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  1. 1. So many designs, colors, materials and patterns. There is a match for any room...
  2. 2. One of the most common wall tiles is ceramic Ceramic tiles havebeen made by man over 4,000 years ago They have been found inthe pyramids, the ruins of Babylon, and ancient Greek cities Theydisplayed beautiful sculptures of that period of time Ceramic tile ismade from a mixture of clays that are fired on high temperatures andthen are generally glazed They are used to add beautiful accents toyour walls and your surroundings Wall tiles are more durable thenany other wall covering They are easy to clean, stain resistant tomost acids, not effected by oxygen and easy to maintain You canput wall tiles in any room that you need easily maintainable surfacesThey help create a sense of  freshness and tranquility They areavailable in a wide range of design, color, materials and patternsSome of the materials are ceramic, porcelain, limestone, metal,slate, marble, granite, cork and glass There are many sizes, shapesand decorative techniques that are used for you’re choosingBefore purchasing the tiles you must measure and make certain youbuy enough for your surface
  3. 3. Proper preparation makes it easy to install yourself There are manyprofessionals that can install the wall tiles if the “do it yourself “does not work for you You must make sure you have everything athand before you start the project This job does require special toolsFor instance you will need a saw, tile cutters, nippers, trowels,spreaders, rubber float, and a leveling board Professionals alsoapply tiles to walls using a thick bed of mortar Since your wall tileswon’t be walked on you can use ceramic or rustic stone There isalso available recycled glass which comes in a variety of colors,shapes and sizes This is for the environmentally minded individual Also in this same category you can purchase metal tiles in panelswhich is lighter This material can also be hand painted or antiquedto match your decor, but please keep in mind that metal can beharder to install Anywhere you would like beautiful art on walls youcan put up tile murals They are especially attractive as a backsplash in your kitchen above your counter or stove top It can makeany room in your home unique, special, and very comfortable
  4. 4. Decorative techniques are used on tiles Some examples areunglazed which the color can range from light sand to brick redThere are also plain glazes such as flint, white lead, china stone andchina clay These are all ground to make the glazes They addground metal oxides to form different colors Last but not least thereare mosaic tiles These come in a variety of color choices Yellow,blue, brown, black, turquoise, green and white are the many colorsthey come in They are carved and cut into small pieces and placedclose together into a prepared pattern They are plastered andhardened into one large single piece Some other techniques arehand painted, carved, tube lining, modeled, and transfer printingPorcelain tile is very popular material used in todayÂ’s homes It is anewer form of ceramic tile It is composed of fine porcelain clay thatis fired at higher temperatures thenceramic
  5. 5. It is denser, less porous, and prone to take in less moisture andmore stain resistant The downside is that it is harder to cut thenceramic Porcelain is suitable for the indoors as well as outdoorsMarble is more high maintenance and very porous It needs to beresealed every 1 to 2 years depending on where it is used Forinstance in a shower area where there is heat and steam Granitewall tiles are stunning and dramatic but very heavy These can behard to install because gravity takes over They must be securelyattached but once hung correctly they are very durable Cork isanother durable and stable material It is a pure material and itimproves indoor air quality It is elegant and sophisticated and bringswarmth to your living quarters They take the visual essence ofnatural light and infused it with a multitude of colors using glass tiles
  6. 6. This method can add pizzazz and charm to your decor There is avast difference in price range for the many different materials that areused in making wall tiles You can find ceramic tiles priced between$1 00 and $5 00 per square foot Depending on your style andbudget glass tiles can be as high as $25 00 to $50 00 per squarefoot No matter what choice you finally make, wall tiles all producethe same effect They inject color, interest and excitement to your lifeand home Barbara Tobiasz resides in the Chicago area and studiedat the Art Institute She has consulted and volunteered her servicesfor many organizations with her creative expressions in the interiordesign field Her hobbies include reading, taking long walks with herdog and working her magic turning ordinary rooms into creativeworks of art For more information on Wall Tiles, go to: ArticleTags:
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