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Presentation prax1


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My rejected first attempt: full of text, boring pictures and our logo.

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Presentation prax1

  1. 1. phaxio The fax API that keeps up with your application.“...[I]ts simplicity and clear documentation will lead you to use it in yournext fax related application.” -Programmable Web (5/23/2011) Pitch edition
  2. 2. Really, fax???
  3. 3. Businesses fax Business owners = Good at running their businesses Business owners Good setting up computers, phones...
  4. 4. Businesses fax : How to install your fax machine?
  5. 5. Your web application completes thousands of request persecond but a fax machine can only receive one fax at a time – we can help. Fax Batching Collect, group and send multiple faxes together Collision Avoidance Avoid busy phone lines. Metadata Routing Teach your faxes to be smarter, embed metadata Simple Testing Test your application with a test key and swap in a live key when you launch!
  6. 6. phaxio is Simple Howard Avner Josh Nankin (847)701-5474 @phaxio