Red Rooster Group Nonprofit Branding Projects


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Design for a better world! An overview of Red Rooster Groups\' nonprofit branding projects.

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Red Rooster Group Nonprofit Branding Projects

  1. 1. redroostergroup has been helping nonprofit organizations with their marketing for 16 years.
  2. 2. We combine branding, marketing and design experience with knowledge of the nonprofit sector.
  3. 3. We understand the challenges nonprofits face: • Increased competition • Dwindling funding options • Apathetic public • Increased demand on services • Getting more done for less
  4. 4. So how do we help?
  5. 5. We can help to: • Distinguish your organization with branding. • Explain your programs and services with brochures. • Expand your organization’s visibility with a website. • Promote your campaigns with online promotion. • Attract members with fundraising direct mail. and...
  6. 6. • Appeal to donors with development and capital campaign kits. • Promote events with direct mail, advertising and online campaigns. • Improve event effectiveness with event journals, signage and handouts. • Develop relationships with your members through print and online newsletters and publications.
  7. 7. Who have we helped?
  8. 8. Advocacy Environmental / Animal Rights Jewish Organizations Americans to Counter Terrorism Earth Action America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Kathryn Freed for Public Advocate, NYC New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance Blueprint Newspaper New York Public Interest Research Group New Jersey Conservation Foundation Deal Yeshivah, Deal, NJ Student Advocacy, Inc. Dor Chadash Health / Medical ENGAJE! (Board of Jewish Education) Associations The Association for Children Israeli Business Forum of New York Center for Nonprofit Corporations with Russell-Silver Syndrome J2J Network The Executive Forum CentraState Healthcare System Jewish Community Relations Council Governance Matters Gift of Life / Heart & Lung Transplant Jewish Family & Children’s Services, New York Shipping Association Support Group Asbury Park, NJ Nonprofit Central Grafton Jewish Community Center, Deal, NJ Pro Bono, Inc. Hope Health Network Jewish Community Center of TechNet Park Slope Geriatric Day Center / Mid-Westchester The World Assoc. of Former CarePath The Jewish Federation of Greater United Nations Internes & Fellowes Monmouth County, NJ Social Service / Other Magen David of West Deal, NJ Education D.A.R.E. - Drug Abuse Resistance National Council of Jewish Women Brooklyn College Graduate Center Education Sephardic Bikur Holim for Worker Education Hearts & Minds Shorefront Jewish Community Council The Enrichment Center Incarnation Camp Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center Craftsman Farms Foundation Innovative Cooperative Enterprises Synagogue of Oakhurst, NJ Innovative Cooperative Enterprises Midnight Basketball League UJA-Federation of New York Kids Involved in Dynamic Science Progressive Center for Independent Living National Alliance for Excellence Seedco ProLiteracy International Selfhelp Community Services Tiny Tot Academy World Trade Institute of Pace University
  9. 9. PublIcAtIons: AftEr case Studies
  10. 10. We helped the Jewish community center of Mid-Westchester to improve their branding: • Clarified their message and brand attributes. • Established departmental branding. • Developed branding standards and templates. • Created a publication system to their staff could create their newsletters and brochures in-house.
