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Pub spk presentation


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Full-Sail Assignment. Comparing TED presentations.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Pub spk presentation

  1. 1. Week 2 Projectfor Public Speaking Comparing TED discussions By Howard Livingston
  2. 2. New ways of thinkingAs we incorporate technology into our daily lives, thisvine-like appendage of “change through tech” has dugit’s way down into the very foundations of our society.The need for new approaches to learning and motivatingare issues that have presented themselves when no onewas looking.
  3. 3. My choice of presentationThe speaker I have chosen is Dan Pink and has years ofexperience in his field and has a level of maturity thatspeaks volumes when it comes to putting your faith insomeone that’s seen the old and the new.
  4. 4. Why I chose himI like his views on the emergence of new ways ofthinking when it comes to innovation and problemsolving and his theories on motivation in regards to howthe current rewards system is wrong when it comes toinnovation and creativity in the workplace.
  5. 5. QUESTION 1-Who is the speaker and what is thethesis of the speech?Dan Pink-The Puzzle of MotivationI chose this TED because it touched on a subjectthat I believe has snuck up on us as a society. Theold ways of learning, motivating and doingbusiness are all being changed by technology andwe as a society must change, or as I like to think,evolve with it. He offers evidence from studiesthat contradict the effectiveness of the currentrewards system used in many of todays businessmodels.
  6. 6. More on Dan PinkDan Pink-The Puzzle of MotivationDan Pink is an author and speaker whose viewson the business model have caught the attentionof the masses. He has several books on thebestseller list, including his latest book, “To SellIs Human” which is a #1 New York Timesbusiness bestseller, a #1 Wall Street Journalbusiness bestseller and a #1 Washington Postnon-fiction bestseller.
  7. 7. QUESTION 2a- How did the speaker capture theattention of the audience in his introduction?Dan opened his speech with a nice hook. Heengaged the audience by promising to reveal apersonal secret that he wasn’t proud of.I thought this was a good angle and wasprobably deliberate but un-fortunately, Ididn’t think the secret, which was himattending law school had as much wow factoras he thought it would have.
  8. 8. QUESTION 2b- How did the speaker maintain theengagement of the audience throughout the speech?Dan used a combination of interesting facts and clever instances ofhumor to engage and educate the audience .
  9. 9. QUESTION 3-Was my speaker dynamic?Rate and review.I thought that my speaker was dynamic enough toengage and deliver a convincing presentation. Heused bits of humor when making his points,offered facts from relevant studies to raisequestions that he then presented with convincingpassion.
  10. 10. How was Dan Pink dynamic?He moved around, engaged theaudience through eye contact andsought to really nudge theaudiences curiosity into ponderinghis theories and evidence.
  11. 11. How many stars for Dan Pink? 4 out of 5I’d give him a 4 out of five in dynamism.My decision not to give him a five was based on theopen-endedness of his presentation. It seemed to onlypresent questions. If he had offered some solutions,other than the implementation of a lone work ethiccalled ROWE, it would have been a more roundedpresentation.
  12. 12. QUESTION 4-What tips were used from GarrReynolds or Nancy Duarte?Dan Pink used a lot of tips from Reynolds andDuarte. He moved away from the podium,engaged his audience through eye contact, usedhumor as a solidifier of certain facts and idealsand educated the audience with fact basedstudies that backed up the information heprovided.
  13. 13. QUESTION 5- What have you learned about deliverybased upon watching your presenter?Both presenters asked questions directly to theaudience. Engaging them directly and thendriving home the answers with facts were thecrests of the presentation’s rhythm. Eachpresenter showed skill in this regard and issomething I would model after when creatinga presentation of my own.Humor was woven into both presentationseffectively and remote control slides wereused.
  14. 14. QUESTION 6a- Compare and contrast the twospeakers and their presentations.Sir Ken RobinsonI still think Sir Ken Robinson was the best presenter. Itdidn’t surprise me when he revealed that he was aprofessor. The way he engaged the audience was filledwith confidence but nonchalant at the same time, as ifspeaking to us while waiting for a bus or while standing infront of a class of students. His ability to make fun ofhimself and at every opportunity, inject humor into thepresentation without offending anybody took skill and alot of “on your feet” thinking.
  15. 15. QUESTION 6b- Compare and contrast the twospeakers and their presentations.Dan PinkThere’s something to be said for someone who can stand in front of a crowd ofpeople and unveil certain truths and have the audience be captivated by them.I believe the art of presentation is like acting. Some are better than others andall have a different style and approach.Dan Pink revels in the reveal. The statements that draw attention to hismessage. To him, it seems that the message is more important than actuallyfinding the solutions to the problems he explores. This is acceptable thoughbecause the questions posed involve an ideal of a changing society and it’sfailures due to obvious truths that seem out of order and misplaced. Heeducates and provokes the audience into a state of mind that scrutinizes theway everyday things get done and we are all a part of that, no matter whatculture we’re from. He does use good strategies during his presentation. Astrong belief in his message. Engaging the audience, injecting humor andusing effective body language are all captured in his style.
  16. 16. QUESTION 7- Advice to classmates on theirpresentations based on my TED topic.If there was any advice I could offer fellow classmates basedon the TED topic I chose, it would be to be passionate aboutyour subject. If you believe, the audience will believe.Find fault in yourself/don’t take yourself too seriously. Theaudience wants someone they can relate too. They’ll be morereceptive to your message if they know you’re human too.Educate them some how. Presenting interesting facts thatback up your presentation should be simplified into what Icall “points of proof”. Ideas should be solidified with factsand that’s it. If the audience wants the technical manual, theycan request it from your website.