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  1. 1. Rudy Falcon added an AAS in process technology to his undergraduate degree from UHD and landed a job at Shell Oil as a process operator. As technicians in Energy and STEM related industries retire or approach retirement and new industries emerge, the demand for new highly trained technicians will continue to grow. Education and training in STEM and Energy programs offered in the Division of Science and Engineering Technologies can lead to employment with entry- level salaries ranging from $25,000 to $60,000. Starting salaries depend on the type and size of the employing company, the nature of the job, industry experience, and whether shift work is required. How do I get started? HCC Northeast is here to help you reach your goals. First you must apply to HCC and select a program/ career cluster. An early start ensures that you have plenty of time to visit with an advisor and plan your course schedule. Admissions/Registration HCC Northeast student services associates can assist you with the admissions application, registration process, and provide information about payment plans that are available. For more information, call 713.718.8300. • Submit an application for admission at or at any Admissions Center. • Please indicate on the application “Military Status” if you are Non-Military i.e., spouse or dependent please indicate this under the word “Military Status” or Texas Veteran, Active Duty, Inactive Reserve etc. Visit veterans for detailed information on the veteran admissions process. • Submit Meningitis documentation. All new students less than 30 years old are required to show proof of receipt of bacterial meningitis vaccination dose or booster within the last five years and at least 10 days to the start of your class. Apply for Financial Aid HCC Northeast Financial Aid Office can assist you in finding the financial assistance needed to help you reach your educational goals. The college participates in various state and federal grants, work-study, loans, and scholarship programs. Most of these programs are available to anyone who demonstrates financial need and qualifies academically. For more information, call 713.718.8304. Complete the free FAFSA online at: Send official transcripts Transcripts are needed to determine placement and prerequisite requirements. Send official transcripts of all previously attended colleges/universities to: Office of Admissions & Records P.O. Box 667517 Houston,Texas 77266-7517 Assessment Testing is mandatory and must be completed prior to enrollment. If you have not attended college before, you must take a placement test.This test is designed to determine if you are ready for college- level courses by assessing your skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Submit current ACT, SAT, or assessment scores or take the required placement exam at an HCC Northeast testing centers. Counseling/Advising Counselors and faculty experts are available to assist you with assessment, degree planning and course selection to ensure success in your career program. Meeting with an HCC counselor is critical to determine testing needs, prerequisite eligibility and career and program choices. For more information, call 713.718.8139. Where are the classes offered? Houston Community College – Northeast Campus Science and Engineering Technology Building 555 Community College Drive Houston,Texas 77013 713.718.5534, 713.718.5232 Other HCC Northeast Instructional Centers Northline Campus – 8001 Fulton Rd., 77022 713.718.8000 Pinemont Center – 1265 Pinemont, 77018 713.718.8400 North Forest Campus – 6010 LittleYork, 77016 713.718.5868 Connect with us: www.facebook/hcc.northeast Scan code for video on STEM and Energy program! Division of Science and Engineering Technologies STEM Programs HCC Energy Institute How much can I earn as a trained technician?
  2. 2. The Division of Science and Engineering Technologies is a premier center for high-tech training in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and energy programs.The Division offers dual credit, certificates and AAS degrees in a variety of STEM career fields. Division of Science and EngineeringTechnologies provides career and technical education related to planning, managing, and providing scientific research and technical services for energy, manufacturing, construction, medical, processing, chemical, petroleum, renewable, sustainable and related industries. The Division also houses the HCC Energy Institute that specifically addresses the critical shortages of qualifying technical personnel in energy and related industries.  Why the Division of Science and EngineeringTechnologies? The Division of Science and Engineering Technologies prepares students for high-demand, high wage careers in today’s marketplace. The division offers: • A one-stop shop for high-tech career training • Highly qualified faculty with industry experience • Hands-on training in state-of-the-art labs • Programs strategically designed to meet industry needs • Pathways to high-wage careers • Internships and co-op programs • Partnerships withTexas universities • Industry related student and professional organizations • Courses offered days, evenings, and Weekends • Tutoring support • Scholarships What career programs are available? The Division of Science and Engineering Technologies offers dual credit to high school students, specialized certificates, and Associates of Applied Science Degrees in the following programs: STEM Programs Drafting & Design EngineeringTechnology The Drafting & Design program offers technical training for students considering a drafting/design career in the fields of architecture, construction, manufacturing, and engineering. (Architectural Drafting, Electromechanical Design, Mechanical Design, Civil Design, Computer Aided Drafting, Basic Piping Design, PDMS, Auto Plant, and Smart Plant) Electronics EngineeringTechnology The Electronics EngineeringTechnology program prepares students for employment as technicians in electrical/electronics related services in oil and gas, power industries, and hospitals. (Biomedical Electronics, Computer Engineering Technology, and Electrical Power Technology) Energy Institute Programs ProcessTechnology The ProcessTechnology program prepares graduates to control, operate, and monitor various industrial and plant processes to ensure safety, health, and other environmental practices and standards. Petroleum EngineeringTechnology The Petroleum Engineering program prepares students for careers in the oil and gas industry by providing coursework in areas of hydrocarbon safety, drilling, geology, oil exploration and production, reservoir, data management, and petroleum operations. Solar EnergyTechnology (PV andThermal) The Solar EnergyTechnology program prepares students for work as technicians in solar energy photovoltaic and heat generation industries. Wind EnergyTechnology The Wind EnergyTechnology program prepares students for work as technicians in energy industries that generate wind and in wind turbine manufacturing organizations and services. Get S.E.T. Get trained. Get hired.