  11. 11. JEWIsh communIty cEntEr of mID-WEstchEstEr: bEforE
  12. 12. JEWIsh communIty cEntEr of mID-WEstchEstEr services • Organizational Branding • Divisional Branding G R OW T H • Agency Brochure N UR TU RI N G IN SP IR IN G AN D Build confidence your skills through as you learn and develop a variety of physical, programs designed • Program Guide Cover • Maccabi Branding arts and academic level talents to the next to develop your learn confidence as you of growth. Build variety skills through a and develop your s and academic program of physical, arts your talents to the designed to develop next level of growth. • Maccabi Invitation • Recruitment Brochures • Sponsor Brochure ORAgAnizAtiOnAl PAlEttE WHERE FAMILIES CONNECT are designed group activities Family days and dialogue and together, foster to bring families generations. Family create bridges between TO to activities are designed days and group and , foster dialogue LACE bring families together generations. create bridges between RP R YOU OVE T DISC NEC FURTHERING JE WISH VALUES CON W GRO healing Helping each other, ga the world and promotin are part of the positive outlook permeate our Jewish values that appeal to all programs and that of affiliation. Jews regardless healing Helping each other, ga the world and promotin are part of the positive outlook permeate our Jewish values that appeal to all programs and that . Jews regardless of affiliation
  13. 13. JEWIsh communIty cEntEr of mID-WEstchEstEr Regist ration uide Form Program G8–09 1. Part 2 008-09 icipan t info 200 First Na me, Midd Last Na le Initia me, Su Addres ffix s l PARTICI PANT 1 PARTICI PANT 2 PARTICI PANT 3 City State, Zip Home Phone Email Ad dress Birth Da te Grade Parent Name Busines s Phon Emerge e ncy Phon e 2. Pro grams I wish to enroll in the follo PARTICI wing pr PANT ograms 1. 2. PROGRA M 3. DAY 4. TIME CODE FEE REGIST RATION FE E: Requ ired at the firs t registra tion of CONTRIB the JCC UTION: fiscal ye The total ar (7/1/ operati 08 – 6/30 SUBTOT Please ng costs /09) Fa AL help us of mily $7 3. Paym meet th the JCC are no 5, Indivi dual $4 ese costs t re 0 ent by makin flected in tuitio g a tax n fees. -deduc Enclose tible gif d is my t. Make ch ecks pa Check TOTAL CREDIT yable to JCC Money CARD of Mid- Order Westch Visa ester. Ca MasterC sh paym Signatu ard ents ca re n only Card # be taken at the Front De 4. Sub sk. missio n Expirati PHOTO on WAIVE CV# are use R Photo d for JC graphs consent C publi and vid (last 3 dig city and eos its on bac to use your ph publica taken during JC k of car d) oto for tio C activ RESPON SIB these pu ns. Participatio ities an when he ILITY FOR CHILD rposes. n in pro grams d progra ms /sh available e is under sup The JCC can serves as This form only at ervision only ac may be for notify pro of cept res ing appro gram location an appropriate ponsibil faxed or or any s durin ity for yo mailed other sp priate sta g progra JCC employe ur child with pa ecial cir cumstan ff of a ch ild’s ab m hours e. Supe rvisio JCC of yment to: I have rea d and ag ces relate sence, . Pa later arr rents are respo n is 99 9 W M id-Wes ree to the d to arr ivals or ival, ea rly or lat nsible ilm tchester Scarsdal ot Road Parent special departu e picku or Guard conside res. p, ration ab ian Sig ove. e, NY 10 Da te na ture tel 914. 583- 68 472.33 99 / / fax 914. 00 472.92 70 www.jc nect /grow info@jc discover /con
  14. 14. JEWIsh communIty cEntEr of mID-WEstchEstEr SEcOndARy BRAnding The Bendheim center ing arts Perform id-Westchester at the JCC of M To have consistency across the agency and yet have a distinctive look for the Bendheim Performing –2009 Arts center, we used the organizational typefaces, ndheim in 2008 Check out the Be added colors and used the overlapping chips to e and innovative Presenting uniqu ason create a spotlight effect. the 2008–2009 se programming for dance, film, ch ildren’s in music, theater, entertainmen t and more. BEndHEiM PAlEttE 72.3300 x403 Box office: 914.4 .org ww w.thebendheim Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage PAID White Plains, NY Permit No. 2200 999 Wilmot Road Scarsdale, NY 10583- 6899
