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DevOpsDays Houston 2019 - Ramesh Podila, Ragu Srinivasan - Logging in a container world


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In containerized applications, the ephemeral nature of these workloads add a key dimension to making the logs useful: CONTEXT. Our talk showcases some standard patterns to ensure the logging in Containers and Kubernetes has a PRECISE CONTEXT regardless of the logging solutions used by the end users.

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DevOpsDays Houston 2019 - Ramesh Podila, Ragu Srinivasan - Logging in a container world

  1. 1. Logging in a Container World Ramesh Podila & Ragu Srinivasan
  2. 2. •Great minds think alike •Jack of all trades, master of none •Curiosity killed the cat
  3. 3. •Great minds think alike, but fools rarely differ •Jack of all trades, master of none, but better than a master of one •Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back
  4. 4. Logging for Containers …With CONTEXT!!
  5. 5. Docker Logging • Docker Logging Driver • Streaming StdOut & StdErr • Plan storage capacity • Still logging to files? • Use logging libraries !!
  6. 6. Kubernetes Logging • Kubelet magic - /var/log/containers • Read only access!! • Added Complexity? • Respawned containers for applications • Containers scheduled on different hosts
  7. 7. Solutions • Fluentd • Fluentbit • Beats • But what about the all important CONTEXT ?
  8. 8. Context Plugins • Beats • add_kubernetes_metadata • Fluentd • fluent-plugin-kubernetes_metadata_filter • Fluentbit • Kubernetes Filter POD Name POD ID Namespace Container Name Container ID Labels Annotations
  9. 9. Log like a Champ!! • Go beyond Application logging • Metrics • Tracing Spans • Few Solutions we like • EFK • Splunk • Haystack
  10. 10. Questions?
  11. 11. Thanks!!