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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Whats Usenet?Event Registration Services
  2. 2. Usenet intimidates a number of people, if they have even heardabout it It has always been known the very first rule of Usenet is thatyou dont talk about Usenet, but the cats out of the bag now and itsthe perfect time to register Usenet is an online service that is in thisway a large message board system There are countless differentmessage boards discussing a colossal number of topics on Usenetand even boards that supports binary (file) posts This means thereare EXABYTES of data available on Usenet, with the content basegrowing by Terabytes Per day! Even with all this Usenet never reallygarnered mainstream attention the way that Bittorrent has, that iscertainly in many ways the good thing; but Im intending to make youwant inside the club! What does a tremendous forum relate to amedia center? Thats the golden question! The great thing aboutUsenet is the fact for each and every post on these glorified forums,you can attach files And as you guessed it, people post lots of fileson these glorified forums, including movies, music, pictures, books,and essentially every other kind of file you are interested in How do iget into this content party? Funny you asked, there are some waysyou can get access to Usenet The first way is to evaluate and see ifyour current Internet service provider provides you with with a freeUsenet account I would steer clear of these, however, as they nearlyall have restrictions on what boards you have access to, the amountof connections you could have, and also the quantity of bandwidththats usable The simplest way to gain access to Usenet is by a 3rdparty Usenet provider I will provide you with a narrow your search ofa few which i thoroughly recommend because i have tested andused these myself
  3. 3. What things must i care about when looking for Usenet providers?Retention: This is basically how long your provider stores the files ontheir own server This is one of the most critical factors since youneed a large amount of retention to be able to snag older, maybeless popular content Connections: Connections basically means thenumber of files youll be able to download on a given moment Oneconnection equals one file, if you have twenty connections, you canactually grab twenty files simultaneously Monthly limits: You dontneed limit generally If youre only intending to grabbing a few itemshere and there, a more affordable limited package could possibly beto suit your needs, however, if you might be a media junky, you wantto go unlimited Security: Most of the major Usenet providers offerSSL security, so i definitely choose one that does, in case Support:In many cases, therell be little to no reason to get hold of support,but its always beneficial to know its open to you SuggestedProviders EasyNews - This provider provides you with 20GB monthlyfor $9 95 (includes trial offer) If youre user that does not plan ongetting a ton of content from Usenet, this can be a great provider
  4. 4. They also provide rollover Gigs, which can be pretty cool IncludesSSL and all the common features Great support on top of thatNewsHosting - This provider will give you Unlimited GBs everymonth with 30 connections (30 files downloading concurrently) forthe cheap price of $12 95 They in addition have SSL and all sorts ofthe regular features I like how this provider will provide you with 30connections with 1039 days of binary retention UsenetServer - Thisis probably the most popular of the 3 They give you 20 connections,1000 days retention, SSL, unlimited GBs all for the adjusted price of$10 per month! The support is extremely good, and the availability isextremely good I rarely find missing files on UsenetServer Wouldrecommend highly this place
  5. 5. It may sound like a hassle to search through board posts for filesthat I want, what else should i do? Thats where this amazing sitecomes in I am going to provide you with a setup which is 100%foolproof once ready I can almost guarantee that you will be amazedat how easy it is once each of the pieces are in place How come wehave to pay to be able to obtain this content? Permit me to answerthat briefly SPEED, SECURITY, and Simplicity of use Now allow
  6. 6. me to elaborate a bit Usenet does unfortunately cost you a fewdollars a month to acquire usage of it, although with this method, it ispossible to nearly cut cable aside from Sports lovers and other livebroadcast items Not to note, Usenet is FAST! Unlike Bittorent whichwill depend on other users to share their upload bandwidth with you,Usenet will depend on server farms to deal with your data, that iswhat you are purchasing You can max Event Registration Servicesout your Internet Service Providers bandwidth with ANY file youdownload from Usenet, not just the latest movie which has 1,000,000other users sharing Couple this with the simplicity of usingapplications which include Sickbeard and CouchPotato, add thespeed and the fact that Usenet is in addition VERY secure
  7. 7. You really cant go awry Am I safe downloading from Usenet?Unlike Bittorent, thats garnered itself negative attention throughoutthe last few years with lots of lawsuits out against its users with P2Pallegations Usenet doesnt have these complaints! The way Usenetis setup; there is no peer-to-peer file activity which means you arenever accountable for sharing data with another human being, its alldownloaded from Usenet servers, which is the reason you have topay the provider Also, most Usenet providers are usually SSLsecure, adding an extra layer of protection to your transfers if you arestill worried Ok I have my provider ok now what? Theres a largenumber of methods anyone can access your Usenet account andcommence exploring The method in which Ill be discussing by farthe most is usually a nearly hands off approach, which means thatyou wont ever have to manually search for a file on a board andwaste countless amounts of time going through each of the "scene"mumbo jumbo This may be the simplistic approach to Usenet Forreference I will include information in another post about accessUsenet manually on a Windows and Mac client
  8. 8. Event Registration Services