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HotelsPro's Brand New API : Coral


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With Coral, HotelsPro will be offering new improvements
and features of e-travel platform in 2015 and providing the
new generation API with its best performance, content and
reliability of service ever.

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HotelsPro's Brand New API : Coral

  1. 1. Technological Improvements
  2. 2. Brand New API Technology: Coral As HotelsPro, we are glad to introduce our new cutting edge e-travel backend platform, Coral. With Coral, we will be presenting new improvements and features of e-travel platform and offering the new generation API with its best performance, content and reliability of service ever. We have a pulse to develop our services continuously for providing you better competitive advantages to highlight your services in strong e-travel market. Improvements in Hotel Search & Booking Engine Smart Caching Technology Content Delivery Services
  3. 3. Improvements in Hotel Search & Booking Engine Our new generation search methods give you the ability to reach accurate and exact search results requested and help recovering potential missing bookings.
  4. 4. GeoSearch Our new “GeoSearch” method runs and returns hotel search results within specific area predefined by location coordinate information in search query such as: latitude, longitude of center point and radius of the search circle with maximum 20.000 meters. The hotel search results are returned as a list in different orders such as distance over API within this defined geographic area. By having GeoSearch method, it is possible to run search queries even without destination or hotel mapping done.
  5. 5. Multiple Hotel Search Our improved hotel search method is now capable to execute searches with list of hotels (up to 200) within a single request. Multiple Hotel Search method gives much less traffic and tremendous improvement in performance by decreasing number of distributed searches for single incoming search.
  6. 6. Improved Destination Search We have redesigned our destination structure to give the flexi- bility advantage in destination based searches. API clients can execute more efficient searches of hotels to reach exact results easily. Searched hotel or hotels can be covered by lots of different destinations which connected to each other with the advantage of multiple to multiple dependency based destination structure. As a result of defining over 65,000 hotel with a relation map, a single hotel can be reached by different destination searches that have intersection or containment relation with each other.
  7. 7. Smart Caching Technology One of the most important feature expectations of e-travel industry is speed.
  8. 8. Receiving and postponing the same searches multiple times in a day was always giving higher level throughput for the connection pipeline between us and our providers such as hotels - chains etc. This was causing higher response time effect for search and availability requests of API clients. In order to improve availability information and search performance in high traffic conditions such as meta searches, we are offering our new continuous improvement feature : Smart Cache Mechanism. Fully developed by HotelsPro Development Labs, a learning and self decision mechanism is running over far-off past searches, availability and booking activities of API clients. Composing the search profile analysis concluding price variations and prediction periods. By this real-time analysis, we are creating an online preference table that guides to create estimation tables for future demands of every client. Smart Cache helps API clients to retrieve and get the latest prices on time with lowest SLA time / highest accuracy and lowest throughput.
  9. 9. With Smart Caching Technology, we guarantee : 99% Hit Accuracy 95% Price Accuracy Maximum 3 secs. Average Response Time HotelsPro also offers PUSH Method to very high traffic API Clients to minimize communication throughput and full synchronization.
  10. 10. We will offer our hotel inventory by our richest with exports and Static Data API Service. Content Delivery Services
  11. 11. Providing more than 500,000 hotels from Q3'15 24 languages supported Deeply detailed hotel facilities, themes, types in preference order Over 65,000 destinations in totally new multiple relation structure Minimum 6 high definition (1080p) photos per top seller 20,000 hotels Detailed image descriptions Image Quality Enhancement No duplication or partial usage in photos Special Contents SEO optimized unique content Daily updated content by Static Data API Service and exports HotelsPro will continue to offer its hotel inventory richest ever by exports and Static Data API Service.
  12. 12. Static API Service We are offering Static Data API Service to provide static data exports and run periodic updates. Mapping API Service Lets we do the mapping for you! We are offering Hotel Mapping Service over API which gives the ability to map hotel inventory between API clients and Ho- telsPro periodically.
  13. 13. Start using those powerful API Hotel Search & Reservation, Mapping and Content Delivery Services in 2015!
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