  15. 15. JEWIsh communIty cEntEr of mID-WEstchEstEr SPONS O R S H IP L EV E L S The JCC Maccabi essential Ga contributio mes make an social and n to the participat cultural gro athletic, $250,000 ing youth, wth of the the vita as well as lity of We enhancing stchester County. You are invited the JCC to forge Ma a bond By becom ccabi Games com with ing a spo munity. Westches nsoring ter 2009 partner you hav JCC Ma of the ea ccabi Ga in the rich unique opportuni mes, tradition, ty to sha excitem re ent of this success and ove prestigiou rall s event. $150,000 $100,000 SOR SPON GAME0S THE 2 09 by es are hosted Maccabi Gam -2 1, Westchester with the st 16 AUGu son. JCC on the Hud nthal JCC and wish ommunity enter of the by the Jewis h to be part 999 Wilmot Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583-6899 co-sponsored nal invitation ter 2009 i Games are World ica, Maccabi er Association of North Amer . Your perso Westches bi Games Sports for Israel Maccabi USA/ Canada, and JCC Macca The JCC of Mid-Westchester, the Richard G. Rosenthal JCC and the JCC on the Hudson invite you to join us Scarsdale, NY 10583-6899 999 Wilmot Road for the JCC Maccabi Games, hosted for the first time in Westchester in 2009. Throughout the week approximately 1,400 Jewish teenagers visiting from all over North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Israel will join together in an array of sports, community service and social activities held at venues throughout Westchester County, beginning with Opening AUG 16-21 Ceremonies. Our own team delegation will include 400 teens from Westchester County. OF A powerful and transforming experience for Jewish teens, BE PART EAM! the JCC Maccabi Games, first held in 1982, are dramatic TI ON GET IN ON THE AC in their scale and unique in their ability to integrate sports 2009 OUR T with Jewish identity and values. The 2009 JCC Maccabi Games are hosted by the JCC of Mid-Westchester with the The Westchester 2009 JCC Maccabi Games will help Richard G. Rosenthal JCC and JCC on the Hudson. us strengthen our community and position it for the future. Volunteers, host families, donors and sponsors ly Fami Be a Host Jewish will be needed to ensure the success of The Games Community and everyone will be enriched by their involvement. Center te Be an Athle On the H Whether you are interested in becoming an athlete udson or coach, a volunteer or host family, a donor or h The JCC Maccabi Games are co-sponsored by the Jewish sponsor, please join our team Be a Coac Community Center Association of North America, Maccabi World Union, Maccabi Canada, and Maccabi USA/Sports for Israel. Steven Weisbrot Games Director Be a Vo lunteer sor STAMP PLACE 914.472.3300 x362 HERE 999 Wilmot Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583-6899 Stan Pluchik Assistant Games Director Be a Spon tel 914.472.3300 fax 914.472.9270 914.472.3300 x332 AUG 16-21 2009
  16. 16. GovErnAncE mAttErs services • Organizational Brochure • Postcards • Email Newsletters • Website Update & Sections • Annual Meeting Materials 08 For effective nonprofits For effective nonprofits Annual Membership Meeting Annual Membership Meeting WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2008 08 Welcome! The meeting is through the double doors. Raising the Standards of Governance for New York’s Nonprofits
  17. 17. cArE PAth services • Naming • Organizational Branding Need Help Caring for a Senior? • Storefront Signage Call Us. • Agency Brochure If you are overwhelmed by • Newspaper Advertising caring for a loved one or are unsure how to navigate the KING ST maze of services you need for • Outdoor Advertising an aging parent, call CarePath. An affiliate of Park Slope Geriatric Day Center 718-369-2909 471 16th Street, Brooklyn
  18. 18. GrAfton services • Organizational Branding • Website • Newsletter • Exhibit Display
  19. 19. PublIcAtIons: bEforE
  20. 20. PublIcAtIons: AftEr
  21. 21. brAnDInG mAnuAl
  22. 22. Jcc, DEAl, nJ: funDrAIsInG EvEnt PromotIon
  23. 23. this work transformed the level of communications for the Jcc and won numerous awards. • JCC Association Award for Best Publication • Art Directors Club of New Jersey Award • APEX Award of Excellence • Graphic Design: usa Award for Fundraising Event Marketing • Published in the book Direct Response
  24. 24. JEWIsh communIty rElAtIons councIl: AD
  25. 25. JEWIsh communIty rElAtIons councIl: WEbsItE
  26. 26. howard levy PrINCIPAl 212.673.9353