ENGAGE with The QBC newsletter for QuickBooks ProAdvisors


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ENGAGE with The QBC newsletter for QuickBooks ProAdvisors

  1. 1. …Your clients thruNewsletters, Blogs and Social Media
  2. 2. “Companies that engage with their customers viasocial media have more loyal customers.” - Wendy Lea,CEO of Get SatisfactionLOYAL customers spend more, use more of your services and REFER you more business!
  3. 3. And get more LOYAL clients… …not just MORE clients.Content for your newsletter, Blog and Social Media is a great place to start.
  4. 4. If your time is worth $50, $100 or $150 per hour,can you afford spending 2 hours per month?: 1. Writing articles 2. Formatting the articles for a newsletter 3. Sending the formatted newsletter to your email list 4. THEN posting it to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? That’s about $200 worth of your time every month!
  5. 5. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines wondering HOW you can take advantage of these new platforms to reach your current clients or find new ones… Here’s how we can help you:
  6. 6. Here’s how it works…
  7. 7. ◦ A QuickBooks© How-to article◦ Professionally written◦ Step-by-step instructions◦ Large, clear screen captures◦ Written for the beginning to moderately skilled end user
  8. 8. …or simply save it as a and post it to your website. From yourBlog you can make an RSS Feed available.Click below to see sample. Blogger WordPress RSS Feed
  9. 9. Every month we’ll upload a new issue into your ConstantContact* account. This issue will be ready for you to addadditional info, if you want, or just email it to your clients andprospects. We can even add your logo and company info, so allyou have to do is hit SEND. Click “Sample” below to see one.If you already have an account, we can easily move you to ourManaged List and still get you your monthly issues.*monthly fee for Constant Contact ranges from $20/month up, based onnumber of contacts entered. This fee NOT included in price of The QBC.
  10. 10. When you are ready to SEND your monthly newsletter thruConstant Contact, you can simultaneously publish it to yourSocial Media outlets: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Isnt that cool?
  11. 11. Website Integration:1. We’ll create a custom email template in Constant Contact thatmatches your Website with colors, layout, logo, information andSocial Media links.Your Website: Your Website Match email template:
  12. 12. Website Integration:2. Every month we’ll fill your custom template with The QBC article.It will be all ready for you to add any timely info (i.e. trainingschedule)… or hit SEND. You will serve your current clients betterwith more consistent educational tips…“Educational tips” thatremind them that YOU are the expert in their lives.
  13. 13. Website Integration:3. AS A BONUS, we’ll also customize your Constant Contact Archivepage* to match your website. Link this archive page to your websiteas your “Newsletter Archive” or “Blog” page. Then each time youSEND a newsletter, it will automatically be added to your archivepage. Your website’s resources will grow every month. WATCH CLIENT SAMPLES: “Complete Business Solutions” website “Complete Business Solutions” archive page * You’ll need to add the Email Archive Option. Only $5/month
  14. 14. BONUSHaving your newsletter archive contentlinked to your website will increase yourrankings with the search engines. Thismeans more NEW clients will find you.
  15. 15. Custom Website Integration:1. Custom Website Match email template in Constant Contact2. Custom template loaded with every issue of The QBC3. Custom Website Match Archive page designed and published (SEO benefits)4. Ability to push your content out to your Social Media outlets every time your SEND your custom newsletters5. FREE Monthly “Hands-on” webinars to learn how easy Constant Contact is $154 $139/Quarter or $599 $ 499/YearAbove price does not include cost of Constant Contact account. An account is average $20/month with 500contacts or less + Email Archive option. You can get 2 MONTHS FREE when you sign up thru the Ghost-ConstantContact link.
  16. 16. Order BelowCall or email us with questions:404-537-2166 | Info@GhostPartner.com