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[Case Study] OVH main challenges and key differentiators


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OVH is one of the biggest cloud providers in the world, and yet most people in the U.S. haven’t heard of it. This is a short introduction to this French Unicorn which is positing itself as a global hyperscale cloud provider,

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[Case Study] OVH main challenges and key differentiators

  1. 1. [Case study] OVH main challenges and key differentiators Houria TAIR- CHAUVIN Sales, Marketing & Strategic adviser for digital business transformations
  2. 2. Company description • Created in 1999 , OVH is the world's third biggest web hoster and is evolving into an IaaS cloud provider. • OVH offers its customer a self services access to consume industrialized IT resources • OVH main businesses are to acquire and operate infrastructure. Business activities • Infrastructure-as-a-service cloud (OpenStack-based) • Reselling Vmware, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 • Managing virtual private servers and offering Web Hosting Markets • OVH will run 27 data centers ( 12 in France) in 19 countries by the end of 2017 • OVH has 32 points-of-presence globally with expansion plan into Australia, Singapore, Poland, Germany, the UK, and the US ( with Vmware acquisition mainly) Key figures • €320m in 2016 • 22 data centers, 1.2 million of customers, 260 000 physical servers • 2,000 employees (nearly 300 in the U.S.) , 1m customers worldwide Company Overview OVH is positioning as a global hyperscale cloud provider with a strong presence in French market Houria TAIR-CHAUVIN -
  3. 3. 1999 2004 2017201620132010 OVH foundation In a nutshell OVH started in 1999 and never stop growing to become of the largest hosting providers worldwide. 1st equity fundraising €250m raised from KKR and TowerBrook. The biggest data center in Europe Aquisition of Vcloud air First European subsidiaries First VM and « dedicated Cloud » Houria TAIR-CHAUVIN -
  4. 4. Business model canvas OVH is building its own way to hyperscale market in Europe and more recently in US z Key partners Key activities Value proposition Customer relationship Customer segment Cost structure Revenue stream Assets ( Servers, Data centers) Key Resource Storage DB transactions Infrastructure (vRack project ) Data center ( design Orchestrating, Fulfillment Optimization Self services, Web-based, direct-to-customer Industrialization and automation partner channel Hardware vendors Data center buildings Open Source Channel Customer conference ( OVH summit…) Social platform Social network Partners Developers IT Professional direct sales via the website and the API Self services OpenStack Software developers Start-up/scale-up 5,150 partners referenced on, all trades included. 3,950 are located in France. Assets ( Servers, Data centers)DB transactionsSupports & people Others costs ( any additional cost related to deployment…) VMware Capital Partners (KR ,TowerBrook…)
  5. 5. OVH stakes and challenges To compete in Hyperscale market OVH is taking advantage of the rapidly expanding market for cloud and internet infrastructure services, while also broadening its customer base and services in new geographies. • A technology-centric strategy combined with a strong engineering culture • OVH’s vCloud Air acquisition and its ongoing partnership with VMware • Strong and visible presence in Europe • Pricing model S W O T • The mass-adoption phase of the cloud is not finalized and a lot of enterprises with great value can be reached with a services led approach. • Multi-cloud cloud environments continue to gain traction in corporate IT • OVH competes with “big bullies “ players which have already referenced several high valuable customers • Channel sales development must evolve in parallel with data center expansion. • High level of CAPEX spending to Building hyperscale infrastructure. • AWS’s partner network development extension • Growth of start-ups proposing similar services (e.g Jaguar telecom…) • Google’s plan to get more footprint into enterprises Houria TAIR-CHAUVIN -
  6. 6.  Multi-cloud cloud environments continue to gain traction in corporate IT.  “Big bullies” such as AWS, Microsoft and IBM are all competing for the same customer segment than OVH.  Pricing Pressure on SaaS and IaaS from the hyperscale is heavy.  Cognitive computing solutions are driving improvements in all industries. Market Outlook… OVH is competing with strong players and is becoming quickly one of the biggest cloud providers in the world Houria TAIR-CHAUVIN -
  7. 7. Thank you Houria TAIR- CHAUVIN Houria TAIR- CHAUVIN Sales, Marketing & Strategic adviser for digital business transformations