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Telemedicine presentation feb. 2014


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Telemedicine presentation delivered at the conference sponsored by HEALTHePRACTICES, ICanNY and Windstream Communications entitled Healthcare Technology and the Networks Which Make it Happen.

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Telemedicine presentation feb. 2014

  1. 1. Telemedicine Tomorrow’s Solutions Available Today
  2. 2. Definition Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patients’ clinical health status. Name Game: Telemedicine, Telehealth, mHealth, Telecare
  3. 3. Telemedicine Focused on patient care • • • • Telehealth Mobile Health (mHealth) Remote Monitoring Outsourced Specialty Services
  4. 4. Why Telemedicine? • • • • • Physician Shortage Distribution of Expertise It Works Cost Savings Patients Like It Pilot program study finds pediatric obesity patients like telehealth services – UCLA – December 2013 How OHSU used telemedicine to save a baby's life – Nov. 2013 Study: Telehealth raises satisfaction, reduces hospital stays
  5. 5. History of Telemedicine
  6. 6. History of Telemedicine Boston Logan Airport to Massachusetts General Hospital 1967
  7. 7. Solutions Available Today Radiology Neurology Cardiology TELEPsychiatry Ophthalmology Dermatology
  8. 8. Solutions Available Today Radiology Cardiology Neurology TELEPsychiatry Ophthalmology Dermatology
  9. 9. 10M Patients Served by Telemedicine (2012) Outsourced Specialists Teleradiology Internet Clinical Consults Cardiac Monitoring Remote Monitoring Civilian Network Consults Jonathan D. Linkous, American Telemedicine Association
  10. 10. Two Types of Radiology Nighthawk Dayhawk
  11. 11. Available Today Online Services Consumer Health App’s
  12. 12. Available Today Urgent Care
  13. 13. Available Today PGHD Patient Generated Health Data
  14. 14. Available Today Wearables
  15. 15. Available Today Scanables
  16. 16. Available Soon
  17. 17. Available Soon Wi-Fi Smart Scale Otoscope Bluetooth Stethoscope Blood Glucose Meter Blood Pressure Monitor Digital Thermometer
  18. 18. Advanced Technologies Remote Surgery Robotics Live Monitoring via Cell Phones
  19. 19. Advanced Technologies 3D Lab Advanced Tumor Metrics Massachusetts General Hospital
  20. 20. Complimentary Efforts
  21. 21. Barriers • • • • Reimbursement Licensure Regulation Inertia/ Vested Interests
  22. 22. How Can We Help You?
  23. 23. Extra Slides
  24. 24. Workflow: The Key to Success