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  1. 1. Is ASP cheap hosting for your web site right for you? Quite simply, there is a relatively cheap web hosting that is provided by many companies today. Various companies offer ASP at various price points and with different features.managed hosting
  2. 2. When you get free ASP hosting, the company you are getting at with willprovide you with a control panel in which you can upload your files to theInternet However, and Ive discussed this before, just because a hostingprovider is cheap doesnt necessarily make them the best one for you Infact, the cheaper they are, sometimes the worst their customer servicecan be Many people have reported unsecure servers and extremely poorcustomer service from these companies, so definitely think twice beforegetting free web hosting
  3. 3. Here are some helpful tips to help you decide whether not ASP cheaphosting is the right option for your web site First of all, doing a quickGoogle search online will immediately give you a list of companies thatoffer ASP hosting Keep in mind, when you look at the free ASP hostingcompared to paid ASP hosting, youll discover that you get a lot lessfeatures with the free variety Of course, these limitations will changedepending on which hosting company you decide to go
  4. 4. Heres a list of some of the limitations that free ASP and sometimescheap hosting will offer you First of all, the bandwidth you are allowed onyour server with a free ASP hosting is very limited Therefore, if you havean Internet marketing business where you either have a lot of differentwebsites, or one large website, this can be a serious problem
  5. 5. Therefore, if you simply a hobby website, ASP cheap hosting for yourweb site might be an option for you; however, if you are a serious Internetmarketer, you definitely should not get in free ASP hosting Anotherdisadvantage of free ASP hosting and even cheap ASP hosting is thatyou cannot get a separate server for your web site; you have to share theserver with a lot of different web site owners Therefore, if someone ishaving trouble with their website and managed hosting does something tocrash the server, your website will be affected as well
  6. 6. Often times, when this is the case, simply one wrongdoing by somebodycan affect every website on the server Of course, as I said before, if yousimply have a hobby type website, this really will not be a problem;however, if your income depends on your website, you want to makeabsolute sure that you can trust the server that your website is on,because you want your site to be up and running all the timeRemember, when you focus on cheap web hosting, you not only risk theserver crashing from other users, but from outsiders hacking into it aswell, and getting your site information
  7. 7. You need to decide for yourself whether or not this is worth the riskHopefully these ASP hosting tips will be to find out whether not ASPcheap hosting for your web site is the right option for you
  8. 8. managed hosting