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Letter to colleagues from dr. william w. harmon


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Letter to colleagues from dr. william w. harmon

  1. 1.         December  4,  2013     Dear  HCC  Colleagues:     Honorary Chairs Bruce A. Austin Trustee, District II Christopher W. Oliver Trustee, District IX Carroll G. Robinson Trustee, District IV Renee Byas Acting Chancellor, HCC Dr. William W. Harmon Chair, Black History Committee President, HCC Central Committee Leaders Frederica Watson Chair, Finance Warren Hurd Treasurer Dr. Kenneth Holden Chair, Corporate Sponsorships Sybil S. Davis Chair, Student Scholarships Vice-Chair - Julann Sam Debra McGaughey Chair, Marketing, Publicity & Websites Dr. Carolyn Davis Chair, Gala Speaker Logistics Gwen Drumgoole Chair, Gala Night Hotel Logistics Michael Edwards Chair, Gala Technical Services Stephanie Dixon Co-Chair, Year-Round Activities Vice-Chair - Jason Wilson Beverly Joseph Chair, Membership/Volunteers Vice-Chair – Dr. Marie Cromwell I  am  writing  to  ask  for  your   continued  patronage  and  support  for  the  2014  HCC  Black  History   Scholarship  Gala.     The   HCC   Black   History   Committee   (BHC)   Scholarship   Gala   will   be   held   at   six   o’clock   in   the   evening,   Friday,   February   21,   2014,   at   the   Hilton   Americas–Houston   Hotel,   1600   Lamar   Street,  Houston,  TX  77002.       The  theme  for  this  year  is  A  Tapestry  of  Triumphs  –  Our  Call  for  Civil  Rights  Continues.       As   you   know,   we   annually   hold   the   gala   to   raise   funds   for   student   scholarships.   Over   the   past   10   years,   the   Black   History   Committee   Scholarship   Gala   has   provided   scholarships   for   African-­‐American   and   African-­‐heritage   students   attending   Houston   Community   College.   These   are   funds   for   students   who   otherwise   would   not   be   able   to   accomplish   their   educational  goals.       This   year   we   are   proud   to   have   noted   civil   rights   activist,   author   and   radio/television   talk-­‐show  host  The  Rev.  Dr.  Al  Sharpton  as  our  keynote  speaker.  His  extraordinary  efforts   to   fight   for   the   downtrodden   and   disenfranchised   are   legendary.   In   recent   years,   Rev.   Sharpton   has   modulated   his   political   rhetoric,   but   he   maintains   an   unvarnished   passion   for   shedding   light   on   our   collective   insensitivities   and   national   injustices.   You   will   not   want   to   miss  Rev.  Sharpton’s  remarks.     The   Black   History   Scholarship   Gala   has   a   long   history   of   featuring   some   of   the   most   distinguished   speakers   of   our   time:   Pulitzer   Prize-­‐winning   journalist   Clarence   Page,   award-­‐ winning  actor  James  Earl  Jones,  author  and  professor  Cornel  West,  award-­‐winning  television   journalist   Soledad   O’Brien,   distinguished   filmmaker   Spike   Lee,   civil   rights   legend   Julian   Bond,   award-­‐winning   actress   and   singer   Vanessa   Williams   and   award-­‐winning   actor   Terrence   Howard.       Please   continue   this   tradition   of   celebrating   black   history   and   supporting   student   achievement  by  reserving  your  tables  now  for  the  gala.  As  internal  guests,  a  table  of  10  may   be  purchased  for  just  $1,500.   To  purchase  your  table(s):     • Prepare   a   journal   (JV)   identifying   the   budget   from   which   your   sponsorship   funds   are   to   be   charged   and   credited   to   the   Black   History   account   6110-­‐25470-­‐0000-­‐ 000-­‐000.       • Complete   the   enclosed   sponsorship   form/invoice,   which   identifies   the   amount   of   your  sponsorship  and  other  tracking  information.     • Return   the   JV   and   sponsorship   form/invoice   to   Frederica   Watson,   BHC   Finance   Chair,   by   February   1,   2014.   Ms.   Watson’s   phone   number   is   713.718.5066/   Fax:   713.718.5218.  Email:     Jerne Murray Chair, Silent Auction Vice-Chair, Belinda Hunter Dawona Miller Corresponding Secretary The  Rev.  Dr.  Al  Sharpton     As  always,  thank  you  for  supporting  this  important  event.  You  may  contact  the  BHC  at   713.718.5BHC  (5242)  or  via  email  at     Best  regards,     Juann Sam Recording Secretary             Dr.  William  W.  Harmon,  President            
  2. 2. HCC  Black  History  Scholarship  Gala       Sponsorship  Form/Invoice               Name  of  HCC  College  or  Department  as  you  want  it  to  be  placed  on  printed  material:   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________       Contact  Person  ________________________________________  Title  ___________________________________   Daytime  Phone  __________________  Fax  __________________  Email  __________________________________   Address  ___________________________________________  State  ______________  Zip  ______________________     Total  Tables  ______  Total  Tickets  ______     For  more  information,  please  visit:   or  call  713.718.5BHC  (5242)   email:   _______________     $  ___________Total  Contribution     $  __________Unable  to  attend  but  wish  to  contribute  to  the  HCC  Black  History  Scholarship           All  gifts  to  the  HCC  Foundation  are  tax  deductible  to  the  extent  allowed  by  law.  In  compliance  with  IRS  tax  reporting  laws,  the  amount  of  your   charitable  contribution  is  limited  to  the  excess  of  your  payment  over  the  value  of  goods  or  services  provided  by  HCCF.    The  HCCF  tax   identification  number  is  #74-­‐1885205.  A  3.5%  promotional/operational  fee  is  charged  on  all  gifts  received  by  the  HCC  Foundation.  An   additional  1%  fee  is  charged  if  a  credit  card  is  used  to  make  this  donation.