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Can't get you out off my head - word-of-mouth & cool brands (by Joeri Van den Bergh)


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What's the link between cool brands and conversations (word of mouth) by Millennials (Generation Y). Results from an InSites Consulting study for MTV Networks

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Can't get you out off my head - word-of-mouth & cool brands (by Joeri Van den Bergh)

  1. 1. 5 years of cool research1. Trends & Brands: ° CBA 20062. Wicked? Sick? Dry? Or... ‘Cool’ 20073. The Magic Cool Formula: OPA 20084. Cool Today, Gone Tomorrow? 20095. Can’t get you out of my head 2010Book on ‘Branding to Gen Y’ 2011
  2. 2. It’s the brain, stupid• The visceral brain• The limbic system & amygdale• The neo-cortex & frontal lobes• Interplay, feedback & identity construction
  3. 3. If it makes you happy• Pleasures: the 5 senses• Gratifications: challenge & personal experiences
  4. 4. Happiness leads to loyalty
  5. 5. SOTongue is the new SOVYouth had a conversation in the past 4 weeks about... Filter = Only female
  6. 6. Face value
  7. 7. The most mentioned brands• TOP 3 most mentioned = all advertised• 3 of TOP 5 most talked about brands = the coolest in their category !
  8. 8. Mo ba nin N = 1294 / Filter = If had at least 1 conversation
  9. 9. Most + (65%) Most – (25%)1. Chocolates 1. Mobile operators2. Beauty care 2. Energy drinks3. Salty snacks 3. Banks
  10. 10. Yes, they CAN !
  11. 11. Change, we can believe inWas there an impact on ME or on OTHERS during the conversation?
  12. 12. The Cool BRAIN award ...What is the maindriver to start abrand conversation?
  13. 13. How to set tongues wagging?The cause of my brand conversation was…
  14. 14. Youth Activation Matrix
  15. 15. The proof of the pudding...
  16. 16. High Buzz – Low Impact Why low impact? • In-crowd? => break out of in-crowd Add non-disputable content to surpass the ‘taste’ discourse • Too distant? => increase emotional levels & end user involvement Happiness: LOCAL gratifications E.g. Coca Cola Expedition 206
  17. 17. Low Buzz – Low Impact • Increase conversations Add disputable buzzworthy cool content to create conversations • But watch out to outshine the brand Conversations about the stunt... STAY TRUE & RELEVANT E.g. Doritos Late Night Augmented reality concerts
  18. 18. Low Buzz – High Impact • OBSERVATION ! often critical incident talks • Or lower youth involvement with category: making the category cooler and your brand cooler will increase the buzz E.g. Braun CruZer King of Snow
  19. 19. King of snowShare of Tongue King of Snow50%45%40%35%30%25%20%15%10%5%0%
  20. 20. High Buzz – High Impact• Ongoing conversations OBSERVE the content• FACILITATE conversations Feed with right cool content• JOIN conversations Co-create & designE.g. Communities:- AB Inbev Idea Brewers- De Standaard
  21. 21. The HYPES of 2010…THE HYPES OF 2010…
  22. 22. 3 D(o’s) of the day1. Design buzz worthy content2. Drive cool conversations3. Demonstrate brand’s vision emotionallyIf you DO the DDD, youth won’t go Zzz...
  23. 23. The Head Guard Model COOL - CONVERSATION - CONVERSION