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  1. 1. How to Choose a Home Inspection Company.Not all home inspection services are created equal. More than ever it’s important that youInspect the Inspector. While licensing requirements or trade association memberships aregood to look for when selecting a home inspector, they are not the ONLY qualifications tolook for. The following is a list of “must have” credentials that have been prepared to helpconsumers evaluate and select the most qualified home inspection service.Inspection Guarantee* Formally Trained or Certified Inspectors The company you select should stand There is no single professional back- behind their service. A written guarantee ground that fully trains an individual documents how post-inspection issues for all the different conditions that may will be addressed and demonstrates the be detected during a home’s confidence in the quality and thoroughness Regardless of previous technical experience, ALL HOMEof their inspections. INSPECTORS should be required to be trained and tested in the field of home inspections and have access to on-going technical support.Questions To Ask: Questions To Ask:• Does the company stand behind their inspection • What kind of formal training do your reports in writing? inspectors receive?• Does the company include a complimentary • What is the extent of their on-going training? limited guarantee with each inspection report? • Are your inspectors tested annually?• What protection does your company offer • Do your inspectors have access to technical against defects found after purchase? support if they have a question?• How long does the guarantee last and what are its limitations?*Guarantee not permitted in all areas.Insurance Report Quality and Access One of the most important credentials to The home inspection company you choose look for when selecting a home inspection should encourage your attendance on the company is whether or not they carry inspection and should provide you with an Professional Liability Insurance, also easy-to-understand written report on theknown as E&O insurance. Inspectors with little experience, findings of the inspection. You should verify that all theno training, or a poor track record find this insurance major elements will be accurately described in the reportdifficult to purchase and often operate without it. and not just rated as “functional” or “not functional.”Additionally, General Liability Insurance should be in place Your inspection report should give the approximateto cover the inspector if anything should be damaged ages of all the major elements of the home, as well asduring the inspection. While no one anticipates anything an estimated life span of those elements. It should alsogoing wrong, it can happen. Make sure you select a home include detailed information/images of the major systemsinspector that is properly insured! inspected and conditions found.Questions To Ask: Questions To Ask:• Are your inspectors covered by E&O Insurance? • Can I accompany the inspector on the inspection and ask questions?• Does the company carry General Liability Insurance? • Will your report reflect estimated ages of all the major elements? ©DBR Franchising, LLC. Each HouseMaster franchise is an independently owned and operated business. HouseMaster is a registered trademark of DBR Franchising, LLC