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NAN + Ghost Partner + Constant Contact


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NAN + Ghost Partner + Constant Contact

  1. 1. How it Works
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  3. 3. The problem has always been creating fresh contentconsistently. Your Gold membership with NAN has solvedthis problem for you.
  5. 5. Click logo to get 2 months FREE
  6. 6. Constant Contact (CTCT) is an Email Marketing Service. But its so muchmore than email marketing these days. From your CTCT account you cansend your content thru Email, out to your Facebook page, “Tweet” it andpost it to your LinkedIn profile. You can even create an archive page andlink it to your site and make it your blog. All this with just a few clicks. Wehave training videos to show you how. Email
  7. 7. If you don’t have Social Media outlets, get signed up. They are free. Email
  8. 8. Every month we’ll upload your newsletters into your Constant Contact*account. Your issues will be ready for you to add your logo, company info, etc.Once you’re done, you are ready to send it to your clients and prospects.Here’s how easy it is: VIDEONeed a CTCT Account? Go here to get 60 days free.Have a CTCT Account? If you already have an account, we can easily move you to theNAN Managed List. To do this we need you to email us your Username and Password.EMAIL.*monthly fee for Constant Contact ranges from $15/month up, based on number of contacts uploaded. This fee NOTincluded in price of your NAN membership.
  9. 9. Important Message about access to your account.Ghost Partner is a GOLD partner with Constant Contact and has been associated withthem since 2007 when Intuit suggested we join forces. Even though we have access toyour account, we never touch your contact lists or other emails. For most clients, wenever actually enter their accounts. CTCT requires us to use your user name and passwordto distribute content into your account. If you have further questions on this, feel free toemail me, or call me: 404-537-2166.-Howard Flint | CEO Ghost Partner, Inc
  10. 10. If you would prefer NOT to use Constant Contact, or if you use another EmailMarketing Service… …or simply save it as a and post it to your website. From your Blog you can make an RSS Feed available. Click HERE to see sample. Blogger WordPress RSS Feed