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  1. 1. BULLETINMarketing Bulletin No. 652 March 29, 2011 HouseMaster Offers New All-in-One Realtor Promotional FlyerHouseMaster has created a succinct two sided handout which focuses on benefits forRealtors when working with HouseMaster. This new piece has been created as astaple for new offices to use to blitz their market and as a standard handout for allHouseMaster franchises to use time and time again to highlight the benefits of workingwith HouseMaster. This piece is a great handout to deliver to new agents or deliver inaddition to your scheduled Roadmap to Revenue Handout to further promote the valueof HouseMaster. These full color two sided flyers are available through Zellmark.HouseMaster Benefits FlyerZellmark Item Number: HMSF12Price: $.17 for qty of 500 - $0.15 for qty of 1000Minimum Qty: 500The information contained in this Bulletin is intended solely for the use of authorized HouseMaster Franchisees. DBRFranchising, LLC makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to the accuracy,reliability or completeness of the information provided or the result of using any information. Unauthorized use ordistribution is expressly forbidden. Each HouseMaster Franchise is an Independently Owned and Operated Business.© Copyright 2011 DBR