
  5. 5. 0 The Indian economy is robust and boasts of a stable annual growth rate, rising foreign exchange reserves and booming capital markets among others. 0 Hyderabad is located within two hour's flying distance from anywhere in India and has the lowest cost of living compared to other major metros. 0 It has several places of historical and cultural importance such as Charminar, Golconda as well as modern investment destinations such as HITEC city.
  6. 6. 0 It is also an important educational destination with many institutes like IIT, ISB and Research Facilities as CCMB and TIFR. 0 Being an accommodating, a highly advanced and a multi- cultural city, Hyderabad would make the perfect host for the HPAIR Conference 2011.
  7. 7. And why BITS, Pilani? 0 BITS, Pilani is one of the oldest and leading universities of India. Established with the aid of MIT in 1963, it is today home to around 15,000 students. 0 Its graduates can be found the world over in various fields. BITS, Pilani symbolizes the maturing of Indian technical ability and "can- do" entrepreneurial spirit.
  8. 8. 0 BITS has produced several eminent Alumni such as: • S.K Roongta– Chairman, SAIL • Dr. S P Kothari – Deputy Dean, MIT Sloan School of Management • Sabir Bhatia- Founder, Hotmail • Dr. Ashok Malhotra - Nominated, Nobel Peace Prize, 2011 • Girish Bhargava – Winner of two Emmy awards.
  9. 9. 0 We have an enthusiastic Student Body that is experienced in hosting several fests, conferences and symposia: • OASIS : The annual cultural festival of the Pilani campus, with a budget over Rs. 5 million draws 1600 participants annually. • APOGEE: An ISO-9001certified event, it is the annual technical festival of the Pilani campus and draws over a 1000 participants.
  10. 10. Why Support This? 0 Involvement in the largest annual Harvard event in Asia and the largest student event in the Asia-Pacific Region. 0 A chance to participate in a dynamic program bringing together the world’s most influential leaders, renowned academics, and captains of industry. 0 The opportunity to promote products and services in a highly visible and widely respected forum 0 An advantage in targeted recruitment: given the program’s regional focus, sponsors obtain direct access to students interested in working in Asia
  11. 11. Contact Us…. 0 Danish Ahmad Khan 09010444395 danish.belief@gmail.com 0 Nikhil Parlapalli 09603273409 nikhilp.bits@gmail 0 Sayandeep Bhowmik 09848653623 coolsayandeep@gmail.com 0 Naresh Shah 9666029443 nareshshah139@gmail.com